Albert (A Bay of Blood)

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Albert is a resident of Italy. His wife is Renata Donati and his children are Son and Daughter.

During the events of A Bay of Blood (1971) played by Luigi Pistilli

Albert and Renata are using binoculars to spy on Simon as he fishes and Paolo Fossati as he chases after an insect. Later, Renata and Albert leave their Son and Daughter in their camper while they drive to meet with Paolo and Anna Fossati. They park their car and go to speak with Anna and Paolo. Anna tells them that she doesn't believe Countessa Federica Donati committed suicide. Paolo tells them that Count Filippo Donati had his vices including women and gambling and had the idea to transform the Bay into a resort. They tell them about Simon, who is Federica's illegitimate son. Paolo shows them a quick path down to the Bay and they leave. Renata and Albert ask Simon about Filippo and Renata notices something squirming around on Simon's boat. She pulls back the canvas sheet and finds Filippo's body underneath with an octopus squirming around it. Renata starts to feel nauseous and Simon tells her and Albert about Frank Ventura's house nearby. They go inside Frank's house, and Renata tells Albert to get their vehicle while she stays in Frank's house. As Albert is running back to the house, he runs into Anna and tells her that they found Filippo's body. Albert gets into the car and Paolo asks if he has seen Anna. Albert parks the car and sees Paolo running out of Frank's house. Albert finds Renata and she tells him to kill Paolo. Paolo runs home and as he is calling the police, Albert strangles him to death with the phone cord. Albert finds Renata and she tells him that they only have to kill Simon and she gets the Bay. They see Simon carrying Filippo's body and then dumping it in the Bay. They see LauraL drive up and Renata tells Albert that they will have to kill Laura too. As Simon is walking to Frank's house, Albert impales him with a spear, killing him. Albert and Renata fish out Filippo's body from the Bay and then Albert finds the will in Frank's house. The lights go out and Frank attacks Albert. Albert kills Frank and he and Renata drive back to their camper. They celebrate successfully completing their plan and are shot dead by their Son.

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