Airwolf: Season 4 Episode 10 Stavograd Part 2

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The crew of Airwolf enter Soviet airspace to try and help during a nuclear plant meltdown.

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Airwolf (1984-1987)


St. John Hawke - Barry Van Dyke

Mike Rivers - Geraint Wyn Davies

Jo Santini - Michele Scarabelli

Jason Locke - Anthony Sherwood

Alexandria Rostov - Sonja Smits

Arkov - Garwin Sanford

F.I.R.M. Official - William B. Davis

Commander Kirov - Lawrence Dane

Dr. Vladimir Bronski - Michael Constantine

Uri Kolcheski - Peter Nicholas

Boris - Tony Pantages

Technician 1 - Patrick Bermel

Technician 2 - Bill Murdock

Kirov's Aide - Andrew Kavadas

Agent - Craig Brunanski

Farmer - Milan Kasic

Guard 1 - Nicolaas Kocken

Guard 2 - Dave Sayer

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Detailed Synopsis

A news report from China talks about the potential disaster at Stavograd and a similar one is broadcast in England and the United States. Official tells a superior that Jason Locke left for the Soviet Union on his own accord. Alexandria Rostov tells Dr. Vladimir Bronski that reactor 2 is heating up faster than expected. Commander Kirov and Kirov's Aide walk in and Kirov tells them that his pilots are ready to fire a missile into the reactor. Rostov thinks the plan is too risky and Bronski doesn't want to send anyone else to die. St. John looks for a way for him, Mike Rivers and Jo Santini to escape from their room, but doesn't find a way out. Arkov walks in and tells Jo, they need help in the infirmary. A van full of American triathletes drives to a Soviet checkpoint and they are then questioned by Agent who asks to see their papers. Locke, who is disguised as an athlete is asked by Agent why so many people are suddenly showing up with athlete visas.

Jo angrily asks Arkov how long it will take before they trust each other. An alarm goes off and Bronski tells Technician 2 to try and stop the reactor from exploding, but it wont respond. Kirov brings up using the boron missile solution again, but Bronski refuses once more. Locke is dropped off by the triathlete van and heads towards Stavograd. A soldier tries to use a drill to break into Airwolf, but the bit breaks and Kirov angrily tells them to stop. Uri Kolcheski tells Kirov his plan is risky, but Kirov tells Kolcheski, the plan will work with him and Boris as the pilots. Locke jumps onto the back of a Farmer's truck. Arkov watches the tape Airwolf recorded and sees nothing of importance on it. The Farmer's truck overheats and he pulls over to the side of the road and hears Locke coughing. The Farmer threatens Locke with a pitchfork, but then calls him Bill Cosby. Arkov tells St. John and Mike that he believes them and sneaks them out. The Farmer drops Locke off at Stavograd and gives him his gloves. Kirov notices St. John and Mike are missing and tells the soldiers to find them.

Locke, who had managed to sneak in, finds St. John, but they are caught by Kirov. Mike manages to evade capture and walks into Kolcheski and Boris. Arkov tries to escape with Jo, but is caught by Guard 1. Arkov knocks Guard 1 unconscious, while Jo knocks the another one unconscious. Mike tries to convince Kolcheski not to go on the mission and convinces Boris to allow him to take his place in the jet. Arkov walks Jo over to Guard 2 and says Jo is willing to cooperate, but he doesn't believe her and tells Guard 2 to take Airwolf out of the building. Mike and Kolcheski get into their jets and fly towards reactor 1. Alarms sound and Bronski tells Kirov, reactor 2 is critical. Jo and Arkov get into Airwolf and fly towards reactor 1. Guard 2 tells Kirov that Arkov and Jo took Airwolf. Kirov aborts the mission to attack reactor 1, but both Mike and Kolcheski have their radios off. Kolcheski fires his missile, but then crashes. Jo lands Airwolf and Mike lands the jet. Kirov and the rest of the military leave and St. John has the idea to collapse the walls of reactor 1 and Bronski thinks they might be able to use coolant from reactor 3 to prevent reactor 2 from overheating. St. John and Mike manage to collapse the walls to reactor 1 and the temperature in reactor 2 drops. The news reports report that Stavograd's crisis was averted and the Soviet Union reported no one was killed. Locke, and St. John say goodbye to Bronski and Rostov, Jo says goodbye to Arkov and they kiss and Mike says goodbye to Boris, who asks him to send him a Mickey Mouse hat.