Alien Rising (2013)

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A former DEA Agent is kidnapped and forced to participate in a secret military experiment to control aliens.


Science Fiction


Colonel Stephen Cencula - Lance Henriksen

Lisa Morgan - Amy Hathaway

Manning - John Savage

Plummer - Brian Krause

Dr. Bainbridge - Dave Vescio

Burch - Anthony Vitale

General Tabor - Art Evans

Peter Donovan - James MacPherson

Dr. Templeton - Andy Gates

Lab Technician - Tamzin Brown

Comatose Woman - Cortney Palm

SPC Keanu Reeves - Michael Teh

Murray - Nicolas Porcelli

Black Ball Soldier 4 - James Binaski

Grease Pan Annie - Tara Cardinal

Military Guard - Michael Doherty

Black Ball Soldier 2 - Walter L. Whitfield

Slash - Nunzio Fazio

U.S. Marine Soldier - Shaun Fletcher

Black Ball Soldier 3 - Jim Ford

Hutch - David Hutchison

Roco Ray - La Rochelle

Black Ball Soldier - Sweet P.

BFG Gunner - John Rogers

Comatose Man - Scott Schaffer

Military Guard - Ryan Stockstad

Ty Phillip - Marshall Tyler

U.S. Marine Soldier - Daniel Van Thomas

Yemen Leader - Antonio Badrani

Dustin - Steve Goldenberg

Helicopter Gunner - Mike Lischke

Black Ball Soldier - Niklas Reed Middleton

Lab Technician - Angel Nimi

Maxwell Connors Astronaut - Daniel Pfander

Blackball Squad Leader - Tim Sander

Blackball Soldiers - Andreas Schaap, Dawid Szatarski, Fabian Winkelmann, Eskinder Tesfay

Small Alien

Large Alien

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Detailed Synopsis

Lisa Morgan asks if the viewer has ever wondered if they were alone in the universe. She talks of a spacecraft that was seen orbiting Neptune in 2002. A top secret mission named AP4 was then launched to intercept the spacecraft.

Maxwell Connors Astronaut lands on the spacecraft and enters it. As he is exploring the spacecraft, he sees an alien floating towards him.

Miami 2015, Lisa is on a case with Manning. Slash and Peter Donovan arrive with a suitcase full of money and a bomb. Rocco Ray trades the money and bio weapon for drugs with Dustin. Lisa and Manning approach the dealers and Lisa orders them to freeze, but finds Manning already held at gunpoint. Lisa suddenly has flashbacks, including to when she was young playing with her sister. Manning pulls out a hidden gun and then shoots the dynamite, causing a large explosion as Lisa jumps away. One year later, Lisa is the owner of the Ballet Academy. Murray arrives to pick up his daughter and tells Lisa not to bullshit his daughter and tell her she is good or could ever become a ballerina. Lisa then turns the music up and kicks the mirror, and Murray leaves with his daughter after calling her crazy. Plummer walks in followed by Burch. Plummer tells Lisa she needs to come with them as a matter of national security. Lisa refuses and Burch tasers her in the back of the neck. Lisa is flown to a military research facility on an island. They stop at a base and Plummer punches Lisa. A group of Marines then attack her and Burch goes into a tent to get Colonel Stephen Cencula. Hutch is next in line to fight Lisa and is egged on by Black Ball Soldier 2 and Ty Phillip. Colonel Cencula, Burch and Dr. Bainbridge come over to watch. Lisa puts in some headphones and listens to music and then beats Hutch and the others up including Black Ball Soldier 4 and Plummer. Colonel Cencula tells her she passed the test and welcomes her to the Gemini Project.

He talks to her about twins and then reads Lisa, her family history. Cencula then tells Lisa, her sister didn't die in prison, but was also a part of the Gemini Project until she died in an accident. Plummer and Bainbridge take Lisa to the underground facility. As they leave the elevator, they pass Dr. Templeton. Dr. Templeton walks up to Lab Technician 2 and then Lab Technician who tells him the alien is looking a little irregular. As Lisa is sneaking around she sees Dr. Bainbridge staring at a Comatose Woman, groping her. As she is leaving, she runs into a Comatose Man on a gurney. Someone grabs her and after a quick fight, he reveals himself to be Manning. They go back to her room and he tells her how he woke up at the research facility being worked on by medical people. Before leaving, Manning gives Lisa some pills to take to avoid nightmares. In the morning, Colonel Cencula and Dr. Bainbridge brief Lisa on the project. He shows her a video of the Large Alien he calls Spike attacking and killing a researcher and notes how one alien felt the pain of another hundreds of miles apart from each other. A security alert goes off and Dr. Templeton tells Colonel Cencula that the smaller alien almost regained consciousness. Lisa then goes up to the containment glass and stares at the Small Alien. She puts her finger to the glass, and the Small Alien mimics her with its own finger. They both then draw points on the glass for the Southern Cross constellation. Afterwards, Lisa collapses and Plummer takes her to her quarters.

Plummer tells her that Manning thinks the Small Alien created the Large Alien and uses the Large Alien to explore worlds while it sees through the Large Alien. Manning walks into the room and reminds Lisa about the time they had sex in Puerto Rico, but Lisa tells him it was a mistake. In Washington D.C., General Tabor has a video conference call with Colonel Cencula asking about the status of the project. Cencula tells Tabor they are on schedule and Tabor tells him he has two weeks to complete the project. The next morning Lisa undergoes a series of tests and Dr. Templeton tests her blood. As time passes Lisa realizes the blue liquid heightens her psychic powers if she is near it. Lab Technician asks Dr. Templeton if he has seen sample 247 and he tells her he had to destroy it. General Tabor video chats with Cencula again and afterwards Cencula tells Hutch there is a mole in the group. Lisa visits her sister's grave on the island and Plummer hugs her and they then have sex. Manning walks to his balcony and watches with binoculars before shedding a tear.

Burch walks into the lab and tells Lab Technician and Lab Technician 2, Cencula has asked for a meeting. As Dr. Templeton gets up to go, Burch tells him to stay to watch the lab. Hutch and Ty Phillip walk into the lab with Dr. Bainbridge who accuses Dr. Templeton of selling materials on the black market. He is injected with the blue substance and they leave. Lisa wakes up and notices she is bleeding from her nose and she has a headache. She goes into the lab and tells the Small Alien to get out of her head and leave her alone. Cencula, Manning and Dr. Bainbridge enter the lab and Cencula demands the Small Alien follow his orders. Cencula has a researcher patch him in to the Large Alien and video conferences with various people. Manning commands Dr. Templeton to move around and enter the enclosure of the Large Alien which quickly rips apart Dr. Templeton. Cencula holds a bidding for the blue substance and Mr. Bok wins the bid after beating Yemen Leader. Cencula and the men then celebrate the money they will soon have and the others leave while Cencula stays behind. He tells Lisa to come out of hiding and she calls him a traitor. Cencula tells her that Dr. Templeton killed Lisa's sister by giving her an overdose and he plans on killing the Large Alien so no one can have it.

Dr. Bainbridge confronts Cencula and Cencula tells him he better start packing his bags. Cencula asks Manning where the thumb drive is with the codes and in her room, Lisa pulls the thumb drive out and looks at it. Cencula orders a red alert to find Lisa and Burch calls General Tabor and tells him he needs to get to the island and Cencula has put Project Gemini at risk. Manning goes into Lisa's room with a gun and she knocks him unconscious. She hops into the back of a vehicle being driven by U.S. Marine Soldier and then jumps out when it stops. U.S. Marine Soldier 2 is guarding an area while SPC Keanu Reeves is peeing and Grease Pan Annie is working on a Humvee when Lisa arrives and she knocks all of them unconscious. General Tabor calls Cencula once more and tells him he is leaving to have Cencula arrested. Lisa continues to flee as a Helicopter Gunner shoots at her. She sleeps in the jungle and wakes up to a voice calling her name. The same voice warns her about a landmine field. She collects a few landmines and puts them in her backpack. Burch tells Cencula a landmine was activated in Sector 7. Plummer runs to Lisa and asks her to come back with him and she soon realizes he is being controlled by Manning. Cencula orders Manning to get him the codes and Burch orders Cencula to stand down. Burch is then shot by Hutch and Ty Phillip. Plummer fights to regain control of himself and grabs Lisa's rifle and shoots himself in the neck and Cencula shoots Manning in the head. Cencula then activates Evacuation Code 5 and frees the Large Alien.

Dr. Bainbridge is grabbed and forced to link with the Large Alien. The Large Alien runs towards Lisa and then protects her from a rock fall. Cencula goes to the Small Alien and sets a self destruct for the base. Lisa and the Large Alien get out of the rock fall and she understands that the Small Alien wants her to set it free. Blackball Squad Leader leads a group of Blackball Soldiers to guard the perimeter. Lisa plays her music over the PA system and the Small Alien uses its mind powers to hurt Cencula and his troops. Blackball Squad Leader sees the Large Alien and orders his troops to fire. The Large Alien falls down from the gunfire, but Lisa throws her backpack full of landmines near the Blackball Squad Leader and his troops and shoots it, causing the landmines to explode and knocking the Blackball Squad Leader and his troops to the ground. She then throws a grenade at them killing most of them, before the Blackball Squad Leader is killed by the Large Alien. The Helicopter Pilot tells General Tabor they are two hours away from the research facility. The Large Alien continues into the research facility, killing Black Ball Soldier 3. Lisa makes it to the lab and points her pistol at Cencula who points his at her. Cencula tells her to give him the codes and refuses to free the Small Alien due to the fear that politicians will use it to control the populace. Lisa shoots the gas used against the Small Alien and the Large Alien breaks into the lab and kills Cencula. The Small Alien tells Lisa to run and she leaves the base as it self destructs. General Tabor arrives and Lisa tells him everyone is dead and the Small Alien and Large Alien are gone. They take off in the helicopter and Dr. Bainbridge rides in a canoe with the Comatose Woman. The Alien spaceship then takes off and Lisa feels a permanent connection with the Aliens.