Alien 3 (1992)

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Ripley must face a Xenomorph once again as she crash lands on the prison colony on Fiorina "Fury" 161.


Horror, Monster

Science Fiction


Ripley - Sigourney Weaver

Dillon - Charles S. Dutton

Clemens - Charles Dance

Golic - Paul McGann

Andrews - Brian Glover

Aaron - Ralph Brown

Morse - Danny Webb

Rains - Christopher John Fields

Junior - Holt McCallany

Bishop II - Lance Henriksen

Murphy - Chris Fairbank

Frank - Carl Chase

Boggs - Leon Herbert

Jude - Vincenzo Nicoli

David - Pete Postlethwaite

Troy - Paul Brennen

William - Clive Mantle

Gregor - Peter Guinness

Arthur - Dhobi Oparei

Kevin - Philip Davis

Eric - Niall Buggy

Company Man - Hi Ching

Newt - Danielle Edmond


Weyland-Yutani Security



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Detailed Synopsis

A fire starts in a cryo pod in the Sulaco causing an automatic jettison of the emergency escape vehicle with the cryotubes holding Ripley, Corporal Hicks, Newt and Bishop. The cryotubes crash land on Fiorina 161 nicknamed Fury, an outer-veil mineral ore refinery and double Y chromosome work correctional facility owned by Weyland-Yutani. The colony physician, Clemens is walking along the beach when he spots the partially submerged escape pod and Ripley lying on the beach unconscious. He carries her back to the colony and Clemens tells Rains, Arthur and Golic to go and check if there are any other survivors. Andrews, the prison superintendent sends a message to Weyland-Yutani reporting the downed EEV and survivor and requesting an immediate evacuation of Ripley. Frank looks through the escape vehicle and finds the remains of Hicks and Newt. Frank and the other prisoners use oxen to pull the EEV into the facility. Andrews holds a meeting with the prisoners where Dillon makes a prayer and then Andrews gives information on the crash and its survivor. Andrews tells Clemens and Aaron, Ripley is not to leave the infirmary until the rescue team arrives in a week.

Ripley wakes up and Clemens tells her about her crash landing, the death of the others and that she should shave her head to avoid lice. Ripley goes to inspect the EEV and sees the obvious signs of Xenomorph acid blood melting on the metal. She goes to the morgue with Clemens and Kevin and has Clemens do another autopsy on Newt which confirms she died from drowning and not from a Facehugger. Murphy and Frank bring an oxen that suddenly died to be slaughtered later and Murphy finds the remains of a Facehugger. The bodies of Newt and Hicks are then burned in the crematorium as an immature Xenomorph erupts from the oxen. In the cafeteria, Dillon approaches Rains and Boggs who tell him that they can't stand the way Golic smells and that he is crazy and they say they aren't going to go out with him to do maintenance anymore, but Dillon tells them they have to take Golic. Clemens tells Ripley the facility was going to be shut down however the prisoners wanted to stay and they were allowed to as a custodial group. Murphy is cleaning a tunnel when he finds the discarded skin of a xenomorph. He thinks he sees his dog named Spike in a hole and when he goes to look he is surprised by the xenomorph which attacks him and he falls into the venting fan blades, dicing him. Clemens tells Ripley he found a mark near the remains of Murphy that matches the one on Newt's cryo tube. Rains, Boggs and Golic are sent to light candles in the tunnels in memoriam to Murphy. Andrews questions Clemens on who Ripley is and if he has learned anything about her. Ripley goes to the EEV to get the remains of Bishop and as she is leaving she is confronted by Junior, Arthur, Gregor and another inmate. Junior attempts to rape Ripley, but Dillon arrives and beats the prisoners with a metal rod.

While Rains, Boggs and Golic are lighting candles, Rains notices that the candles in the distance are flickering. He goes back to relight the candles and is attacked and killed by the xenomorph. Boggs and Golic run away and Boggs is killed by the xenomorph, covering Golic in blood. Ripley plugs Bishop into the hard drive of the EEV and he tells her there was another life form in the EEV with them and the company knows about the xenomorph. He then asks her to shut him off and destroy him. Eric walks into the cafeteria and finds Golic eating soup covered in the blood of Boggs. Golic is brought into the infirmary by Andrews, Aaron, Clemens and Dillon and he tells them Boggs and Rains were killed by a dragon. Ripley has a meeting with Andrews and tells him about the xenomorph, but he doesn't believe her and he tells her she is confined to the infirmary. In the infirmary Clemens tells Ripley about his past and that he was imprisoned and had his medical license reduced when he became addicted to morphine and killed eleven prisoners. Clemens is then suddenly grabbed and killed by the xenomorph. The xenomorph crawls up to Ripley and smells her and then leaves with Clemens' body. Ripley runs into the cafeteria and warns them that the xenomorph is coming and Andrews is pulled into the ceiling vent by the xenomorph and killed. The survivors hold a meeting and it is decided to flush out the xenomorph and trap it in a nuclear waste disposal room.

A group of prisoners spread a highly flammable liquid around the tunnels while another group looks for working batteries. Frank is climbing a ladder when he drops his flare, he picks it up and is then attacked and killed by the xenomorph, and he drops the flare. The flare hits the ground and starts a fire which sets the liquid on fire, burning a large amount of the prisoners. Junior is cornered by the xenomorph and he runs into the nuclear waste disposal room to help trap the xenomorph and he is killed by it and Ripley shuts the door. Golic is being watched by Morse when he convinces him to undo his straight jacket straps. Golic knocks Morse unconscious and goes to where the xenomorph is being held. Ripley and Aaron message Weyland-Yutani that they have the xenomorph trapped and ask if they can kill it and they are told not to kill it. Golic slashes the throat of Arthur who is guarding the room and opens the door and is killed by the now free xenomorph. Ripley tells Dillon they have to try and kill the xenomorph so the company can't take it back. Morse runs and tells Dillon that Golic escaped and they find the remains of Arthur and Golic. Ripley returns to the EEV and after performing a medical scan with the help of Aaron figures out she has a Xenomorph Queen in her chest. The prisoners decide to try and stay safe in the furnace area. Ripley goes to the xenomorph to try and get it to kill her but it runs away from her. Ripley tells Dillon she has a xenomorph inside of her but it wont attack her. She asks Dillon to kill her, but he refuses and tells her to kill herself if she wants to die. The prisoners have a meeting again and debate waiting for the rescue group or trying to kill the xenomorph. They come up with the idea to use themselves as bait to trap the xenomorph inside the lead works and then melt it.

Kevin finds the xenomorph eating a prisoner named Vincent and manages to trap it behind one sets of doors. Jude is next to trap the xenomorph behind a series of doors. David barely manages to close shut the door as the xenomorph is chasing him as it closes very slowly. Troy is killed when he walks almost directly into the xenomorph. David is killed when the xenomorph circles around to his tunnel. The rescue team arrives and makes its way towards the facility. Kevin is injured when the xenomorph surprises him by climbing on the ceiling. Dillon manages to pull him from the xenomorph, but Kevin dies of blood loss. Eric starts the furnace early and Ripley runs into the tunnels to try and find the xenomorph, running into the corpses of Eric and William on her way. Jude almost makes it to the furnace, but is grabbed and killed by the xenomorph. The rescue team arrives and the Company Man asks Aaron where Ripley is. Morse and Gregor run into each other and then, Gregor is grabbed and eaten by the xenomorph. Dillon finds Ripley fighting the xenomorph with a torch and the two of them run back to the furnace. Morse shuts the final door and the xenomorph is trapped in the furnace with Ripley and Dillon. Dillon stays behind to keep the xenomorph inside the furnace while Ripley climbs out. Dillon dies fighting the xenomorph. Morse pours the hot lead covering the xenomorph. The xenomorph jumps out and Ripley turns on the sprinkler system causing the xenomorph to shatter into pieces. The rescue team get to Ripley's location and Bishop II tells Ripley he is not an android, but the designer of Bishop. He tells her that they only want to remove the xenomorph from her and then kill it. Ripley refuses to go with him and a Weyland-Yutani Security troop shoots Morse in the leg as he and Ripley pull away on a platform. Aaron strikes Bishop II in the head and is shot and killed by a Security Troop. Bishop II is revealed to bleed blood and he pleads with Ripley to come back, but she takes a plunge into the hot lead. Morse is taken away by the rescue team and the facility on Fiorina 161 is closed and the material sold for scrap.