Airwolf: Season 4 Episode 1 Blackjack

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A new group of pilots take the helm of Airwolf after the death of Dominic and injuries to Hawke.

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Airwolf (1984-1987)


St. John Hawke - Barry Van Dyke

Mike Rivers - Geraint Wyn Davies

Jo Santini - Michele Scarabelli

Jason Locke - Anthony Sherwood

Colonel Bojard - Mike Preston

Alexander Montrose - Hagan Beggs

Stringfellow Hawke - Jan-Michael Vincent

Ackroyd - Jerry Wasserman

Ming Ho - Garrick Jang

Burke - Gary Chalk

Hatch - Wayne Jones

Holt - Frank Ferrucci

Newman - Ernie Prentice

Chick - Don Thompson

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Detailed Synopsis

In the Burma Highlands, Colonel Bojard lands his helicopter and asks Burke if St. John Hawke is talking yet. St. John is sitting in his cell sharpening a bamboo stick when Ackroyd warns him that the guards are coming. The guards take St. John and Ming Ho away. Jo Santini is flying in a helicopter with Stringfellow Hawke showing him a wind drift auto compensator she built. They test out her machine and it works. As they land, a man hides suspiciously behind an airplane and then places an envelope in the helicopter passenger seat. Jo runs back to the helicopter and finds the envelope. At the FIRM headquarters, Chick plays the contents of the envelope, which consists of an audio tape for Hawke. Jason Locke walks in and takes the tape and Hawke demands to speak to Michael Coldsmith Briggs III, Archangel. Locke tells Hawke that Archangel has been reassigned to the Far East. Locke tells Hawke, he is now in control of dealing with Hawke and tells him to be patient in regards to St. John. Bojard interrogates St. John about Airwolf and as St. John charges at Bojard, Burke hits him in the stomach. St. John is brought back to his cell and Ackroyd tells him he got his message out. Ackroyd tells him the people he sent the message to need proof it is really him and St. John gives him a ring.

Dominic gets into his helicopter and as Hawke goes to speak with him the helicopter blows up. Jo visits Dominic's grave and then goes to the VA hospital where Hawke is being treated at. She tells Holt that she demands to see Hawke. Locke walks up and starts asking her about Airwolf, but she again demands to see Hawke and enters Hawke's room. Locke visits with Mike Rivers who he then recruits. Ming Ho thanks St. John for helping him and tells him Ackroyd is working with Bojard. Jo continues to visit Hawke in the hospital and Hawke asks Jo to take Airwolf and find St. John. Locke looks up the file on Operation Storm Season and sees that of the personnel on the mission, most of them died during the operation except for St. John and Alexander Montrose. Locke goes to find Montrose and is stopped by Hatch. A scuffle breaks out until Montrose tells Hatch to let Locke speak with him. Locke asks Montrose about St. John and Montrose tells him that he and St. John were captured by the Khmer Rouge a year ago. He continues that during a rescue operation that the FIRM hired Bojard to conduct, St. John was killed. St. John accuses Ackroyd of betraying him and Ackroyd pulls out a knife and attacks him. St. John stabs Ackroyd in the stomach and kills him and tries to escape, but is captured.

Locke asks Jo questions about Dominic and what he was doing beyond Santini Air and then leaves an envelope with St. John's ring as he walks away. He reports to Newman that Jo didn't seem to know anything about Airwolf. Bojard tells St. John about his plan to capture Airwolf, when Hawke comes to try and rescue St. John. Rivers tells Locke that he has located Airwolf. As they are driving to Airwolf's lair, they see it in the air. They follow it and find out Jo was the person flying it. She tells them she knows where St. John is and they take Airwolf to rescue him. Burke tells Bojard an aircraft is on its way. St. John tries to warn Airwolf away and escapes from his cell. Burke gets into a helicopter and attacks Airwolf, while St. John and Bojard fight hand to hand. Rivers shoots Burke's helicopter out of the sky and St. John stabs Bojard to death with a knife. St. John is picked up by Airwolf and then visits Hawke in the hospital. Hawke tells St. John about Dominic's death and then tells St. John he doesn't want to die in the hospital. Locke goes to Hawke's hospital room and finds it empty. Locke, Jo and Rivers go back to the lair and Airwolf lands. St. John gets out and Locke recruits him to continue Hawke and Dominic's work.