Apollo 18 (2011)

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Astronauts on a secret mission to the moon encounter deadly lifeforms.


Horror, Science Fiction


Ben Anderson - Warren Christie

Nate - Lloyd Owen

John Grey - Ryan Robbins

Deputy Secretary of Defense - Mike Kopsa

Mission Control - Andrew Airlie

Lab Tech 1 - Kurt Runte

Lab Tech 2 - Jan Bos

Laura Anderson - Kim Wylie

Ryan Anderson - Noah Wylie

Nate's Girlfriend - Ali Liebert

John's Fiancee - Erica Carroll

Lunar Creatures

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Detailed Synopsis

"July 20, 1969 - Apollo 11 Astronaut Neil Armstrong is the first man to walk on the moon. In 1970, Apollo Missions 18, 19, and 20 were canceled due to budgetary concerns. December 7, 1972 - Apollo 17, the final official lunar mission, lands on the moon. In 2011, eighty four hours of classified footage is uploaded to www.lunartruth.com. This film was edited from that footage."

John Grey does an interview where he discusses the space race and the upcoming mission. He mentions how he and Nate were at Ben Anderson's house for a barbecue when they got the call about the mission. Also at the barbecue were Laura Anderson, Ryan Anderson, Nate's Girlfriend and John's Fiancee. Nate is interviewed next and he talks about the training given to them by Lab Tech 1 and Lab Tech 2. John continues and mentions the payload they are carrying for the Department of Defense which was discussed with them by the Deputy Secretary of Defense. Ben is the last to be interviewed and he talks about the lie he told Laura, that he was going on a training mission with Japanese pilots.

The mission lifts off and then Nate and Ben head to the moon in their lander while John stays behind in their spaceship. Nate and Ben pull out their gear, which includes video cameras and large amount of film stock. Ben plants the American flag on their landing site and Nate takes a photo of him standing and saluting near the flag. They place motion tracker equipment nearby and a MESA unit. There is a sudden power surge accompanied by a weird chittering noise. They place the units given to them by the Department of Defense or PSD5's nearby. Ben finds what appears to be a rock near an impact crater and brings it back to the lander. John notices interference in the frequency and tries to fix it. Mission Control congratulates them on their first day and Ben and Nate go to sleep. During the night, Nate and Ben hear a rattling noise outside the lander. They hear a wailing sound from the communication system, but can't figure out what it is. The cameras also record what appears to be a moon rock move. John notifies Nate and Ben that the spaceship will be going on the opposite side of the moon and so they will lose communication with him for some time. Ben notices one of his rock samples is on the ground, but neither he or Nate know how it got out of the bag Ben put it in. They place more PSD5 units and Ben notices footprints in the ground. They try to contact Mission Control, but can't reach anyone. They follow the footprints which go around in a circle and then into a crater where they find a Soviet lander. Nate goes inside the lander, but no one is inside. He investigates further and finds blood everywhere. Ben goes to look for the cosmonauts and enters a crater where he finds the mummified body of a cosmonaut. He brings the cosmonaut's body out of the crater and notices a rip in the cosmonaut's suit. When he sticks his hand inside the rip, something moves inside and he finds a rock.

Nate calls Mission Control and tells them what they found. He asks Mission Control if they knew that the Soviets had already landed on the moon, but Mission Control refuses to admit they knew. During the night there is more static interference and Nate is woken up by the cosmonaut's helmet, which they brought back, falling on him. In the morning, Ben notices the American flag they placed is gone. Nate contacts Mission Control and tells them the flag is gone. Ben thinks maybe there is another cosmonaut, but John doesn't think so. The Deputy Security of Defense tells them they knew the Soviets had landed on the moon, and they think there is only one cosmonaut and their mission is complete. As Ben and Nate are about to return to the spaceship, something goes wrong with the lander. They try to contact John, but cannot reach him or Mission Control. Nate goes outside and records the damage to the lander and sees tracks in the ground. Nate tells Ben the tracks aren't human and finds the American flag torn to pieces. After Nate puts the rover back upright, he feels something moving in his suit. Ben goes to help Nate and finds him collapsed on the ground. He brings him inside the lander and when Nate wakes up he tells Ben he doesn't remember what happened.

John contacts Mission Control and tells them he can't contact Nate or Ben. Ben notices Nate is bleeding and they find a large gash in his chest. Ben feels something hard near Nate's wound and pulls out what appears to be a rock. Nate crushes the rock with a hammer and Ben thinks the PSD5's are blocking their communication and are putting out a signal to attract Lunar Creatures. Nate and Ben go out to destroy the PSD5's and find one of them destroyed and surrounded by tracks. When they return to the lander, Nate has a large infection spreading from his wound. Nate tells Ben that he is getting worse from the infection and he has to leave him, but Ben refuses. Nate quickly starts to become unhinged and starts destroying the lander. Ben and Nate abandon the lander and take the rover towards the Soviet lander. Nate causes the rover to crash and then runs away. Ben finds Nate who tells him to stay away. Nate is pulled into the crater where the cosmonaut's body was found and Ben sees the rocks come to life and the Lunar Creatures start to chase after him. Ben makes it to the Soviet lander and repeatedly tries to reach someone. After some time a Russian voice comes over the radio and then the Deputy Secretary of Defense comes over the radio and tells Ben that they can't bring him back due to possible contamination. John is able to get in contact with Ben and Ben tells him Nate is gone and there are creatures on the moon which the government knows about. Ben starts up the Soviet lander and as he is about to take off, Nate bangs on the window and tells Ben to let him in. Ben refuses and Nate tries to break in with a hammer, but is killed by the Lunar Creatures. The Deputy Secretary of Defense contacts John and tells him Ben has been contaminated and not to allow him back on the spaceship. A large amount of Lunar Creatures attack Ben from inside the Soviet lander and he crashes into the spaceship, killing him and John.

"According to all official reports, Apollo 17 was the final lunar mission. Apollo missions brought 840 pounds of lunar rock samples back to Earth. Hundreds were given away to dignitaries of foreign countries. Many of those "gifts" were stolen or are now missing."