Are You Afraid of the Dark?: Season 1 Episode 6 The Tale of the Super Specs

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Gary tells a tale of some magic dust which opens a portal to another Earth.

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Are You Afraid of the Dark? (1990-2000)


Weeds - Eugene Byrd

Marybeth - Graidhne Lelieveld-Amiro

Sardo - Richard Dumont

Dark Lady/Phantom - Rachell Glait

Patty - Carole-Anne Gascon

Katherine - Annette Bouzi

Mark - Errol Tennenbaum

Weeds Alter Ego - Paul Frappier

Marybeth Alter Ego - Tarah Anick


The Midnight Society

Frank - Jason Alisharan

Kristen - Rachel Blanchard

Gary - Ross Hull

David - Nathaniel Moreau

Betty Ann - Raine Pare-Coull

Kiki - Jodie Resther

Eric - Jacob Tierney

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Detailed Synopsis

Kristen is at Gary's father's magic shop. Gary plays a trick on her using a miniature guillotine and a fake finger and he tells her that the magic shop is where he gets all his story ideas. Kristen tells Gary that some of the members of the Midnight Society have said some of his stories haven't been scary lately. Kristen picks up a pair of super specs and Gary picks them up and then makes them disappear with magic.

At the campfire, Frank tells the others that the scariness of Gary's tales have been slipping. Kiki agrees, but Betty Ann thinks Gary tells the best stories. Kiki says that she can't remember the last time Gary's tale scared her and Gary suddenly shows up and scares Kiki. Gary tells them that David is sick and can't make the meeting. Eric tells Gary that Kiki was saying how his tales haven't been scary lately. He says his tale is about three people, people who believe in magic, people who don't and people who should. Gary then starts his tale.

Due to April Fools' Day happening shortly, Weeds is at the magic shop with Marybeth. He holds up a pouch that holds the Dust of Denderon. Marybeth is eager to go to the movies, but Weeds wants to cast a spell first. He casts the Spell of Second Sight and throws the Dust of Denderon up into the air. The dust lands on some super specs and Marybeth accuses Weeds of not being very mature and he makes a farting noise with a whoopie cushion. Sardo walks into the front of the shop and tells them they have to buy something or leave. Weeds buys two whoopie cushions, the Dust of Denderon, a keychain with an annoying ring sound, and a pair of super specs. Weeds convinces Marybeth to try the super specs and when she puts them on, she sees a Phantom.

At school, Weeds is reading a book titled VooDoo Made Easy and then steals a yogurt from Patty and pours some Dust of Dendoran in it while chanting a spell. As he is trying to put her yogurt back, Patty catches him and throws him to the ground. Katherine asks Weeds if he has pranked anyone yet. Weeds watches Patty eat her yogurt and when nothing immediately happens, walks away. After he leaves, Patty's voice suddenly becomes high pitched. Weeds watches as Mark walks to his locker. As Mark opens it. a small punching glove pops out and punches him in the nose. Marybeth walks up and Mark asks Weeds about his super specs. Marybeth puts them on again and sees a Dark Lady/Phantom holding a book. She tells Weeds and Mark that she saw someone, but they think she is just trying to April Fools' prank them. After school Marybeth tells Weeds she really did see someone and when she puts them on again, she sees the same Dark Lady/Phantom. Weeds puts the glasses on but doesn't see anything. Marybeth puts the glasses on again and sees the Dark Lady/Phantom again, screams and throws the super specs in the trash.

While Weeds and Mark are playing HORSE, Weeds is losing and puts some Dust of Denderon on the basketball and casts a spell. Weeds then throws up an air ball. As he and Mark are walking away, Weeds throws the ball behind his back, and it lands nothing but net in the hoop. Marybeth and Katherine are walking home when Marybeth describes to Katherine what she saw using the super specs. When Marybeth puts her hand in her bag to show Katherine the book Weeds got her, she instead finds the super specs. Marybeth runs back to Sardo's magic shop and puts the super specs into the mail delivery slot on the door. She goes home and as she is unloading her bag; the super specs are inside it. She puts them on again and sees an alternate world where a tea kettle is boiling on the stove, while in her world there is no tea kettle, and a fire is burning in the fireplace. She walks around her house and sees the Dark Lady/Phantom in her house and two Phantoms standing nearby. She takes off the super specs and the Dark Lady/Phantom and Phantoms disappear, but when she puts them on again, they reappear and walk towards her, and she screams and runs outside her house.

Frank thinks Marybeth should have burned the super specs or put them in the garbage disposal while Betty Ann guesses the Phantoms aren't real. Gary says that Marybeth didn't know if what she saw was real and when Kiki asks what she did, Gary says that Marybeth went to find Weeds.

Marybeth finds Weeds at the basketball court and tells him she is seeing Phantoms. When she puts the super specs on, she sees Phantoms playing basketball and runs away. She goes to Sardo's magic shop and tells him that she needs to speak to him. She tells him that the super specs work and Sardo looks up the Spell of Second Sight and tells her that what she is seeing is another dimension and the spell opened a portal that may allow the Phantoms to cross over into their dimension and take over. Sardo offers to cast a counter-spell at Marybeth's house for 20 dollars and Marybeth agrees to the deal. When Sardo can't find any more Dust of Denderon in his shop, Marybeth goes to Weeds house just in time to stop him from flushing his bag of Dust of Denderon down the toilet. They go to Marybeth's house and Sardo casts a counter-spell. The area they are in suddenly becomes pitch black and when Marybeth puts on the super specs, she sees they are surrounded by Phantoms. Weeds also sees the Phantoms and as Sardo finishes the spell, Marybeth flings the Dust of Denderon into the air. A giant pair of eyes tells them they have tampered with the cosmic seal and balance must be restored. Back at Marybeth's house, Weeds Alter Ego tells Marybeth Alter Ego that she closed the window. Dark Lady/Phantom tells Marybeth Alter Ego that she opened a window to a parallel universe, but she closed the window. Weeds Alter Ego asks if they are gone for good and Weeds, Marybeth and Sardo are shown stuck in a crystal ball.

Kristen asks if the other universe won and Gary says, because Sardo was a fake and Dark Lady/Phantom was real, her universe won. Gary hands out super specs to everyone and when they put them on they see what appears to be a Phantom and they scream and run away, except for Kristen. David, who was disguised as a Phantom pulls off his hood and tells Gary and Kristen, April Fools'.