Airwolf: Season 4 Episode 8 Code of Silence

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St. John and Jason Locke are on opposing sides during the trial of an Army pilot.

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Airwolf (1984-1987)


St. John Hawke - Barry Van Dyke

Mike Rivers - Geraint Wyn Davies

Jo Santini - Michele Scarabelli

Jason Locke - Anthony Sherwood

Captain Parkinson - Deborah Wakeham

General Lacey - Hagan Beggs

Colonel Coombs - John Calvin

Capt. Thompson - Dan Muldoon

Lt. Jennings - Max Reimer

Lidia - Lovie Eli

Gen. Danford - John Innes

Photographer - John Donald

Mendoza - Morris Panych

Brad Lacey - Patrick Bermel

Briggs - Roman Podhora

Waitress - Kymberly Sheppard

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Detailed Synopsis

Jalapa, Honduras, St. John and Jason Locke, in Airwolf are supporting Colonel Coombs and his team in their mission to rescue Reynolds, the ambassador to Colombia, who was kidnapped by guerrillas. Briggs contacts Coombs and tells him that the ambassador has been secured and is ready for extraction. While the operation is taking place, a combat Photographer records the mission. Airwolf successfully retrieves Reynolds and while the team is heading to the rally point, Coombs' helicopter is hit by small arms fire and he veers into Brad Lacey's helicopter which then crashes. The photographer is also shot and drops the camera into the jungle below. Back at C.O.M.B.A.T. headquarters, Coombs is brought up on charges of murder for the death of Lacey. He asks St. John to represent him during his court martial. St. John, Mike Rivers and Jo Santini go to Brad Lacey's funeral and afterwards, General Lacey asks St. John to defend Coombs. St. John meets Captain Parkinson, who is also part of Coombs defense team and they speak with Gen. Danford who introduces them to Locke, who will be prosecuting the case.

Later, St. John and Locke argue about the case. St. John and Parkinson go to Lydia's Bar to discuss their strategy. The Waitress gives them beer compliments of Lidia. Capt. Thompson and Lt. Jennings walk into the bar and order beer and Parkinson tells Thompson and Jennings that she wants them in her office on Sunday. Thompson tries to punch St. John, when St. John criticizes his behavior and is forced to leave the bar by Lidia. The trial begins and the Photographer is the first to take the stand and he testifies there was no reason for Coombs to crash into Lacey's helicopter. St. John asks Mike and Jo to recover the camera in the jungle. Thompson is the next to take the stand and he tells the court that Coombs' hard left maneuver was not standard operating procedure. Jennings is next up and he says that Coombs running into Lacey's helicopter seemed intentional. He then tells the court he and some others overheard Coombs and Lacey arguing over something and Coombs threatened to kill Lacey. Jo and Mike track down the camera in Airwolf and use a magnet to grab it as they come under fire. Parkinson admits to St. John that she thinks Coombs is guilty and he tells her, he thinks Coombs might be protecting Lacey.

They go to Lacey's living quarters and while searching it, Mendoza sneaks out of a closet, shoves Parkinson and runs out. St. John captures Mendoza and Mendoza is questioned. General Lacey is called as a witness by St. John. General Lacey tells the court that Coombs strives under pressure and says Lacey had his ups and downs, but was turning into a better person. Lidia tells St. John and Parkinson that Coombs was tough on his men, and that Thompson and Jennings believed it was their mission to remove those like Lacey from the ranks. Mike and Jo go over the video from the rescue, while St. John and Parkinson go back to Lacey's quarters. St. John notices the sink is stopped up even though the stopper is not plugged in. He removes a portion of the drain pipe and finds a Top Secret file with information on Operation: The Ring. As St. John and Parkinson are leaving, Locke pulls up and tells them Coombs has escaped in a helicopter. St. John and Mike get into Airwolf and chase after Coombs, who is heading towards Twentynine Palms Missile Range. St. John convinces Coombs to land after both of them narrowly avoid being blown up. Mike and Jo show St. John bullets embedded in Coombs' helicopter and St. John asks Mike to run them through ballistics. He shows the court the video with an enhancement that shows Coombs took fire from Thompson's helicopter while he was trying to protect Lacey. He then accuses Thompson and the rest of the team, except Coombs, of planning to kill Lacey when they found out he was a traitor. Thompson finally admits to it and the trial ends. St. John and Locke walk to get a beer and as they are walking, Coombs salutes St. John.