Androids of Overlord

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Androids of Overlord


The Android of Overlord are robots built to serve the Overlord.

During the events of Yor, the Hunter from the Future (1983)

A group of Androids of Overlord are sent to capture Yor, the Hunter for analysis. Yor knocks the head off of one with a rock, but is shot with a stun gun by the others. The Androids of Overlord tell the Overlord that there are two more intruders and he orders them captured and brought to him. Ena gives an Android of Overlord a scan of Yor's body. Ena leads a revolt against the Overlord and Yor and Ka-Laa are freed. The Overlord issues a red alert and orders all of the rebels destroyed. The Blind Old One tells the Overlord that he is going to deactivate his Androids. Pag stays behind to fight a group of Androids of Overlord while Ena and others escape. As he is about to be killed, the Androids of Overlord shut down.

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