Airwolf: Season 4 Episode 24 Welcome to Paradise

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St. John is conned by an old high school sweetheart to come with her to her charter business.

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Airwolf (1984-1987)


St. John Hawke - Barry Van Dyke

Mike Rivers - Geraint Wyn Davies

Jo Santini - Michele Scarabelli

Jason Locke - Anthony Sherwood

Vicky - Mary Kate McGeehan

Luther Many Suns - Gordon Tootoosis

Patterson - William Smith

Officer - Lindsay R. Bourne

Joplin - Denny Arnold

Dale - Jerry Rousseau

Rita - Lee Van Paassen

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Detailed Synopsis

Dale and Rita are driving and being chased by Jo Santini and Jason Locke. St. John gets into Airwolf and he and Mike Rivers take off. Locke radios Airwolf for help and Rita drops a grenade out the window, causing Jo to swerve and crash the car. Dale and Rita get into a helicopter and St. John radios them and tells them to land. While Rita is dumping the drugs out of the helicopter, she accidentally removes the pin to a grenade and the helicopter blows up. At Santini Air, Locke shows them the bag full of drugs Rita threw out and tells them the amount they recovered is small in comparison to what is currently being trafficked in the area. A plane lands and Vicky gets out. She and St. John go to lunch and she tells him that her and Scotty are having financial issues and she asks St. John to come with her to convince Scotty not to sell the company. At Santini Air, Jo tells Mike that she thinks Vicky is bad news. St. John and Vicky return and they fly Vicky's plane to Paradise Island.

They land the plane and find Scotty dead. The police arrive and Officer tells St. John that there won't be an investigation until the coroner rules Scotty's death a murder. St. John goes inside and meets Luther Many Suns who is consoling Vicky. Vicky passes out after taking Valium and drinking whiskey and St. John asks Luther about Patterson. Luther tells him that Patterson would do anything to get the land so he could log it. He tells St. John that Patterson runs the town and controls the police. At Santini Air, Locke is upset that St. John left and tells Mike and Jo to get in contact with St. John. Patterson calls Vicky and tells her that he wants his property back. St. John tries to get Vicky to come back with him, but she refuses. Jo tries to call Paradise Charters, but the phone is out of order. St. John and Vicky go to see Luther so St. John can use his phone.

Luther tells St. John that his phone is out of order and tells St. John that Scotty would never have sold out to Patterson. St. John and Luther try to convince Vicky to leave the island and she walks off. St. John stops her and asks her why she lied about Scotty wanting to sell to Patterson and she tells him Scotty was about to leave her. They return to Paradise Charters and find Patterson, Officer and Joplin inside. Vicky tells them to leave and when St. John confronts Patterson, Joplin pulls a gun on him. St. John grabs the gun from Joplin, makes Officer hand over his and orders them out by gunpoint. St. John goes to the plane to leave and finds the cockpit wires cut. He again demands to know what is really going on and Vicky tells him that Scotty and Patterson had some sort of deal. Locke tells Mike and Jo about Patterson, who is the drug dealer they are after and that Patterson's last shipment was hijacked. Jo and Mike go to the Ralph & Maria bar to pose as drug smugglers. They meet with Patterson and Joplin and Patterson tells them that one of his smugglers stole his shipment and Patterson offers to give them some of his drugs if they get it back.

While Luther's kids are playing, one of them throws their ball into the family cemetery. Luther goes to get it and finds one of the tombs open and a duffle bag inside. He opens the duffle bag and finds it full of drugs. St. John asks Vicky why she killed Scotty and she pulls a gun on him. She tells him that she killed Scotty, because he tried to stop her. Luther sees Vicky pointing the gun at St. John and grabs her and St. John takes the gun away. Jo and Mike fly Patterson and Joplin in a helicopter, while Locke flies nearby in Airwolf. Luther shows St. John the duffle bag of drugs he found and tells St. John that Scotty must have hid it from Vicky. Vicky tells them that she and Scotty started using drugs, but he managed to quit. She took a job transporting drugs for Patterson, but Scotty was against it. Mike lands the helicopter and Patterson and Joplin get out. Joplin points a gun at St. John and Patterson takes back his drugs. Locke blows up Patterson's helicopter and Mike punches Joplin. Patterson takes Vicky to the plane and they take off. Locke fires a warning shot at the plane and Vicky crashes the plane into the lake, killing her and Patterson. Later, St. John and Luther go back to Luther's land where there are two new burials in Luther's family plot. Luther tells St. John that he and the others are going to take over Vicky's charter service.