Airwolf: Season 4 Episode 5 Windows

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A circuit board must be retrieved from a Soviet agent before the launch of a space shuttle.

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Airwolf (1984-1987)


St. John Hawke - Barry Van Dyke

Mike Rivers - Geraint Wyn Davies

Jo Santini - Michele Scarabelli

Jason Locke - Anthony Sherwood

Phillip Devereau - George Touliatos

Ann Delaney - Linda Darlow

Hannah Molner - Lillian Carlson

Eric - Pierre Lamielle

Uri Tatloff - Otto Lowy

Paramedic - Al Sturm

Fireman/Sniper - Steen Petersen

Teenage Boy - Jason Michas

"Oscar" the Dog - Scrapper

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Detailed Synopsis

St. John and Jason Locke are pulling surveillance on Phillip Devereau in a car, while Mike Rivers is pulling surveillance in Airwolf. Locke tells Mike that Devereau is carrying a circuit board for the satellite that will be used in an upcoming space shuttle launch. Uri Tatloff walks up to Devereau and then after shaking hands walks off. St. John follows Tatloff while Mike follows Devereau. St. John grabs Tatloff and puts him in the car with Locke. Devereau walks into his apartment complex and tells Jo Santini, who is fixing a light that is out, that the third floor exit light is out. She uses a scanning device on Devereau, but it shows he is not carrying the circuit board. As Jo is walking around the apartment with the scanning device she sees "Oscar" the Dog running from his owner, Hannah Molner. Eric catches Oscar and brings him back to Hannah. As Jo is radioing in with Mike, she almost runs into Ann Delaney and tells Ann where she last saw Eric.

St. John and Locke bring Tatloff to the Soviet Embassy and he tells them Devereau is working with someone in the same apartment building. He promises to tell them who if they take him to their office, but is shot dead by Fireman/Sniper. Locke tells Jo what Totloff said about one of the other tenants working with Devereau. Jo goes to visit Hannah and while Hannah is making her tea, Jo searches her apartment with the scanner, but doesn't find anything. Locke starts to worry that they have been setup and Devereau isn't their man. Mike spies on another apartment where Teenage Boy is playing a computer game. Mike then monitors Hannah when Jo leaves and notices she appears to be lonely. He sees Eric trying to climb out of the basement window and contacts Jo who grabs Eric and he tells her that he hates Ann and she isn't his mother. As they leave, a bomb is heard ticking. St. John notices Devereau keeps on looking at his watch. Jo brings Eric back to Ann and offers to watch him for her. Ann lets her into her apartment and while Jo is scanning it, Eric catches her. He tells her, he needs to tell her something, but is sent to his room by Ann.

St. John and Locke try looking up information on Ann, but come up with nothing. The bomb explodes and everyone runs out of the apartment complex. Jo tells the others the device is picking up something and St. John goes to help her. An ultrasonic sound emits from somewhere and Hannah collapses to the ground from a heart attack. A Paramedic comes over and works on Hannah. Devereau walks up and grabs Oscar and walks away with him. The Fireman/Sniper hands Devereau the circuit board. Hannah is put on a stretcher and St. John notices the Fireman/Sniper is acting suspicious. Jo goes into Hannah's apartment when the scanner picks up the circuit board and Devereau is waiting for her inside. He points a gun at her and admits he caused Hannah's heart attack and then shows her the circuit board. Devereau puts the circuit board in Oscar's sweater and then takes Jo to the roof of the building. He tries to throw her off, but falls off instead. Jo is picked up by Airwolf. Ann is packing to leave and tells Eric he better be good or his parents will be killed. Information comes from Interpol with data on Ann revealing her to be a freelance agent. St. John, Jo and Locke go to Ann's apartment and find it empty. As Ann is trying to escape with Eric and Oscar, Eric and Oscar run away. Mike sees them and tells the others where she is at. Oscar bites Ann as she is about to shoot Locke and she is grabbed by St. John. Eric gives Locke the circuit board and the space mission proceeds. Later, Oscar is returned to Hannah and Jo tells her that Eric was returned to his parents and Locke gives Hannah a new collar with the Airwolf logo.