Angelica Bolotin Horn

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Angelica Bolotin Horn


Angelica Bolotin Horn is a criminal and con artist. She is John Bradford Horn's daughter.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 3 Episode 1 The Horn of Plenty played by Catherine Hickland

At Dominic Air, a limo pulls up and "Mr. Van Dorian" steps out of the limo with Angelica in order for Stringfellow Hawke to fly him to Scottsdale, Arizona. Hawke wonders why he chartered him for three days when the flight only takes three hours and "Mr. Van Dorian" tells him he needs Hawke to fly a briefcase full of special gems to a buyer. Hawke gets in the helicopter with Angelica and they take off. They land and Hawke and Angelica go to their respective rooms and she tells him to meet her in the lobby later, with a tie. She calls room service and tells them neither she or Hawke are to be disturbed. She and Hawke have dinner and dance. As they are getting into an elevator to return to their rooms, Horn disguised as "Neal Streep", tells Angelica the buyer now wants the gems delivered to him in the Palo Duro, Texas area. They fly to Texas and as Hawke and Angelica get out of the helicopter, Horn welcomes Hawke, who is then ambushed by a group of armed men who take him captive. Later, Dr. Gastner and Dr. Fairling take Hawke to a room full of men in suits, including TJ, with a large painting of Horn hanging from the wall. Horn asks Hawke if he knows who the man in the painting is and Hawke tells him he does and he owes him his allegiance. Angelica asks Hawke how he feels about her and how she deceived him and she tells him he owes her many thanks for bringing him to see Horn. Horn, still disguised as "Neal" removes his disguise and reveals himself to Hawke and says he needs Hawke's help. Horn argues with Angelica, who has grown to like Hawke. Horn admits to her he is worried that she might help Hawke and Angelica tells him she would never betray him. She goes to Hawke's room and asks Hawke if they have a chance together even with the way she deceived him and he kisses her. The Lab Technician brings Hawke's food and Angelica kisses Hawke before leaving. In the morning Hawke takes off in Airwolf but attacks Horn's base instead. TJ picks up Horn and Angelica in a car and they drive away and Horn and Angelica escape while TJ continues with the car.