Are You Afraid of the Dark?: Season 1 Episode 5 The Tale of the Hungry Hounds

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Kristen tells a tale about a girl who relives the day her aunt died.

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Are You Afraid of the Dark? (1990-2000)


Pam - Mia Kirshner

Amy - Jennifer Gula

Beth - Ais Snyder

Giles - David Francis

Aunt Dora - Mia Kirshner



Mon Petit Rouge


The Midnight Society

Frank - Jason Alisharan

Kristen - Rachel Blanchard

Gary - Ross Hull

David - Nathaniel Moreau

Betty Ann - Raine Pare-Coull

Kiki - Jodie Resther

Eric - Jacob Tierney

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Detailed Synopsis

As Kiki and Betty Ann are putting sticks in the campfire, they hear a howl. Eric, David and Frank walk towards the camp with more wood while making animal sounds. Gary asks Kiki for the matches, but she tells him she can light the fire. David asks where Kristen is, and Eric tells him not to worry while Kiki insinuates that Kristen didn’t want to get her hands dirty helping the rest of them. They hear howling and Kristen walks up with a dog named Elvis. She then apologizes for being late. Kristen tells the group that she has a tale that will have them shaking in their boots. She starts her tale as David helps and throws powder on the fire.

On rainy days, Pam liked to rummage around in her attic. Inside were items from her parents, grandparents and relatives who had been dead for years. One summer her cousin Amy came to visit. While Pam puts on her grandfather tuxedo, she calls to Amy. When Amy doesn’t answer Pam finds her dressed in their grandmother’s wedding dress acting like a ghost. Amy gives Pam a hard time for believing in ghosts and a wooden box full of photographs and documents falls onto the ground and its contents pours out. They look through the contents of the box and Amy finds a photo of their Aunt Dora standing next to her horse Mirage. Amy notices how Pam looks just like Dora. Pam hears a noise and pulls out a large trunk which belonged to Dora. The trunk has a lock on it and they leave when Pam’s mother, Beth calls to them and tells them it is time to feed the dogs.

While Pam and Amy are walking outside, Amy asks Pam what she does for fun. Pam takes Amy to the neighbor’s property and gives their horse a carrot. As she is about to climb onto the horse, Beth drives up and honks her horn and tells Pam that horses are dangerous, and she forbids her from riding them or taking riding lessons. Pam brings up that Dora’s death happened 30 years ago, but Beth tells her that it seems like yesterday. Pam and Amy play with a Ouija board and it spells out the phrase “let me out”. It then relays the combination to the trunk, 149. Pam and Amy go back into the attic and open the trunk and a mouse runs out of it. Within the trunk are a bunch of clothes including Dora’s riding gear. Pam puts on Dora’s clothes and a change comes over her. It suddenly turns to night and as Pam opens the attic window, a staircase appears and Pam and Amy walk down it. They walk through the woods and Amy follows Pam into the family cemetery. They end up at Dora’s grave and find a small bone, which Pam says is a gift from a fox Dora named Mon Petit Rouge. Dora through Pam tells Amy that she fed Mon Petit Rouge every day. She continues that the day before the fox hunt she let Mon Petit Rouge out of his cage and let him escape. She says that she saddled her horse Mirage and went looking for Mon Petit Rouge, but before a jump, Mirage was startled, and Dora was thrown from Mirage. Giles walks towards them and Pam tells him that she has come to feed the hounds. He tells her that she should have fed them while they were alive. He says when he found the hounds they were nearly starved, and they leapt at him, and he had a heart attack. Pam and Amy run from Giles and hide in the barn and are then locked inside.

Elvis whines and Eric asks him if he smells a fox. Betty Ann wonders if Elvis is scared, while Kiki worries, he might be hungry.

Pam says she has to feed the Hounds and Amy shoves her into stable and locks it. Pam tells Amy where the dog food is kept and while Amy goes to look for it, Pam manages to lift the latch on the door. Pam walks towards the door holding the hounds while Amy slowly carries the large bag of dog food towards the door. Pam opens the door and the Hounds run out and Amy climbs onto a haystack. The Hounds jump at her until Mon Petit Rouge suddenly appears and runs away causing the Hounds to chase after him. Amy walks outside the barn and sees Pam riding Mirage. Amy climbs back up the stairs and into the attic and the attic window closes. Pam walks out from behind some clothes and tells Amy that she has to feed the dogs. Pam and Amy argue if Pam said dog or dogs and when Amy pulls her hand from her pocket, she finds dog kibble in her palm.

Kristen ends her story by saying that, Pam was able to convince Beth to let her take riding lessons and Beth was no longer haunted by Dora and Dora’s ghost was no longer haunted by the howling of the hungry Hounds. Gary reminds everyone to always remember to feed their dogs or they might have a bone to pick with them and then ends the meeting.