Airwolf: Season 4 Episode 21 Malduke

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Malduke orders the world to isolate all of the diseased or he will detonate a bomb releasing toxic waste into the Pacific Ocean.

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Airwolf (1984-1987)


St. John Hawke - Barry Van Dyke

Mike Rivers - Geraint Wyn Davies

Jo Santini - Michele Scarabelli

Jason Locke - Anthony Sherwood

Malduke - Dick Van Dyke

Malduke's Technician - Alex Diakun

Panov - Richard Sargent

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Detailed Synopsis

Mike Rivers and St. John are sitting in a bar when St. John tells Mike he is thinking of retiring. Meanwhile, Jo Santini is at Santini Air doing maintenance on her helicopters while watching a basketball game on the television. Jason Locke is in his office at FIRM headquarters while also watching the basketball game. Suddenly the channel feeds change on all the televisions including the one at the bar and Malduke comes on screen. He says that mankind is in peril from disease and he is ordering all nations to deport their sick to isolated colonies. He says the diseased are to be deported within 48 hours. St. John, Jo and Mike go to FIRM headquarters and Locke tells them Malduke has a satellite more powerful than what the United States or Soviet Union has and the freighter in the video named Trident Queen is adrift near Wake Island. A Navy pilot flies towards the freighter, but is shot down by Malduke's satellite.

Within some Toltec ruins, Panov tells Malduke that he wants to do a complete blood transfer and Malduke tells him the blood transfer stimulates him. Malduke's Technician tells Malduke that the sonic laser defense system successfully destroyed the Navy jet. St. John and Mike fly Airwolf towards the freighter while Locke and Jo monitor them in the Lair. Malduke's Technician tells him that Airwolf is approaching the freighter and Airwolf is hit with the sonic laser. St. John has Mike turn whisper mode on and Malduke's Technician tells Malduke that Airwolf has avoided the sonic laser. Malduke gets into direct communication with Airwolf and tells them that the freighter is rigged with explosives and will be detonated if they come closer and it is full of atomic waste. Jo tells St. John that Malduke can track Airwolf and not to return to base. Airwolf gets out of satellite range and returns to the Lair.

Malduke makes another video where he shows the deaths of three world leaders who refused his proposal. Jo tracks the transmission to somewhere near San Francisco and Mike and St. John get into Airwolf and fly to the location. They realize too late that it is a trap and a nearby shed explodes, causing Airwolf to be damaged. Three helicopters are sent to attack Airwolf and St. John shoots them out of the sky. Malduke warns St. John if he sees Airwolf again, he will detonate the freighter. Locke tells everyone at the Lair that the National Security Council had a meeting and they decided an attempt must be made to land on the freighter and disarm the bomb and Airwolf was chosen for the mission. St. John and Mike say goodbye to Jo and Locke and head towards the freighter in Airwolf. Malduke sends a message to the Lair demanding to speak with St. John. Locke tells him that St. John was injured and Malduke tells him that he has 20 minutes to have St. John contact him.

St. John rappels onto the deck of the freighter and starts trying to disarm the bomb. Malduke's Technician tells him that he has traced the signal and knows the location of the Lair. Malduke orders the freighter bomb to be detonated and St. John manages to disarm the bomb just as Malduke's Technician presses the detonate button. St. John returns to Airwolf and he and Mike fly it back towards the Lair. Malduke's Technician tells him that the the bomb on the freighter was disarmed. Malduke, Malduke's Technician, Panov and more of Malduke's men raid the Lair and tie up Locke and Jo. Malduke orders his men to escape after they set a trap for Airwolf. St. John and Mike walk into the Lair and point their weapons at Malduke. Malduke holds up a detonator and orders St. John and Mike to drop their weapons. St. John throws his at the controls, and attacks Malduke, who easily throws him around. Mike shoots Malduke, but the bullet does nothing. Mike shoots Malduke three more times and St. John pushes Malduke into the electrical system and Malduke is revealed to be a robot and its head falls off. Back at Malduke's lab, another Malduke watches what is happening through the other Malduke's eyes and smiles at Panov and Malduke's Technician.