Alice (The Anchoress)

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Alice is a resident of Shere, England.

During the events of Anchoress (1993) played by Ann Way

Christine Carpenter, Meg Carpenter, Pauline Carpenter, Ragged Martin's Wife, Mary and Alice dig a hole in the field and pour milk and honey into it. Bertha sees them doing it and runs away. Later, Meg and Alice call for Pauline and tell her that Daisy is about to have her baby. Pauline goes to help Daisy, but the baby dies in child birth. The Priest walks up and sees the baby is dead and then asks if it was baptized. Pauline shows him the baby and he turns his head away and calls it another soul condemned to Hell. William Carpenter tells the Priest, Daisy, Bertha, Alice, Mary, Priest's Boy and others that he saw Pauline consorting with a goat and at night she forces him to watch as she has sex with the Devil. The Priest tells the others that Pauline murders the unborn, which causes Daisy to leave. He then accuses Pauline of trying to push him into the river and calls her a witch. Bertha says that she saw Pauline curse the Bishop.