Airwolf: Season 3 Episode 8 Annie Oakley

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The Santini Air crew must pose as trick riders and stuntmen in order to find a FIRM laser that was stolen.

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Airwolf (1984-1987)


Stringfellow Hawke - Jan-Michael Vincent

Michael Coldsmith Briggs III - Alex Cord

Caitlin O'Shannessy - Jean Bruce Scott

Dominic - Ernest Borgnine

Louise Mackey - Tricia O'Neil

Larson - Alex Kubik

Lydia - Sandra Kronemeyer

Leo Martin - Barry Sattels

Karl - Art Hindle

Rex - Chris Hebert

Villain - Len Lesser

Barker - Ryan MacDonald

Slade - Reid Smith

Kiki - Tia Carrere

Valentine - Chuck Hicks

Burt - Tony Epper


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Detailed Synopsis

On a dark road, a convoy from the FIRM is driving when Karl, Slade, Larson, Valentine and Burt set a trap. They cause two cars to explode which forces the convoy to stop and the convoy members are then shot to death. Karl and the others then steal the Mongoose, a laser weapon from one of the convoy vehicles. Slade picks up the badge of one of the dead FIRM operatives named Patrich Coe and tells Karl stealing a weapon wasn't part of the deal. Slade wants to renegotiate the deal and Karl warns him not to get greedy. Karl, Slade and Valentine test out the Mongoose for Leo Martin and Karl offers to sell it for 10 million dollars. Leo accepts Karl's offer and tells him he is to deliver the weapon to an Eastern Bloc country. After Leo leaves, Slade approaches Karl and again wants to renegotiate how much he is paid for being part of the theft. Karl threatens Slade and after he walks away, Slade looks at the FIRM badge he took.

At Stringfellow Hawke's cabin, Hawke and Kiki are getting ready to leave for Oahu. As they are about to leave, Michael Coldsmith Briggs III, Archangel, shows up in a helicopter. Hawke asks Kiki to wait outside and Archangel tells him about the stolen Mongoose. He tells him Slade offered to give up Karl's name in exchange for 1 million dollars. Archangel tells Hawke he is to go to Silver City to pretend to be a stunt man in order to meet with Slade. Hawke, Dominic and Caitlin O'Shannessy arrive in Silver City. The Barker welcomes the crowd shortly before Villain walks out of a bar and demands to see Louise Mackey, playing as Annie Oakley. The Barker assures the crowd, "Annie" will be able to take care of the Villain and shortly after she comes out of a General Store building and shoots the gun out of Villain's hand and the hat off of his head with trick shooting. After the show, Rex runs up to Louise and tells her she is the greatest. Hawke walks up to Louise and tells her he and his friends are looking to try out for the stunt positions. Slade and Hawke use code words to identify themselves to each other and Slade hands Hawke an application with the words barn 5:00 pm on it. Hawke tells Dominic and Caitlin he found Slade.

Slade goes to the barn and as he is waiting, is killed by a hay grapple. Hawke tells Archangel, Slade is dead and, Archangel tells him he has a feeling the Mongoose is nearby. Lydia briefs Hawke on the background of Louise. Larson shows Karl a mold in appearance similar to the Mongoose in shape. The next day, Caitlin shows off her riding skills, while Dominic and Hawke perform a fight which ends up with Hawke getting knocked off the second story of a building onto the ground. Louise offers Hawke and Dominic a job if Hawke can manage a Gatling gun. Leo meets with Karl again and Leo offers help to Karl if he runs into any trouble by transferring the Mongoose through Mexico and then Cuba. Hawke catches Rex using chewing tobacco and Rex tells Hawke he wishes he could go on the road with Louise instead of having to stay with his grandparents. Hawke tries to dissuade him from using chewing tobacco, but Rex doesn't listen to him. Later, Louise thanks Hawke for bringing Rex to her after Rex gets sick from the tobacco. At the Gatling gun tryout, Hawke manages to hit all of the targets, but the gun explodes from a hot barrel. Louise apologizes to Hawke and then tells him he is hired. Karl arrives and Hawke has Caitlin watch Louise and Karl while Dominic goes to follow Larson as he takes the Gatling gun to be repaired.

Lydia hands Hawke an envelope, while Caitlin listens to the conversation between Louise and Karl. Karl offers to drop his his custody fight for Rex if Louise agrees to take her show to Europe, including East Berlin. He says he will only require 30 percent of the gross, which he needs to pay back his debt. Hawke looks at the piece of paper that Lydia gave him and puts an overlay of the Mongoose on top of the Gatling gun, which matches in size. Caitlin tells Hawke what she heard and they go to help Dominic in a Santini Air helicopter. Larson notices Dominic following him and manages to shoot one of Dominic's rental car tires, which causes the vehicle to plunge over a cliff and explode. Caitlin and Hawke see Dominic's burning vehicle and land and find Dominic alive. Dominic leaves to get Airwolf. Hawke tells Louise about Karl, but she doesn't believe him.

Larson tells Karl about Dominic following him and Karl calls Leo to get his help. Louise overhears Karl's phone conversation and runs and tells Hawke and Caitlin. She helps them attempt to stop Karl, but Burt sneaks up and makes Hawke and Louise drop their weapons. Valentine and Burt stay to kill Hawke while Karl and Larson leave with the Mongoose and take Louise as a hostage. Hawke manages to knock both Valentine and Burt unconscious and he rides a motorcycle after the truck carrying the Mongoose and Louise. Caitlin contacts Dominic and tells him the direction Karl is heading with the Mongoose and tells him, Karl has Louise as a hostage. Larson spots Hawke chasing them and Karl starts shooting at him and Airwolf with the Mongoose. Karl manages to damage Airwolf, but Louise jumps out of the truck and she and Hawke get into Airwolf. Hawke then blows up the truck with Karl, Larson and the Mongoose shortly before they reach Mexico and Hawke apologizes to Louise for killing Karl. After they land, Louise tells Hawke, Dominic and Caitlin that she has decided to take Rex on tour with her. Archangel's helicopter lands nearby and Hawke tells him about the destruction of the Mongoose and Archangel in turn gives Hawke a note from Kiki with one word on it, Aloha, which she handed to Archangel as she was with an attractive man.