Airwolf: Season 4 Episode 6 A Piece of Cake

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A circuit board must be retrieved from a Soviet agent before the launch of a space shuttle.

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Airwolf (1984-1987)


St. John Hawke - Barry Van Dyke

Mike Rivers - Geraint Wyn Davies

Jo Santini - Michele Scarabelli

Jason Locke - Anthony Sherwood

Coronado - Paul Lambert

Marco - Harvey M. Miller

Bobby - Jason Priestley

Leigh - Shelley Hunt

Dwayne - Bernie Coulson

Carlos - Scott Anderen

Max - Bill Croft

Susan - Jane Mortifee

Arnie - Lance Garrett

Souza - James Crescenzo

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Detailed Synopsis

St. John and Mike Rivers are in Airwolf following behind a jet fighter. Mike contacts Jo Santini, who is monitoring their modem feed at Santini Air. Air traffic control notifies the pilot that he is being followed and he turns around and orders Airwolf to identify themselves and they fly off. Jo hears a noise and calls out. The phone rings and she tells Mike that someone is in the building. She hears someone yelling and grabs Bobby. Marco tells Max and Souza to bring the car around and Coronado tells Marco the history of the house they are in. Outside Juvenile Court, Bobby is arguing with Susan about having to go on a hiking retreat. Susan reminds him that if it was either the retreat or being on probation. Mike and Jo walk up to them and Mike threatens to rescind his offer to have Bobby join them on The Wilderness Program. Coronado arms a bomb in a briefcase full of money and shows Marco a photo of Bobby. Susan can't find her keys and Jo sees Bobby breaking into the car. Souza wants to take the briefcase of money, but Max tells him the briefcase is wired with a bomb.

Jo invites Jason Locke to go camping with them, but he declines. Later, Mike drives a van to Santini Air and introduces the hikers, Bobby, Carlos, who assumes Jo is the stewardess, Dwayne and Leigh. Max and Souza arrive at Santini Air to see Jo, Mike and the hikers leaving. They call Marco and Coronado demands they get Bobby no matter what. Jo lands the helicopter at Mt. Seymour Park and Mike asks Arnie his advice on what trail to take. Max tells Coronado where the helicopter with Bobby is landing and Coronado tells Marco his plan is to have everyone else killed so he can kidnap Bobby. Leigh helps Mike gather wood while the boys stay behind. At his cabin, Coronado tells Marco that while he is retiring, he wants Bobby to take over as the new Don, which surprises Marco, who thought he was going to take over. Leigh notices someone stole the water from her canteen and Dwayne tells everyone Bobby did it. In their tent, Leigh asks Jo if Mike is single. During the night, Dwayne tells Mike that Bobby left and Mike has to go find him. Mike tells Bobby a story of how he hung out with hoodlums when he was young, but then admits it was just a story. Max and Souza go to search for Bobby and Souza says he doesn't feel good about killing a bunch of kids.

They tell Arnie they are looking for one of the kids in the hiking party due to a family emergency and after he tells them where they were headed, Souza shoots him. As Leigh is walking across a bridge crossing a gorge, Carlos runs across, putting too much weight on it. The bridge breaks and Carlos' leg gets stuck. Bobby goes to help him and then Leigh. Max and Souza spot the hikers and grab their rifles. Max shoots Mike and then takes the hikers hostage. While Souza is checking to see if Mike is dead, Mike grabs him and they go tumbling over the ridge. Max takes Bobby and Jo while leaving the other kids behind. Arnie drags himself to the radio room, but is too weak to grab the radio. Max has Jo drive him and Bobby to Coronado's cabin. Mike manages to crawl back up the ridge and Dwayne bandages his leg. Mike finds Arnie in the radio room and helps him. Max demands Coronado give him 5 million in exchange for Bobby. Mike calls St. John and Locke and tells them what happened. Coronado tells Bobby he is his grandfather and Max reveals that Marco set up Coronado's son. St. John and Locke get into Airwolf and take off. Jo kicks the gun out of Max's hand and Bobby grabs it. When he can't make himself shoot Max, Marco takes the gun and shoots and kills Max. Marco admits he had Coronado's son murdered and as he is about to shoot Bobby, Coronado starts wrestling with him. Jo and Bobby run outside and Marco shoots Coronado and takes the briefcase of money. He gets into a jeep and starts shooting at Airwolf. Bobby goes back into the cabin and comforts Coronado, who then dies. Marco's jeep is shot by Airwolf and as he gets out, the briefcase explodes when it is hit by a round from Airwolf, killing him. Back at Santini Air, Jo is teaching Bobby how to maintain helicopters as Mike milks his injury. Susan walks in and is surprised Bobby is working. As Mike starts telling another make believe story, everyone slowly walks away.