Airwolf: Season 4 Episode 7 Deathtrain

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Jason Locke and a Soviet counterpart must guard a train transporting deadly contents while a rogue group of soldiers try to steal it.

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Airwolf (1984-1987)


St. John Hawke - Barry Van Dyke

Mike Rivers - Geraint Wyn Davies

Jo Santini - Michele Scarabelli

Jason Locke - Anthony Sherwood

Gregori Nobokov - August Schellenberg

Colonel David Randolph - Ty Haller

Lt. Walters - William Taylor

Jenson - Douglas Tuck

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Detailed Synopsis

St. John, Jason Locke, Mike Rivers and Jo Santini arrive in a military jeep at a train depot. Two cars drive up, one American and one Soviet. Locke spots Gregori Nobokov stepping out of the Soviet vehicle and he and Locke go inside a train car holding a nerve gas, after receiving a key card. The train starts and St. John, Jo and Mike get into Airwolf. Nobokov pulls out a gun and says he doesn't fully trust the nerve agent is in the canisters. He and Locke talk about their first encounter in Tel Aviv ten years ago. Lt. Walters drives his jeep up to checkpoint 1 and contacts Airwolf. Nobokov pulls out a mini chess set with the pieces in the exact same positions they were in when he played Locke ten years ago. As Walters is walking back to his jeep, his men are ambushed and killed and he is taken hostage by Colonel David Randolph, Jenson and the rest of Randolph's Special Forces team.

Randolph asks Walters to send Airwolf on its way, and when Walters refuses, Jenson shoots and kills Walters. Randolph has his men put a barricade up and orders Jenson to take control of the train holding the nerve agent. St. John is told they can leave now, and Airwolf continues on the path of the train. Randolph contacts the surveillance helicopter that took over for Airwolf and tells them everything is good. Nobokov continues to rehash his and Locke's past including the time Locke refused to order a strike on a village which caused six of Nobokov's men to be killed. While going through a tunnel, the train crashes into the road block and the guards shot dead. Randolph's men then secure the train. Nobokov takes Locke's key card and Locke pulls a gun on him and orders him to give him back the card. A decoy train is sent out of the tunnel and the surveillance helicopter tries to contact the train, but gets no response. Randolph orders Locke and Nobokov to open the door, but they refuse. Randolph tells Locke that he and his team developed the gas and he refuses to let it go to waste. The surveillance helicopter pilot sees the dead engineer in the decoy train and contacts Airwolf.

Airwolf catches up with the decoy train and as Mike is about to rappel onto the train a bomb goes off, destroying the train. The door to the real train car is cut open with a blow torch and Locke and Nobokov are taken hostage. Mike and Jo scan the area and tell St. John that the area is clear of gas. Randolph has his men remove the gas canisters and put them on trucks. Randolph asks Locke for the code to open the canisters and when Locke tells him no, threatens to use truth serum on him. St. John decides to head back to checkpoint 2. Locke and Nobokov manage to steal rifles from their guards, but Nobokov is wounded when he is hit with grenade shrapnel. Randolph injects the truth serum into the dying Nobokov. Jo finds the train in the tunnel and Mike homes in on the canister locks. Nobokov tells Randolph this was his last assignment and his goal was to kill Locke. Nobokov gives Randolph his half of the combination and Jenson tells Randolph, Airwolf is flying around the area. St. John gets out of Airwolf to try and rescue Locke. Randolph's men start firing at Airwolf and Airwolf fires back at the soldiers and kills them. St. John sneaks into the mountain and shoots Randolph dead and Locke takes Randolph's gun and shoots Jenson dead. Locke grabs Nobokov and he and St. John escape from the mountain as it explodes. Later, Locke and Nobokov make amends and say their goodbyes after Locke gives Nobokov an electric chess set.