Annie (Friday the 13th)

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Annie Phillips is a cook hired to work at Camp Crystal Lake in New Jersey. Her dream is to work with children.

During the events of Friday the 13th (1980) played by Robbi Morgan

Annie is walking through the town of Crystal Lake. She enters a store and asks the locals how far Camp Crystal Lake is. Trudy asks the Truck Driver if he knows exactly how far it is and Operator is surprised to hear they are opening Camp Crystal Lake again. Trudy suggests the Truck Driver might be able to take her half way and Annie and the Truck Driver leave the store. As they are walking, Crazy Ralph stops them and asks Annie if she is going to "Camp Blood" and then tells her she will never come back again. the Truck Driver asks Annie if her boss Steve Christy told her anything about the job and she tells him she was told she would be cooking for about 50 inner city kids and 10 staff. the Truck Driver suggests she quit and tells her about Barry and Claudette's murder, the boy that drowned in 1957, a series of fires later on, and the water going bad in 1962. Annie tells the Truck Driver she can't quit and he eventually drops her off in Hope, New Jersey. While hitchhiking, Annie is picked up by someone in a jeep. The jeep drives past Camp Crystal Lake and when the driver refuses to stop, Annie jumps out of the vehicle and tumbles, hurting her knee. The jeep reverses and Annie starts to run away in the woods. The person in the jeep catches up to Annie and then slits her throat.

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