Anton Durrell

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Anton Durrell


Anton Durrell is the owner of The Anton Dorrell Mime Troupe.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 4 Episode 11 Mime Troupe played by Joseph Colland

Anna LeBlanc gives a mime performance and Anton criticizes her for taking an extra bow. Mike Rivers and Jo Santini are also backstage and wonder why he is so upset about an extra bow and Anton tells them, if he hadn't accepted their protection, he would fire them. Jo tells Anton that Jaggerman is coming that evening and insists on taking Anna with him. As rehearsal is happening, Hugo walks into the theater and shoots towards Tourand and Jean. St. John shoots and kills Hugo and Mike runs over to Tourand and Jean and Tourand is dead. Jean gives Anton the letter Tourand gave him, which talks about how he aided the terrorists after they captured his sister in Beirut. Later, back at the theater, Anton gives a toast to Mike, Jo, Jason Locke and St. John.