Airwolf: Season 4 Episode 2 Escape

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Jo is sent to a Bulgarian prison when she is captured while on a spy mission.

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Airwolf (1984-1987)


St. John Hawke - Barry Van Dyke

Mike Rivers - Geraint Wyn Davies

Jo Santini - Michele Scarabelli

Jason Locke - Anthony Sherwood

Svetlana Linski - Lynne Harbaugh

Cosima - Sherry Bie

Taaja - Amy Newman

Commandant - Joseph Gallagher

Prison Warden's Assistant

Gorski - Alex Diakun

Arkov - Garwin Sanford

Elena - Judith Berlin

Executive Officer - Ian Black

Massi - Adel C. Hammoud

Bulgarian General - Lloyd Berry

Bulgarian Agent - Allan Lysell

Air Guard - Peter Chapek

Reporter - Andrew Rhodes

Barracks Guard - Kim Kondrashof

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Detailed Synopsis

In Istanbul, Turkey, Massi breaks into a safe and removes an envelope proving some missile placements in Bulgaria are fake. A guard walks into the room and as Massi is trying to escape, he is shot by the guard. Jo Santini is waiting outside when she hears a gunshot and sees Massi running towards her with a gunshot wound to the chest. Jo hides and Massi continues to run and is chased by Gorski and Bulgarian Agent who continuously shoot at him. He stops by an empty pipe and hides the envelope in the pipe. Massi is shot and killed by Bulgarian Agent and Jo retrieves the package, before she is spotted by Gorski. She knocks him unconscious and shoots Bulgarian Agent before escaping. As Svetlana Linski is leaving the Otel Istanbul, she is mobbed by reporters and Reporter asks her how living in Texas compares to living in Moscow and she tells him, Texas is flat. He asks her if she fears any reprisals after defecting from the Soviet Union and she tells him she does not. Jo takes a photo of a map and overlay that was in the envelope and then destroys them. She calls the lair and tells St. John Hawke she has the package and is on her way to Stockholm. On the flight, Svetlana recognizes Jo, who almost knocked her down while Svetlana was talking to the reporters.

At the Bulgarian Secret Police headquarters, Executive Officer and Bulgarian General discuss their plan to capture Jo by using fighter jets to force the plane she is on to land. The pilot of the flight tells the passengers that they are being forced to land in Bulgaria. Svetlana panics and Jo grabs her and tells her to stay calm. Jason Locke tells St. John and Mike Rivers that Jo's flight is being forced to land in Bulgaria and St. John and Mike get into Airwolf and take off. In Sofia, Bulgaria, all the passengers are forced to deplane and go through customs. Air Guard asks for everyone's passport and notices Svetlana has a Russian name. Gorski starts looking at the passengers and has Svetlana taken away and then takes Jo away. He questions Jo about the theft of the maps, but she refuses to talk. Svetlana is brought into the room and he tells her and Jo that they will be tried as enemies of peace and global cooperation. Airwolf enters European airspace and Locke tells them the double agent named Arkov is in Stockholm.

Jo and Svetlana are brought to Stara Zagora Prison and as Barracks Guard walks by Svetlana, he drops a knife. She goes to pick it up, but is stopped by Jo. They are brought to the prison barracks and Cosima notices Jo is an American and Elena tells Jo she once worked at the United States Embassy. Taaja recognizes Svetlana and introduces herself. Svetlana tells her and Cosima about Barracks Guard dropping his knife and Jo stopping her from taking it and they tell her it is a trick the guards do so they have an excuse to put people in the "ice box". Commandant tells Prison Warden's Assistant about Jo preventing Svetlana from falling for the dropped knife trick. He then tells Prison Warden's Assistant they have 36 hours to find the overlays. Jo is brought before the Commandant and is questioned about what information she might have passed, but she refuses to tell him. Barracks Guard tells Elena her children are waiting for her and as she runs in the direction he pointed to, another guard hits her in the back of the head with his rifle's buttstock and she is then put in the ice box. In West Berlin, Germany, St. John and Mike meet with Arkov and convince him to try and save Jo. Jo is brought to the Commandant once more and then put in solitary confinement. She uses a piece of her shoe to short the light in the cell to send a Morse Code message. Locke contacts St. John and tells him where Jo is located.

Arkov arrives at the prison and tells the Commandant that Jo may have the information on a micro dot. The prisoners are forced to undergo a lice inspection and Cosima attacks Barracks Guard when he starts to touch Svetlana. Cosima is then grabbed and taken away. Jo is brought before Arkov who slaps and searches her. Prison Warden's Assistant starts a rumor with Barracks Guard that Jo is a plant placed by the KGB to trick the prisoners. Arkov tells Jo that he is working with St. John and tells her to be in the prison yard at 9 am. When Jo is brought back to the holding cells, she is attacked by Svetlana. The Commandant has Jo and Svetlana put into isolation and then tells Prison Warden's Assistant to kill them in the morning. Svetlana tells Jo the reason she attacked her and how the guards spread a rumor she was KGB. Cosima frees Jo and tells her the guards promised her freedom if she betrayed Jo. Cosima is caught by the Barracks Guard and Jo tells him she is ready to talk. Airwolf arrives and starts shooting up the prison and the Commandant calls for air support. As a guard is about to shoot Jo, Arkov shoots the guard. Cosima is shot by a guard who is then beaten to death by the other female prisoners. Barracks Guard is shot and killed by Airwolf. Jo, Svetlana and Taaja get into Airowlf, which then flies away. Back at Santini Air, Svetlana and Taaja thank the crew and Locke for saving them and Locke tells them their testimony will be given to Amnesty International to help shut down Stara Zagora Prison. Mike asks Svetlana to get him tickets to the next gymnastics competition and Svetlana hugs Jo.