Baron (Twilight Zone S1E32)

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Baron is a trumpet player at The Oasis in New York City.

During the events of The Twilight Zone: Season 1 Episode 32 A Passage for Trumpet played by Frank Wolff

Baron's set ends and when he walks out of the club to have a cigarette, Joey Crown goes up to him and they shake hands. He offers to play with Baron, but Baron reminds him that the last time he let him play with him, Joey was drunk and couldn't play well. Joey tells him that he is sober, but a bottle of liquor falls out when Joey grabs his trumpet case. Baron gives Joey some money and asks him why he threw it all away and Joey tells him it is because he is sad about never making it as a musician, or having money or having a girlfriend. He tells him that drinking helps him escape from his crummy life. Joey then walks away.