Basket Case (1982)

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A man and his vestigial twin seek revenge on the doctors that surgically separated them.


Horror, Monster


Duane Bradley - Kevin VanHentenryck


Sharon - Terri Susan Smith

Casey - Beverly Bonner

Hotel Manager - Robert Vogel

Dr. Kutter - Diana Browne

Dr. Needleman - Lloyd Pace

Dr. Lifflander - Bill Freeman

O'Donovan - Joe Clarke

Duane’s Aunt - Ruth Neuman

Duane’s Father - Richard Pierce

Young Duane Bradley - Sean McCabe

Josephine - Dorothy Strongin

Detective - Kerry Ruff

Social Worker - Ilze Balodis

Thief in Theater - Tom Robinson

Kutter’s Date - Chris Babson

Patient - Maria T. Newland

Nurse 1 - Florence Shultz

Nurse 2 - Mary Ellen Shultz

Hotel Tenants - Constantine Scopas, Charles Stanley, Sydney Best, Johnny Ray Williams, Yousef Abuhamdeh, Lubi Kirsch, Catherine Russell, Mitchell Huval

Drug Dealer - Noel Hall

Second Detective - Bruce Frankel

Street Girls - Pat Ivers, Emily Armstrong

Casey’s John - Russell Fritz

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Detailed Synopsis

Duane Bradley starts his revenge by going to the house of Dr. Julius Lifflander, who participated in the removal of Belial, and murdering him. Duane then goes to New York City, where he rents a room at Hotel Broslin. He is greeted by the gruff Hotel Manager and some of the patrons including Casey, Brian “Mikhail” O’Donovan, and Josephine.

Duane pays a visit to the office of Dr. Harold Needleman, who already has a Patient complaining the doctor keeps on prescribing her medication she is allergic too. Before leaving Duane asks the receptionist Sharon out on a date, which she says yes. While at a movie theater a thief steals the wicker basket Duane keeps Belial in and runs to the bathroom. The thief kicks open the lock of the basket and Belial immediately attacks the thief, causing the thief to run away in pain. Duane collects Belial and the basket and returns to his hotel room. Duane and Belial return to Dr. Needleman’s office. Dr. Needleman is on the telephone with Dr. J. Kutter and tells her of his encounter with Duane who told him Dr. Lifflander was dead. Dr. Kutter, who is annoyed that Dr. Needleman interrupted her during a date, brushes off Dr. Needleman and hangs up the telephone. Belial breaks into Dr. Needleman’s office and kills him while also stealing his rolodex.

The following day, Duane shows Belial the television he bought for him so Belial wouldn’t be bored when Duane does his investigation of Dr. Kutter. In reality Duane leaves to go out on his date with Sharon. The two of them visit the sites of New York City while also confessing to each other they used sightseeing as an excuse to spend time with each other. Duane and Sharon kiss, which Belial psychically senses. Belial becomes enraged and tears up the hotel room and television while also screaming. When they hear the commotion a group of Hotel Tenants and the hotel manager go to Duane’s room to see what the noise is. When the hotel manager opens the door he finds the room in a state of disarray, but no one inside of the room. While Duane’s door is open O’Donovan notices a large wad of cash sitting out in the open in Duane’s room. Once everyone leaves the room, O’Donovan returns to Duane’s room and picks the lock to his door. While scrounging for money O’Donovan opens the wicker basket and is attacked by Belial. O’Donovan runs screaming to his room with Belial still attached to his face. The hotel manager and a few other tenants rush into O’Donovan’s room to find him dead. Duane senses Belial’s anger and runs away from his date with Sharon. By the time Duane returns to the hotel two detectives are already at the murder scene. One of the Detectives questions Duane if he has any pets and tells Duane about O’Donovan’s murder while the second detective searches Duane’s room. Duane, despondent, goes to a local bar where Casey invites him to sit with her. They both get drunk and Duane tells Casey about Belial, which creeps her out. The pair return to Duane’s room where Casey lays a passed out Duane on his bed. Casey goes to her room and lays in bed, but is awoken by Belial caressing her chest. Casey screams and runs out of her room and tells the hotel manager about the creature in her room. When they enter her room Belial is gone, having returned to Duane’s room with a pair of Casey’s underwear.

The next day Duane and Belial go to the office of Dr. Kutter, and Duane is surprised to find out she is a veterinarian. Duane opens the wicker basket and Dr. Kutter is killed by Belial who shoves her face into a drawer of surgical knives. Later Sharon goes to Duane’s room and tells him about Needleman’s death and asks to stay at his place. Duane agrees, but once Sharon and Duane start to kiss Belial starts screaming and Duane is forced to throw Sharon out of his apartment. At night, Belial escapes from the room and Duane has a dream of himself naked running through the streets of New York City. He wakes up and realizes Belial is gone and runs to Sharon’s apartment. At Sharon’s apartment, a naked Sharon wakes up to Belial on top of her. Belial chokes Sharon to death while also trying to burrow into her genital region. Duane arrives at Sharon’s house, finds her dead, grabs Belial and returns to their hotel room. Duane starts packing while also yelling at Belial about him never allowing Duane to have a girlfriend. Belial becomes enraged and jumps at Duane knocking them both out the hotel window and onto the fire escape. Duane slowly goes unconscious as Belial holds him around the neck with one hand while Belial holds onto the fire escape railing with the other hand. A group of Street Girls see Duane and Belial and they scream as Belial and Duane plummet to the ground.