Alien: Resurrection (1997)

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A group of smugglers drop off kidnapped humans at a space station and with the help of a clone of Ripley must survive against Xenomorphs.


Horror, Monster

Science Fiction


Ripley - Sigourney Weaver

Call - Winona Ryder

Vriess - Dominique Pinon

Johner - Ron Perlman

Christie - Gary Dourdan

Elgyn - Michael Wincott

Hillard - Kim Flowers

General Perez - Dan Hedaya

Dr. Wren - J.E. Freeman

Gediman - Brad Dourif

Distephano - Raymond Cruz

Purvis - Leland Orser

Anesthesiologist - Carolyn Campbell

Scientist - Marlene Bush

Surgeon - David St. James

Soldier With Glove - Rodney Mitchell

Soldier Shot Through Helmet - Robert Faltisco

Frozen Soldier - David Rowe

Soldiers - Garrett House, Rod Damer, Mark Mansfield, Daniel Raymont, Chip Nuzzo

Voice of "Father" - Steven Gilborn

Sleepers - Robert Bastens, Rico Bueno, Alex Lorre, Ron Ramessar

Young Ripley - Nicole Fellows



Xenomorph Queen


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Detailed Synopsis

On board the USM Auriga medical research vessel, which is part of the United Systems Military, a capsule opens up reveling a Ripley clone. Later she is brought to a medical area where she is cut open by a Surgeon and a Xenomorph Queen is removed from her chest. Dr. Wren asks how Ripley is doing and the Anesthesiologist tells him she is doing fine. Gediman then tells the others including Scientist good job. Ripley is put into a secluded room with a viewing glass ceiling where she wakes up and feels the scar along her chest and sees the number 8 tattooed on her arm. Dr. Wren comes into the room after Gediman has given Ripley a medical check up and Gedimen tells him she is doing great. Ripley attacks Gediman and a Soldier shoots her in the head with a stun rifle. Scientist gives Ripley a test by showing her pictures and asking her to identify them. Watching the test are Gediman, Dr. Wren and General Perez. General Perez wants to destroy Ripley as he is afraid that she will try and destroy the Xenomorphs. They walk to a room and stare at the now grown Xenomorph Queen. While they are eating Gediman tells Ripley they created her by collecting blood samples from Fiorina.

The commercial freighter Betty arrives at the Auriga carrying kidnapped workers. The crew consists of Elgyn, Hillard, Christie, Call, Vriess, and Johner. When they arrive they are inspected for weapons by a Soldier With Glove. General Perez pays Elgyn and allows Elgyn and his crew to stay on board for a couple of days under the condition that none of the crew go into restricted areas and there is no fighting. Christie, Call and Vriess take their cargo of Sleepers and hand them over to a group of soldiers and Dr. Wren. Dr. Wren, Gediman and Scientist watch as the Sleepers wake up and are attacked by Facehuggers. Ripley is playing with a basketball when the crew except Elgyn walk into the gym. Johner demands the ball from Ripley and she eventually hits him in the groin with it. Hillard throws the ball at Ripley and she catches it with one hand. Christie grabs a barbell and hits Ripley in the face with it, but it doesn't faze Ripley and she hits him in the face with the basketball. Gediman monitors the status of the Xenomorphs and when one attacks the glass he is behind, he presses a button which produces a freezing blast to the xenomorph. The xenomorph gets ready to attack the glass again, but stops when it sees Gediman hold his hand above the button. Christie, Call and Johner are getting drunk watching a shopping show when Call spills their moonshine and she is told to leave. She sneaks into a restricted area where Ripley is being held and attempts to stab her, but Ripley wakes up. Call offers to kill Ripley when she finds out the queen was already removed from her, but Ripley tells her she doesn't want to die. Call walks out of Ripley's area and is immediately held at gunpoint by soldiers and Dr. Wren. A group of soldiers surround Elgyn and his crew and Call is accused of being a terrorist and Elgyn and his crew are condemned to be killed with her. Christie and Johner use hidden pistols to shoot the soldiers including Soldier Shot Through Helmet, leaving only Dr. Wren and Distephano alive. While Gediman is distracted calling security, two xenomorphs attack another one which causes its acid to burn through the floor.

Gediman walks into the room housing the xenomorphs and as he looks into the hole of the floor he is grabbed by a xenomorph and pulled below. In the galley, Call tells the rest of the crew that Dr. Wren is conducting illegal experiments when the ship's alarms go off. A Soldier walks into the room holding the xenomorphs that escaped and is frozen when a xenomorph pushes the button previously used to punish it. The Auriga is evacuated when the xenomorphs start freeing the others of their kind. General Perez is killed when a xenomorph sneaks behind him and kills him. Elgyn is killed when he goes to investigate a rifle left on the ground and when he grabs a pistol left on the ground a xenomorph rips open the grate below him and kills him. The rest of the crew are blocked from exiting by a xenomorph and run to a locked door. The xenomorph is killed when Ripley puts a rifle through the dead Elgyn and shoots it in the head. Ripley senses the Auriga is moving and Dr. Wren tells her it is automatically flying towards Earth. While they are trying to escape the ship, Ripley finds the room housing the failed clones. Housed in large test tubes are the failed clones numbers 1 though 6. Ripley walks up to a gurney and finds clone 7 still alive. The clone asks Ripley to kill it and she uses a flamethrower to set it and the lab on fire. They come to the room holding the Sleepers and find one of them, Purvis still alive. Ripley sniffs Purvis and tells the others he has a xenomorph inside of him. She tells Purvis how Elgyn's crew hijacked his ship and sold him and the other Sleepers to Dr. Wren.

The survivors come to an area where they have to swim. As they are swimming they spot a couple of xenomorphs following them and Hillard is grabbed and pulled away. They arrive in an area with a membrane covering their exit and when they break the membrane they realize the exit is surrounded by a group of Spores holding Facehuggers. Christie shoots a a grenade round into the room and destroys the spores. Dr. Wren asks for Call's weapon and when she gives it to him, he shoots her. Call falls into the water and Dr. Wren opens a door and leaves the others behind. The xenomorph that was chasing them shoots acid into Christie's face and Christie sacrifices himself to save Vriess, after Johner shoots it in the head. The door Dr. Wren left in opens and Call is standing behind it. Call is revealed to be a second generation android, built by other androids. Call patches into the ship's computer and sets it to crash. As they are getting close to the Betty, Ripley is brought to the queen. The survivors get to the Betty, but Purvis is shot by Dr. Wren who was waiting on board. Purvis charges at Dr. Wren and then presses his body against Dr. Wren's while the xenomorph inside of his chest erupts and impales Dr. Wren through the head. Before the newborn xenomorph can escape, Call, Johner and Distephano shoot it dead. Gediman tells Ripley that the new Queen, due to cloning, has developed a womb. The Newborn erupts from the queen and then kills it and Gediman. Ripley runs away and barely makes it onto the Betty before it takes off. She takes over flying the ship, but before they take off they have to fix the hatch. Distephano is killed when he goes to help Call and the Newborn crushes his head. Ripley kills the Newborn by cutting her hand and throwing it at a window behind the Newborn. The Newborn stares sadly at Ripley and then is sucked out of the ship. The Auriga crash lands and explodes and the Betty crash lands on Earth. Ripley, Call, Vriess, and Johner leave the ship and stare at a post-apocalyptic Earth.