Baymen Lieutenant

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Baymen Lieutenant


Baymen Lieutenant is a pirate on Nassau.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 2 Episode 9 XVII. played by Joshua Ramsey

Billy Bones sees Captain Charles Vane's men climb onto the deck and warns his fellow pirates. A battle erupts and after the battle ends Jenks tells Vane that the Man-'o' War is secure. Later, The Boat Captain tells Vane and his men that Peter Ashe has a message for them, Captain Flint has violated Peter's trust and he will be placed under arrest. Flint will be put on trial and hung and if the pirate ship remains, it will be sunk. Vane brings Vincent and John Silver on deck. Vane tells his crew that Nassau is strongest when it is feared and suggests they free Flint.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 2 Episode 10 XVIII. played by Joshua Ramsey

Yardley has Baymen Lieutenant grab Silver and Flint's crew stand up to block them from leaving with Silver. Billy Bones headbutts Yardley and a fight breaks out, but Silver is dragged away. Silver is brought to Jenks who is sitting next to Vincent. Jenks asks Silver to give him a list of ten names of crew members who might help him. Silver figures out that Jenks plans on killing all those not named and tells him no. Jenks then shoots and kills Vincent. Jenks has Silver put on a table and then starts to beat Silver's leg with a sledgehammer. As Jenks is about to slit Silver's throat, Flint's crew storm into the room and Billy kills Jenks while Yardley and Baymen Lieutenant are also killed.