Airwolf: Season 4 Episode 3 A Town for Hire

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Jo is is taken hostage in a town run by one man.

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Airwolf (1984-1987)


St. John Hawke - Barry Van Dyke

Mike Rivers - Geraint Wyn Davies

Jo Santini - Michele Scarabelli

Jason Locke - Anthony Sherwood

Dr. Tracy Kinsington - Anne Lockhart

Dr. Kinsington - John S. Ragin

Martin Lundahl - Stephen Young

Sheriff Lou - David Petersen

Deputy Baker - Lon Katzmann

Hank Nelson - David Longworth

Ray - Gordon White

Receptionist - Jana White

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Detailed Synopsis

St. John is flying a small plane as Jo Santini flies a helicopter nearby as they test a new digital laser communication system. They start to race each other and Jo's helicopter is hit by a laser and crashes. St. John's plane is hit by another laser and as he is struggling to control it, he sees Jo's helicopter and Jo hanging halfway out of the cockpit window. St. John calls for help and then manages to land his plane. He is helped from his plane and taken to Santa Mira Hospital. Dr. Tracy Kinsington tells Dr. Kinsington that she is leaving, and he asks her to stay and help him with the hospital. They go into St. John's room where Sheriff Lou is already besides St. John's bed. St. John demands they look for Jo and Sheriff Lou tells him, he will drive him to the crash site. Jason Locke and Mike Rivers land Airwolf in the lair and start downloaded the photographs they took on their mission. Mike tries to contact St. John or Jo, at Santini Air, but can't reach anyone. St. John and Sheriff Lou arrive at Jo's crash site, but there is no sign of a crash. St. John demands to be taken to where his plane is and as he walks away, Sheriff Lou looks up and stares at Martin Lundahl and Deputy Baker, who were watching the entire time.

St. John finds his plane being worked on by mechanics and Lundahl introduces himself. Lundahl tells St. John his plane won't be ready to fly for a couple of days and St. John angrily storms away. He asks Receptionist if he can use the phone. Sheriff Lou looks through the window and shakes his head at the Receptionist and as St. John is talking to Mike, she cancels the call. Mike tells Locke that St. John and Jo might need help and Locke tells him to trace the number. St. John tells the Receptionist the phone is dead and she tells them the lines are being worked on and it could take a couple of days before they are working again. Sheriff Lou tells Dr. Kinsington to find an excuse to hold St. John at the hospital. Mike and Locke get into Airwolf and leave the lair. St. John tries to rent a car from Hank Nelson, but Hank tells him there is nothing to rent or buy. Tracy sees St. John and asks him if he is doing okay. He tells her he needs to find Jo and she agrees to drive him around. They go back to the crash site and St. John notices evidence of a crash and finds one of her sunglasses pieces. Deputy Baker, who was watching them, tries to ram their vehicle off the road, but St. John forces him to crash his car, which then explodes. Hank tells Ray that St. John isn't going to give up, but Ray doesn't know what to do. Sheriff Lou walks over and tells them accidents happen. St. John and Tracy walk into the bar and St. John tells Sheriff Lou about Deputy Baker's crash. He asks Dr. Kinsington where Jo is and Dr. Kinsington brings him and Tracy outside and they leave in Tracy's car. Locke and Mike arrive at Jo's crash site and they use their monitors to find the wreckage, which is now buried.

Mike and Locke scan Santa Mira and notice it has had quite the population jump. They then do further scans and find a large weapons cache in Lundahl's factory. Locke drops off Mike so Mike can snoop around. Dr. Kinsington takes Tracy and St. John to Jo, who is injured, but kept hidden by Dr. Kinsington. As they are taking Jo to the car, Sheriff Lou and Hank pull up and take them hostage. Lundahl is giving a demonstration to potential weapons buyers when Mike sneaks in to the building. St. John, Tracy, Dr. Kinsington and Jo are driven to the Lundahl Industries building and Sheriff Lou takes them to Lundahl. Mike radios Locke and tells him he has found St. John and Jo. Lundahl tells Sheriff Lou to kill them. Mike starts shooting at Lundahl and the guards and St. John manages to take away Hank's rifle and knocks Sheriff Lou into a fire and Sheriff Lou burns to death. Locke blows the buildings doors open and St. John and the others drive out in Sheriff Lou's vehicle. Hank starts shooing at Airwolf and Lundahl tries to use the laser cannon on Airwolf. Locke fires rockets into the building, but Airwolf is hit. He starts to lose power, but switches to manual override and fires a rocket at Hank and Lundahl, killing them. He lands Airwolf and flies away with the others. Back at the hospital, Dr. Kinsington tells St. John and Jo he is staying in town and Tracy tells them she is staying too.