Anna LeBlanc

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Anna LeBlanc


Anna LeBlanc is a mime in The Anton Dorrell Mime Troupe. Her father is Jaggerman. She was born on 17 May, 1963.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 4 Episode 11 Mime Troupe played by Ann-Marie MacDonald

Anna gives a mime performance and Anton Durrell criticizes her for taking an extra bow. Mike Rivers and Jo Santini are also backstage and wonder why he is so upset about an extra bow. Anna asks Mike if he and Jo are in a relationship and invites him to dinner. Mike tells Anna that he and Jo were sent to protect her. She refuses to leave and gives Mike back the tracking necklace he gave her. Mike watches as Tourand and Jean practice and they follow Jo and Anna as they go outside with Jean. As they are walking a van drives towards them and they barely manage to get out of the way.

Jaggerman is brought to Santini Air and Jo and Mike bring Anna to Santini Air. Anna tells Jaggerman that her show is about peace and love and he tells her the terrorists want her dead to hurt him. She invites him to rehearsal and he accepts. Mike convinces Anna to wear the necklace and they kiss. As rehearsal is happening, Hugo walks into the theater and shoots towards Tourand and Jean. The lights go out and Peter Druker and Abdul kidnap Jaggerman and Anna. Anna asks Peter what he wants and Abdul tells her, revenge for the death of Peter's brother. Peter finds the homing device on Anna and destroys it. Anna and Jaggerman are brought to a warehouse and Anna is forced to stand over a bomb while Jaggerman is forced to hold a metal drum, which if dropped, will cause the bomb to explode. Jaggerman apologizes to Anna and tells her, he wishes he could have seen her perform her act. Mike and Jo go into the warehouse and save Anna and Jaggerman. Back at the theater, Anton gives a toast to Mike, Jo, Jason Locke and St. John and Anna gives Mike a letter and says goodbye.