Alien Predators (1987)

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Three friends on an RV trip across Europe come across a town infected with a spreading alien menace.


Horror, Monster

Science Fiction


Damon - Dennis Christopher

Michael - Martin Hewitt

Samantha - Lynn-Holly Johnson

Dr. Tracer - Luis Prendes

Capt. J.J. Wells - J.O. Bosso

Mr. Bodi - Yousaf Bokhari

Mrs. Bodi - Yolanda Palomo

Baby Bodi - Christina Augustin

Waitress - Christina San Juan

Man in Store - Pablo Garcia

Gas Station Attendant - Carlos Ramirez

Alien Predators

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Detailed Synopsis

"May 14, 1973, NASA launched the Skylab Space Station into orbit around Earth. Objective: To perform a series of highly classified experiments that could not take place on Earth. July 11, 1979, Skylab's orbit decays and re-enters Earth's atmosphere."

In Duarte, Spain, Skylab crashes into the earth. A NASA helicopter lands nearby and four people in protective suits get off and start walking towards the wreckage. Five years later, a bull is walking in town when it starts bleeding from the mouth. A ripping noise erupts and then a monstrous scream. Damon, Michael and Samantha are driving their RV in Spain. Michael, who is driving, starts to fall asleep and Damon asks him to pull over. At the location of the dead bull, wild dogs are eating the carcass, but are scared away when they hear a growl. One of the dogs goes back to eat and is pulled into the carcass. Michael almost runs into the bull carcass and has to swerve out of the way. He goes out to see if he hit anything and hears a noise and then is scared when Damon touches his shoulder. They both hear the weird noise and run back into the RV. They drive into Duarte and suddenly a beer bottle is thrown onto their windshield. They pull over and park in a camping spot. The next day they meet the family also parked at the camping spot, Mr. Bodi, Mrs. Bodi and Baby Bodi and Mr. Bodi tells them they were going to leave yesterday but had a case of diarrhea.

Damon, Michael and Samantha go into town to get something to eat. At the Cafeteria Bar Dandy, Dr. Tracer meets with Capt. J.J. Wells. Capt. Wells blames Dr. Tracer for what has happened and then they leave. Michael and Samantha go into Cafe Dandy while Damon looks for parts to fix up the RV. Capt. Wells takes Dr. Tracer to the Motel Duarte where he shows him the body of Lieutenant Gray Green who has a giant mass growing from his neck. As Dr. Tracer is feeling the mass it starts to shake. He cuts the mass open with a scalpel and something inside squirts out blood at Capt. Wells. At the Cafe Dandy, the Waitress sticks her hands in the glasses of water as she hands them to Samantha and Michael. Damon arrives and tells them that he went to a store but it was closed. As he was standing outside he noticed a man inside staring at him. A tire iron nearly hit him, but shattered the glass in front of him and Damon watched as the guy inside pulled out a piece of glass from his face. The Waitress returns and leaves their check with indecipherable doodles on it and bleeds from her nose onto the check. They leave the cafe and as they are walking to their dune buggy, a large truck almost runs over Samantha. Dr. Tracer takes Capt. Wells to the NASA Research Center where they find it empty. They take the elevator into level 5. They walk into a lab and Capt. Wells finds canisters from Skylab and Dr. Tracer tells him they found living microbes in the samples taken from the moon during the Apollo 14 mission. They then tried to study the microbes on Skylab including lab experiments on animals. Capt. Wells understands he is infected like Lt. Green and shoots himself in the head. He reflexively fires another shot which damages the lab. As Dr. Tracer leaves, a ripping noise comes from Capt. Wells' body.

Damon makes a crude comment to Samantha and she leaves in the dune buggy to go grocery shopping in town. As she is driving, Dr. Tracer honks at her and tells her she is in grave danger, but she drives away. Another vehicle runs into the back of Dr. Tracer's vehicle pushing it into a stone wall. While Samantha is shopping she is scared by Man in Store who tries to touch her. She goes outside and the large truck blocks her path and the Man in Store grabs her. Samantha manages to get away as the large truck crushes Man in Store and she runs away. Dr. Tracer pulls a gun on Samantha and they drive away. Michael and Damon are listening to their radio when they overhear Dr. Tracer and Samantha talking. Damon goes to talk to Mr. Bodi and finds their camper full of blood. Michael goes to the camper and sees Mr. Bodi with his face exploded from the inside. Dr. Tracer makes Samantha stop at the Motel Duarte and Damon fixes the RV. Dr. Tracer contacts NASA and tells them there is a Red Alpha Alert. Samantha sneaks away from Dr. Tracer and goes into the room where Lt. Green's body was. A creature crawls out of the body and she runs back out. Damon and Michael arrive and they meet up with Samantha and Dr. Tracer who shows them how the residents are blockading the only way out of Duarte. He then tells them that the Alien Predators use their hosts to change their DNA and those infected only have 48 hours before the Alien Predators erupt from them. He then tells them that they need a canister from Skylab to make an antidote.

They bust into a building and Michael agrees to get the canister from the research center. He leaves in the dune buggy and is followed by the car that crashed into Dr. Tracer. Michael goes inside of the research center and finds the body of Capt. Wells with its face missing. A creature pops out and he hits it with the flashlight. Michael grabs a canister and then leaves as the self destruct mechanism initiates. The research center explodes as Michael drives away. Somewhere in the Atlantic a couple of F-14's are launched from an aircraft carrier. As Michael is driving back he meets the car that chased him in the town square. They chase after each other until the other vehicle crashes and explodes. Michael gives Dr. Tracer the canister who then creates a serum which he injects into Michael, Samantha and Damon. They hear the jets fly overhead and Samantha notices Dr. Tracer bleeding from his nose. Dr. Tracer runs away, but Damon convinces him to come back, but he is run over by the large truck. They all leave in the RV and are followed by the large truck. Damon uses a rifle to shoot the tire of the large truck which explodes as it was carrying fuel. They leave the town just as the jets fly overhead and napalm it. They stop at a gas station and speak to Gas Station Attendant. As he is cleaning the windshield of the RV, he starts to spit up blood. His head explodes and an Alien Predator flies onto the windshield. They knock it off with the windshield wipers and then drive off. As they drive to Madrid, Damon starts to bleed from his nose.