Airwolf: Season 3 Episode 7 Eagles

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An airplane racer is put into danger after she steals documents from her former employer that document flaws in an airplane design.

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Airwolf (1984-1987)


Stringfellow Hawke - Jan-Michael Vincent

Michael Coldsmith Briggs III - Alex Cord

Caitlin O'Shannessy - Jean Bruce Scott

Dominic - Ernest Borgnine

Lou Stappleford - William Windom

Roan Carver - Nancy Everhard

Cole - Dale Robinette

Crane - Chip Johnson

Blaine - Susan Powell

Security Guard - Brendon Boone

Dartman - Casey King

Crowd Member - Pete Randall

Haver - Mic Rodgers

Morgan - Gary Epper


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Detailed Synopsis

At Stappleford Industries headquarters, Roan Carver sneaks into the office of Lou Stappleford. She breaks into his desk and takes a document. As she is leaving she runs into Cole and he asks her what she was doing in Lou's office. She lies and they walk out together passing by a Security Guard. The Security Guard calls and tells the person on the other line about the theft from Lou's office. At the 22nd Annual Reno Air Races, Stringfellow Hawke and Dominic are flying overhead. The races start and Roan wins the first heat. Blaine is at a podium and introduces Lou to the crowd. Lou then tells the crowd that the X-400 has been designated as a low level surveillance and support aircraft by the Air Force. Blaine then introduces Crane to the crowd. Hawke and Dominic walk up to Roan and introduce themselves. Crowd Member asks Crane when the X-400 will go into production and what skills they are looking for in potential employees. Lou approaches Roan and tells her he lost something and he thinks she has it and she quickly walks away.

Dominic gives Hawke a hard time about his attraction to Roan and Roan walks up to them and invites them to lunch. At lunch, Hawke tells Roan about himself, but she thinks he is telling her a line. Roan tells him and Dominic about her job and how much she enjoys flying. Lou confronts Roan and demands she give him the test data. They argue about the test data and Roan says she has to do what's right. Cole tells Lou he thinks he might be able to change Roan's mind and Lou sends Haver and Morgan to get Roan. In the second heat, Cole wins. Haver tells Roan, Lou is getting impatient with her and Morgan grabs Roan. She kicks Haver and Morgan throws her against the side of a building. Hawke sees them dragging Roan away and knocks both Haver and Morgan to the ground. Hawke asks Roan if she is okay and she storms off. As they pass by a carnival game stand, Dartman asks Roan and Hawke if they want to try their luck. They both play and win cymbal monkeys. Hawke and Roan go to dinner and she thinks he is still not telling her the truth about what he does. They dance and go back to Roan's hotel room and finds it trashed. Roan tells Hawke about the flight data she stole and she leaves with Hawke. Cole tells Crane that Haver and Morgan didn't find the flight data and Crane tells Cole to prepare himself for the company taking a fall.

Hawke tells Roan that he and Dominic are going to take her to meet General Hillman so she can tell him about the data. Roan doesn't think Lou will do anything to hurt her, which Hawke disagrees with. She insists on racing and Hawke calls Michael Coldsmith Briggs III, Archangel, and tells him about the data Roan has. Roan takes Dominic and Hawke on a tour around the X-400 being displayed at the air show and describes its flaws. Hawke asks Dominic to get Airwolf and Dominic leaves to get it. Lou tells Cole he wants him to kill Roan during the race and tells him if he doesn't they may face jail time. Crane thinks they are overreacting, but Lou says they don't have a choice. Morgan loosens the oil line in Roan's plane while Haver watches out for him. Before the race, Roan shows Hawke the two cymbal monkeys they won that she is keeping with her in the cockpit. During the race, the oil line comes apart and sprays oil across her cockpit window. Hawke jumps into a plane and flies to help Roan. Lou tells Crane he is going to use the X-400 to make sure Roan dies, and Crane tries to stop him, but Lou insists. Hawke helps Roan land her plane by guiding her down. Lou flies by in the X-400 and shoots at Roan. Dominic arrives in Airwolf and shoots at the X-400. He lands and Hawke gets inside and they shoot Lou out of the sky. They land and find Roan standing next to the burnt out remnants of her plane. She tells Hawke when she was young she wanted to soar with the eagles and Hawke tries to comfort Roan and she tells him after she gives the government the flight data, she wants to hide out by herself. She tells him maybe after she will look for his cabin in the woods and they walk to Hawke's plane.