Arthur Barnes

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Arthur Barnes


Arthur Barnes works in the security department at the FIRM in Bay Cliff, California.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 2 Episode 20 Severance Pay played by Martin Milner

Larry Mason goes up to Arthur and gives him reports on Airwolf. Stringfellow Hawke is told by Michael Coldsmith Briggs III, Archangel and Marella that Larry set off a bomb and requested he be present when he speaks with Archangel. Arthur walks into the office and Larry calls and demands the bonus check he and Joe Kline deserve or he will reveal information to the press. Arthur tells Larry he will personally check into his grievance if Larry turns himself in, but Larry demands his money. After the call, Archangel tells Hawke, Larry and Joe failed to sign paperwork changing their status when OSI was absorbed by the FIRM. Hawke demands some time to bring in Larry and later, Archangel asks First Member Zeus permission to allow Hawke time to bring in Larry, and Zeus gives him 48 hours. Arthur tells Archangel about the report on Airwolf, Larry gave him and suggests the mole might be Henderson. Marella walks in and turns on the television and, her, Archangel, Hawke and Arthur watch a report by Carling about the mercenaries. Arthur and Archangel decide Larry has to be dealt with. The FIRM committee has a meeting and Zeus, Arthur and most of the committee vote to eliminate Larry, while Archangel dissents and walks out with Marella. At the pub, Arthur walks in and Hawke shows him, Hawke and Marella the news transcripts and notes the differences in how they were written. Gopher walks up with a phone and gives it to Hawke and Larry is told to go to Los Hermanos airstrip in Mexico. Arthur calls a Soviet agent and tells him to hire a pilot to kill Larry. The FIRM committee holds another meeting and Zeus tells Arthur plane wreckage was found along the Gulf and they suspect Archangel, Marella and Larry are dead. Zeus commends Arthur for catching and killing Henderson, but then asks Arthur why a pilot was hired by a Soviet agent in Mexico. Archangel and the others walk in and Arthur is taken away to be killed.