Airwolf: Season 4 Episode 23 Flying Home

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A Neo-Nazi group steals plutonium so they can fulfill their dream of a land only for pure race people.

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Airwolf (1984-1987)


St. John Hawke - Barry Van Dyke

Mike Rivers - Geraint Wyn Davies

Jo Santini - Michele Scarabelli

Jason Locke - Anthony Sherwood

Tony Santini - Donnelly Rhodes

Longfellow - Terence Kelly

Sullivan - Dwight McFee

Marian - Lovena Fox

Amy - Melissa Mintoft

Guard - Ted Stidder

Earl - Rupert Lindsay

Sherman - Marek Czuma

Brooke - Paul Stafford

Man in Van - Morris Panych

Worker - J.J. Makaro

Guard - John Cooper

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Detailed Synopsis

At the triad nuclear facility, Longfellow distracts the Guard by telling him he locked himself out of his office. As the Guard goes to unlock Longfellow's office, Sullivan and Brooke, who are wearing radiation suits, walk by the Guard's desk into the plutonium storage containment zone. Guard returns and sees Sullivan and Brooke carting canisters of plutonium and starts the alarm. Worker sees them trying to escape and follows them. The Worker orders Sullivan and Brooke to stop and Sullivan shoots the Worker dead and calls him a degenerate punk due to his dyed hair and hairstyle and Sullivan and Brooke escape in a van. At Santini Air, Jo Santini finishes hanging up a framed photo of Tony Santini taken during World War II, when it falls to the ground due to Mike Rivers and St. John running into the wall while playing basketball. Mike misses the shot and Jo takes the ball and throws it into the basket. She tells them about how Tony never was really around when she was young. Tony lands in his plane after doing some air stunts and Jo introduces him to St. John and Mike. Jo orders a pizza and Tony tells them stories from World War II. The phone rings and Mike answers it. Jason Locke tells Mike that he and St. John are needed for a mission and they leave.

Locke tells Mike and St. John about the stolen plutonium and Mike and St. John fly Airwolf to the triad nuclear facility. They question Longfellow who tells them Sullivan and Brooke had access cards. He shows them video of the heist and tells them the van was lead lined. Mike and St. John get back into Airwolf and Mike picks up a high lead signal. They chase after Brooke and St. John fires a rocket at the van, causing it to crash. St. John and Mike land Airwolf and wait until Jo comes with radiation suits. Jo flies a helicopter with Tony to the crash site and during the flight they argue and then reminisce about Jo's mother. Jo arrives with the radiation suits and St. John and Mike find Brooke dead and the plutonium cylinders empty. Tony walks up and the Geiger counter starts to go off. He admits that he was going through radiation treatment for cancer, but has quit taking treatments. Longfellow assures Sullivan the plan worked and Sullivan flies away in his helicopter. While going over the security tapes again, Mike notices the canisters were empty and the plutonium never left the facility. Locke calls St. John and Mike and tells them gun runners have made a deal for plutonium with a group of Neo-Nazis and Mike tells him Longfellow is the inside man.

Jo asks Tony about his diagnosis and he tells her that he has between 4 and 6 months to live. Mike and St. John go back to the triad nuclear facility and question Longfellow again and he tells them that Sullivan has Marian and Amy hostage. Mike gets back into Airwolf, while St. John stays with Longfellow to wait for Sullivan to contact him. Sullivan calls Longfellow and Longfellow demands to speak with Marian and Amy, but Sullivan refuses. Locke is able to track Sullivan's location to 244 Farm Street in County Hill, Oregon. Sullivan tells Marian that Longfellow is a degenerate for marrying outside of his race and calls Amy a half breed. Sullivan tells Marian and Amy his plan to trade the plutonium for weapons so they can defend their country made up of pure race people. Marian calls Sullivan a lunatic and Earl tells her that there are a lot of like minded people like them. Jo tries to convince Tony to restart his treatments, but he refuses.

Locke calls Jo and she and Tony leave to help out. Mike and St. John scan Sullivan's house and Locke tells them the gun runners are en route. Longfellow purposely drops his medicine bottle and as a Guard goes to pick it up, Longfellow knocks him unconscious. Mike locates the plutonium underneath the barn on Sullivan's property. Man in Van drives up to Tony, who is in disguise as a lettuce farmer and tells him to get his disabled vehicle out of the road. As Man in Van and another man get out of their van, Tony pulls a gun on them and Locke has them climb into the back of the lettuce truck while Tony and Jo drive the gun runners van to Sullivan's property. Tony tells Sherman about the weapons in the van and Sherman and Sullivan pull rifles on Tony and Jo and tell them to get inside the house. Sullivan tells Earl to load the helicopter and Mike tells St. John that Longfellow just drove up. Locke stops Longfellow from running into the house. Sullivan locks Jo and Tony with Marian and Amy. Locke and Longfellow ambush Earl and knock him unconscious. Sullivan takes Jo into the main room and tells her that he is taking her with him. St. John fires a rocket from Airwolf into the van with the weapons. Tony escapes with Marian and Amy and brings them to the barn. As Sullivan is dragging Jo to his helicopter, Tony punches him and he and Jo escape. Sullivan gets into his helicopter and Locke shoots Sherman dead. Sullivan screams about being a martyr and St. John and Mike blow him out of the sky with a rocket. Longfellow hugs Marian and Amy and back at Santini Air Mike and St. John are playing basketball again. Jo tells them that Tony agreed to go back to getting cancer treatment and Tony and makes a trick basket, like Jo had before, before he and Jo leave to go fishing.