Airwolf: Season 4 Episode 9 Stavograd Part 1

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The crew of Airwolf enter Soviet airspace to try and help during a nuclear plant meltdown.

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Airwolf (1984-1987)


St. John Hawke - Barry Van Dyke

Mike Rivers - Geraint Wyn Davies

Jo Santini - Michele Scarabelli

Jason Locke - Anthony Sherwood

Alexandria Rostov - Sonja Smits

Arkov - Garwin Sanford

F.I.R.M. Official - William B. Davis

Commander Kirov - Lawrence Dane

Dr. Vladimir Bronski - Michael Constantine

Dimitrievich - Walter March

Uri Kolcheski - Peter Nicholas

Technician 1 - Patrick Bermel

Technician 2 - Bill Murdock

Kirov's Aide - Andrew Kavadas

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Detailed Synopsis

St. John, Jo Santini and Mike Rivers are test firing weapons in Airwolf as Jason Locke is monitoring them in the lair. Locke tells them NORAD has requested they check on a reading it picked up with high radiation. They fly there and pick up large amounts of radiation and Locke tells them the location matches Stavograd Nuclear Facility within the Taimyr region of the USSR. At Stavograd, Technician 1 tells Dr. Vladimir Bronski that all three reactors are offline, but the core temperature in reactor one is critical. Bronski asks Alexandria Rostov what the water levels are in the other two and she tells him the water pressure is starting to rise. Technician 2 urges Bronski to do something. He tells the Technicians to release some of the pressure and Rostov warns him, that may expose the core. Locke gives St. John the details on Stavograd. In Moscow, Dimitrievich is briefed on what is happening at Stavograd by Bronski. After the phone call ends, Dimitrievich shreds the letter Bronski sent, but he didn't read, warning of potential problems at Stavograd.

The pressure in reactor 1 increases to critical levels and St. John decides to head to Stavograd. Rostov tells Bronski a fire has broken out in reactor 1. Technician 2 tells Bronski the mitigation team has arrived. The mitigation teams tries to shut off the reactor, but end up releasing more nuclear radiation. Locke calls St. John and tells him to return to United States territory. Two MiG jets confront Airwolf and Uri Kolcheski orders the crew of Airwolf to land. After St. John refuses, Kolcheski starts firing on Airwolf, but St. John tells Rivers not to return fire. Dimitrievich orders Commander Kirov to find out why Airwolf wants to help. Kirov tells Kolcheski to allow Airwolf to land. Airwolf is brought into a hangar and the crew is met by Arkov. F.I.R.M. Official is briefed on the situation by Locke and angrily tells Locke to get Airwolf out. Rivers argues that they are there to help and Kirov suggests a Soviet pilot use Airwolf to fly into the reactor. Kolcheski offers to fly Airwolf, but Jo refuses.

Technician 2 tells Rostov that they must get the valve closed. Kirov brings the Airwolf crew to meet Rostov and asks where Bronski is. Bronski, who is in the clinic, watches as one of the mitigation team dies from radiation poisoning. He puts on a radiation suite and heads towards the reactors. Kirov's Aide stays behind while Kirov, Rostov and the Airwolf crew return to Airwolf. Jo is forced to stay behind as Rostov goes in her place. St. John updates Locke on the situation and Bronski starts to shut off one of the reactors. Kirov's Aide tells him, they picked up an unauthorized broadcast from Airwolf. Bronski is pushed over the railing by the water pressure and Technician 1 tells Kirov, pressure is increasing again. Rostov tells St. John the reactor is going into meltdown and they drop a harness to Bronski. The reactor explodes and Bronski is taken to the clinic. Arkov accuses St. John and Rivers of sending classified data. F.I.R.M. Official tells Locke, the F.I.R.M. is disavowing any knowledge of Airwolf. The crew of Airwolf is detained and Bronski returns to work. Bronski tells Kirov that reactor 1 is in meltdown and they have 24 hours before reactor 2 does the same. The Airwolf crew break out of the room they were put in and Rostov argues with Kirov that they need Airwolf's help. Kirov's Aide discover St. John, Jo and Mike gone and find them donating blood for the injured mitigation team members. They are detained once more and Kirov updates Dimitrievich on the deteriorating situation.