Airwolf: Season 4 Episode 22 Poppy Chain

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The Airwolf team join forces to take down a drug network.

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Airwolf (1984-1987)


St. John Hawke - Barry Van Dyke

Mike Rivers - Geraint Wyn Davies

Jo Santini - Michele Scarabelli

Jason Locke - Anthony Sherwood

Colonel Curtis - Grainger Hines

Felix - Frank Benard

Giselle - Karin Klokstad

Maxie - Franklin Johnson

Gunther - John Ackroyd

Bodyguard - Alex Bruhanski

LaFortune - Alec Burden

Buccari - Bob Hughes

Corsican - Adrian Formosa

Mac The Knife - Brent Applegath

Watson - Dee Jay Jackson

Agent - Christian Bernard

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Detailed Synopsis

Jason Locke briefs Jo Santini on Mike Rivers, who is in Laos doing a drug deal with Colonel Curtis. Mike buys a large amount of opium from Curtis and as Mike leaves, Curtis calls someone on the phone and orders someone to kill him. St. John, who is in Airwolf, contacts Mike and tells him he is nearby. A jeep starts chasing after Mike and someone starts shooting at him until St. John fires a rocket at the vehicle, causing it to crash. Mike goes to Singapore and meets up with St. John who gives him fake identification papers and the identity of a Merchant Marine. Maxie starts asking Mike questions about previous ships he had served on and figures out Mike isn't really a sailor. When Mike leaves the room, Maxie starts searching Mike's things. Mike signals to Corsican, who is on a boat, and Maxie confronts him and demands a cut of what Mike is smuggling. When Mike refuses, Maxie pulls a knife on him and lunges at Mike and falls overboard. After Mike transfers the drugs to Corsican, Corsican shoots him and drives away. Mike opens his jacket, revealing he had a bullet proof vest and gets into Airwolf.

Corsican drops off the drugs at a warehouse and Jo and Giselle walk into the warehouse and meet with Felix who takes them to the lab to test the quality of the drugs. St. John goes undercover as Ryan Murphy and meets Corsican, Gunther, Mac The Knife, and LaFortune. St. John walks in to see Felix sexually assaulting Jo and stops him. Felix accuses St. John of insulting his honor and they have a knife fight and St. John wins. Jo gets in St. John's car and then gets into Airwolf. Locke tells Mike and Jo that Curtis was last seen in London. St. John, who has the drugs in the car, is stopped at the border and a drug sniffing dog checks for drugs. St. John transports the drugs from Belgium to New York. He lands and Locke sets him up with a wire and they drive together to the drug drop off point. Bodyguard lets Locke and St. John into the meeting, which is being held at an arcade and then searches them.

Bodyguard tells them that Curtis is also at the meeting. Agent checks to see how much the drugs weigh. Curtis walks into the room and splits the drugs with St. John, Buccari and Watson. Curtis thinks he recognizes St. John, but can't remember where. Watson tells Curtis that Felix and Gunther were busted. Curtis tells Watson to get the guns and hands Buccari the drugs. As Curtis is about to leave, St. John reveals that he knows him from Vietnam and he is being set up. Curtis remembers St. John and makes St. John walk out the building first. Curtis gets into a car and drives away and St. John chases after him on a motorcycle. Mike fires a rocket, killing Bodyguard, Watson and Agent. Locke chases after Buccari who is still holding the drugs. Curtis tries to ram St. John who jumps over Curtis' vehicle and Curtis crashes. His vehicle blows up and St. John sees that Curtis is dead. Locke catches Buccari and Mike and Jo land Airwolf and St. John throws the drugs into the burning vehicle.