An American Werewolf in London (1981)

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An American is attacked by a werewolf in England and starts to change as he loses his sanity.


Horror, Comedy


Truck Driver - Joe Belcher

David Kessler - David Naughton

Jack Goodman - Griffin Dunne

Dart Player - David Schofield

Chess Player - Brian Glover

Barmaid - Lila Kaye

2nd Chess Player - Rik Mayall

2nd Dart Player - Sean Baker

First Werewolf - Paddy Ryan

Alex Price - Jenny Agutter

Nurse Gallagher - Anne-Marie Davies

Doctor Hirsch - John Woodvine

Mr. Collins - Frank Oz

Inspector Villiers - Don McKillop

Sergeant McManus - Paul Kember

Benjamin - Colin Fernandes

Hospital Porter - Albert Moses

Kermit the Frog

Miss Piggy

Rachel Kessler - Michele Brisigotti

Max Kessler - Mark Fisher

Mr. Kessler - Gordon Sterne

Mrs. Kessler - Paula Jacobs

Creepy Little Girls - Claudine Bowyer, Johanna Crayden

Naughty Nina - Nina Carter

Harry Berman - Geoffrey Burridge

Judith Browns - Brenda Cavendish

Sean - Christopher Scoular

Sean's Wife - Mary Tempest

Sister Hobbs - Cynthia Powell

Alf - Sydney Bromley

Ted - Frank Singuineau

Joseph - Will Leighton

Gerald Bringsley - Michael Carter

Woman in Zoo - Elizabeth Bradley

Little Boy with Balloons - Rufus Deakin

Little Boy's Mother - Lesley Ward

News-vendor - George Hilsdon

Man in Bus Queue - Gerry Lewis

2nd Man in Bus Queue - Dennis Fraser

Taxi Driver - Alan Ford

Bobby in Trafalgar Square - Peter Ellis

Girl in Trafalgar Square - Denise Stephens

Ticket Lady - Christine Hargreaves

"See You Next Wednesday" Cast

Brenda Bristols - Linzi Drew

Lance Boyle - Lucienne Morgan

Chris Bailey - Gypsy Dave Cooper

Georgie Bailey - Susan Spencer

Usher - Bob Babenia

Bobbies at Cinema - Ken Sicklen and John Salthouse

Assorted Police - John Altman, Keith Hodiak, John Owens, Roger Rowland


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Detailed Synopsis

David Kessler and Jack Goodman are dropped off after getting a ride from Truck Driver. After they thank him, he warns them to stay on the roads and off the moors. As they head towards East Proctor, Jack expresses his hope to sleep with Debbie Kline. They stop at the Slaughtered Lamb pub and as they enter it, everyone in the pub stops to stare at them including the Dart Player, 2nd Dart Player, Chess Player and 2nd Chess Player. David and Jack ask if they can come in and then sit down when the Barmaid nods her head yes. Jack points out a pentagram painted on the wall surrounded with candles. David jokes that maybe the owner of the pub is from Texas and when the Barmaid comes back, Jack remarks remember the Alamo. The Chess Player tells a joke about a plane that is low on fuel full of people from the United Nations. Jack asks why the star on the wall is there and the room gets quiet. The Dart Player tells Jack and David that they made him miss the board, which has never happened before and David tells Jack they should leave. The Barmaid tells the others in the bar they can't let David and Jack go out. As they are leaving, the Barmaid tells the others again that they can't let them go and the Dart Player tells them to stay on the road and to stay out of the moors. The Chess Player then warns them about the moon.

After David and Jack leave, the Barmaid again pleads to the others that they can't let them go and the Chess Player says it is in God's hands now. David and Jack walk off the path as the full moon shines overhead and it starts to rain. The Barmaid tells the others they could have warned David and Jack, but the Dart Player tells her they would have just thought they were crazy. Suddenly something howls and the Barmaid again says they should help David and Jack. David and Jack hear the howling and start to walk back towards the Slaughtered Lamb. They keep on hearing the howling as it starts to circle them. David trips and as Jack is standing next to him, he is attacked by the First Werewolf. David starts to run away, but eventually goes back to help Jack, and finds him dead. David is then attacked by the First Werewolf, but is saved when the villagers from the pub, shoot and kill the First Werewolf, which changes back to a human form as it dies.

David wakes up in the hospital in London and calls out Jack's name. Nurse Gallagher walks into his room and asks Alex Price how he is doing and then comments on David's genitals as Doctor Hirsch walks into the room. Doctor Hirsch advises Nurse Gallagher to go along with her business and then tells Alex the same after asking her what David said. Doctor Hirsch tells her, Jack was the other American and tells her Jack and David were attacked by an escaped lunatic according to the police. David is having a dream of running through the woods when he is woken up by Doctor Hirsch who is with Mr. Collins. Dr. Hirsch tells David that Jack is dead and Mr. Collins tells David that both his and Jack's parents have been notified of what happened. David demands to see Jack and after Alex gives David a sedative, Mr. Collins complains to Dr. Hirsch how the youth of today don't appreciate anything. David tells Dr. Hirsch and Alex that it wasn't a lunatic that attacked him and Jack, but an animal. Inspector Villiers and Sergeant McManus enter Dr. Hirsch's office. They ask him what David may have told him and Dr. Hirsch brings them to speak with David. David tells them he and Jack weren't attacked by a man, which at first Sergeant McManus agrees with him as being unlikely. Inspector Villiers tells David they have the autopsy report and two witnesses which disagree with him and tells him the case is closed. David tells Dr. Hirsch the witnesses can't be right as it was dark and no one could have seen what happened. David has a dream where he is running in the woods and then kills and eats a deer.

Alex checks up on Benjamin who is in the children's ward of the hospital. Alex asks the Hospital Porter how David looked, but he tells her, he doesn't know and his job is just to push things around. Alex walks into David's room and forces him to eat some food. David has another dream, this time of running in the woods and then finding himself in a hospital bed. He tells Dr. Hirsch he is having bad dreams and again tells him that he was attacked by a wolf or dog. David wakes up to Alex sitting in a chair reading a book and he tells her, he thinks she is beautiful. She then reads to him from A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court. David has a dream of Rachel Kessler and Max Kessler watching Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy on the television while he is doing homework, Mr. Kessler reads the newspaper and Mrs. Kessler is in the kitchen. There is a knock at the door and when Mr. Kessler answers the door, he is shot and killed by werewolves in military uniforms. The werewolves kill the rest of the family and then slit his throat. He thinks he wakes up, but dreams Alex is stabbed to death by a werewolf. The Hospital Porter wakes up David by bringing him food. Jack appears to David and tells him they were attacked by a werewolf and he now walks the world in limbo until the last remaining werewolf is killed, which is David. Jack then tells David to kill himself. Alex runs into the room and David tells her, he is a werewolf and he saw Jack. Alex invites David to stay with her and takes him to her apartment. She shows him around the apartment and then they have sex. David is visited by a more decayed looking Jack who reminds him tomorrow is the full moon and he will change into a werewolf and that he needs to kill himself. Alex wakes up and asks David if he is all right and he asks if he seems crazy to her.

Dr. Hirsch drives to East Proctor and goes to the Slaughtered Lamb. He orders a Guinness and then brings up the attack on David and Jack. Everyone in the pub acts like they don't know what he is talking about. Dr. Hirsch asks about the pentagram and then offers to play a chess game with Chess Player, who refuses to play with him. Dart Player leaves the pub and when Dr. Hirsch asks for food, the Barmaid tells them they have no food and the Chess Player tells him their is nothing in the pub for him. As Dr. Hirsch is about to get into his car, he sees the Dart Player staring at him. The Dart Player tells Dr. Hirsch that others will be killed during the full moon when David changes. The Chess Player walks outside and yells at the Dart Players who then runs away. Alex goes to work as David stays at her apartment. As David is outside, two Creepy Little Girls laugh at him while their dog barks at him. He goes into the apartment and turns on the television and sees an advertisement for a program about Naughty Nina. David tries to figure out something to do, but becomes restless. As the full moon rises, he starts to change into a werewolf.

Harry Berman and Judith Browns arrive in a taxi at their friend's apartment. Harry suggests they go to the back to scare Sean and as they are walking, they are attacked and killed by David. Sean's Wife tells Sean there is something going on outside. Dr. Hirsch returns to the hospital and asks if Alex is on duty and Sister Hobbs tells him she is. He then asks if Alex has seen David. He asks where David is at and she tells him, David is staying at her place. Sean goes looking to see what the noise was and steps in the remains of Harry. Dr. Hirsch calls Alex's home phone number, but no one answers and he tells her David isn't at her place. Dr. Hirsch asks Alex about David and tells her about his trip to East Proctor. Alf, Ted and Joseph are trying to keep warm in the cold when Alf's dog Winston starts to bark. Winston runs off and they are attacked and killed by David. Gerald Bringsley gets off of the underground subway and hears a noise. He accuses someone of playing a prank and threatens to notify the police. He sees David and starts to run away but falls down on the escalator and is killed by David.

The next morning, David wakes up at the zoo in the wolf enclosure. He almost runs into a Woman in Zoo and apologizes to her. He steals balloons from a Little Boy with Balloons, who then tells Little Boy's Mother that a naked American man stole his balloons. Dr. Hirsch buys a newspaper from a News-vendor when he sees a headline about murder victims being half-eaten. David steals a woman's coat and then goes to take a bus, where he is stared at by Man in Bus Queue and 2nd Man in Bus Queue. David makes it back to Alex's apartment and Alex asks him where he has been and he tells her, he woke up in the zoo. The phone rings and Dr. Hirsch asks Alex to bring David to the hospital. They get into a taxi, but get out when the Taxi Driver tells them about the murders last night. David tells Alex that he is going to the police. He walks up to Bobby in Trafalgar Square and tells him he is the murderer. The Bobby in Trafalgar Square tells him to move along and David starts calling him names and slurs against the British crown and Winston Churchill. David continues to yells obscenities to try and get arrested, but the Bobby in Trafalgar Square refuses to arrest him. David walks up to Girl in Trafalgar Square and asks her if she thinks he should be arrested and she tells him that Bobby in Trafalgar Square might think he is just pulling a prank. David kisses Alex tells her, he loves her and then runs away. Dr. Hirsch has a meeting with Alex, Inspector Villiers and Sergeant McManus, but Inspector Villiers does not believe David was involved in the murders. David calls home and tells Rachel to tell their parents he loves them and not to fight with Max and he loves Max and her.

David tries to slit his wrist, but can't go through with it. David sees Jack who tells him to follow him inside a porn theater. David buys a ticket from the Ticket Lady. David sits down next to Jack, who is even more decayed. In the background, the pornographic film, See You Next Wednesday is playing with the actors Brenda Bristols, Lance Boyle, Chris Bailey, and Georgie Bailey. Jack introduces David to the people he killed last night. Gerald tells David he must die, and Harry tells David he must commit suicide. Judith suggests he use sleeping pills, while Harry tells David he should use a gun. They continue along with Alf, Ted and Joseph to give David advice on killing himself. The full moon rises and David changes into a werewolf. The Usher hears a scream and is then killed by David. Two Bobbies at Cinema arrive and one of them goes into the theater and sees David eating the Usher. He runs outside and closes the door the the theater. A group of Assorted Police arrive along with Inspector Villiers and Sergeant McManus. David breaks out of the theater and bites off Inspector Villiers' head. David starts to swipe at people as the area turns into chaos. Dr. Hirsch tells Alex that Sister Hobbs mentioned a disturbance in Piccadilly Circus from a mad dog. David walks into a dead end and a group of armed police arrive. Alex runs towards David and tells him the police are going to kill him. She asks him to let her help him and tells him she loves him and David lunges at Alex and is shot dead. Alex then stares and cries as David changes back into his human form.