Airwolf: Season 4 Episode 4 Salvage

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Mike and St. John go to Devil's Ridge to help a former FIRM agent who may be seeing things.

Series Index

Airwolf (1984-1987)


St. John Hawke - Barry Van Dyke

Mike Rivers - Geraint Wyn Davies

Jo Santini - Michele Scarabelli

Jason Locke - Anthony Sherwood

Lorrie Grant - Margot Pinvidic

Charlie Rising Moon - Gordon Tootoosis

Strafe - Dale Wilson

Bronson - Jonathon Pallone

Nokomo - Alvin Lee Sanders

Sheriff Hanley - Tom Heaton

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Detailed Synopsis

Lorrie Grant is sneaking around Blue Clay Mine when she sees a series of petroglyphs carved into the rock outside the perimeter fence. A series of bright lights appear in the air and follow her. St. John and Mike Rivers are training in Airwolf when Jason Locke radios them and tells them Lorrie contacted him. They return to base and pack for a trip to Devil's Ridge and before leaving, Jo Santini suggests they bring Lorrie back this time. Mike and St. John argue over making Lorrie come with them. Sheriff Hanley is talking to deputy Hector when they spot Lorrie walking to the Devil's Ridge Hotel and Flying Owl Saloon. Charlie Rising Moon is doing trick shots for free beer from Strafe when Lorrie walks in and demands to speak with Charlie. She grabs Charlie when he refuses to acknowledge seeing lights in the sky at night. Sheriff Hanley walks in and tells Lorrie, he wants to speak with her and she is being charged with trespassing. St. John walks in and walks Lorrie out of the bar and Mike says hello to her.

Bronson and Nokomo drive up and Bronson tells Sheriff Hanley, Nokomo is thinking about buying the Blue Clay Mine. St. John and Mike drop Lorrie off at her house and she tells them she isn't seeing things this time and what she is seeing is real in the old Native American burial ground. She notices they don't believe her and she demands they take the necklace Charlie gave her and to ask him what he saw. St. John and Mike go to see Charlie and give him the necklace and he suggests Lorrie leave for her own safety. At night, the lights appear and Lorrie shoots out one of her windows when she thinks she sees a spectral wolf. Charlie appears wearing a war bonnet and leather outfit and starts chanting and Lorrie thinks he is in league with the lights and falls down a slope. The next day, Mike and St. John visit Lorrie at Devil's Ridge Hospital and she asks them if she saw Charlie or animal tracks. St. John and Mike fly over the area and as they are flying over the mine they take a few photos. The nurse walks in to Lorrie's room, but she is gone.

St. John calls Locke and tells him, Lorrie was arrested for stealing a car. Sheriff Hanley warns St. John that the next time Lorrie is arrested, he will have her committed. St. John develops the photos they took and notices something in the photos they took of the mine. Lorrie tells Mike she wants to get back into the FIRM and suddenly the lights appear outside her home. They go outside and stare at the lights. St. John returns to Lorrie's house and finds Mike and Lorrie gone. He sees Charlie in the woods and chases after him and catches him. Charlie tells him they took Mike and Lorrie to the sacred burial ground and takes St. John there. Charlie thinks it was demons that took Mike and Lorrie and St. John has him take him to the mine. Bronson is waiting outside the mine when Strafe lands in a helicopter. Strafe tells Bronson, Lorrie was with Mike. Locke and Jo get into Airwolf and take off.

In the morning, St. John and Charlie break into the mine while Bronson drives up to the mine with Nokomo. Strafe slaps Mike when Mike defends Lorrie. Nokomo tells Bronson to get rid of Mike and Lorrie. St. John and Charlie see the experimental helicopter called Scorpion which had disappeared after crashing. As Strafe is about to shoot Mike and Lorrie, Bronson suggests they let them live. He grabs at Strafe's gun, but Strafe knocks him away. Nokomo pulls out a knife and tells Strafe to get the Scorpion ready while he kills Mike and Lorrie. St. John kills Nokomo by kicking him over a railing while Charlie shoots the guards. St. John frees Mike and Lorrie and they escape with Charlie in Bronson's jeep. Strafe starts shooting at them and they abandon the jeep and hide among the rocks near a creek. Charlie is hit with a laser fired by the Scorpion in the stomach. Locke and Jo arrive in Airwolf and get into a fight with Strafe and shoot the Scorpion out of the sky. Afterwards, Locke tells Lorrie that she can rejoin the FIRM. St. John, Mike, Locke and Lorrie then go to visit Charlie in the hospital.