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Bigfoot is a large shaggy humanoid living in North Dakota in the Wind Caves. He has been terrorizing the area for decades.

During the events of Bigfoot (2012)

Bigfoot is woken up from hibernation by the construction crew clearing the area for the 1st Annual 80's Flashback Fest. He immediately starts attacking and killing the construction crew. During the festival, he is woken up by a large screeching sound and starts attacking the festival goers, eventually killing Alice Cooper by kicking him off the stage. He next kills a documentary crew led by Steve and then kills Barnes and Cooper who were helping Al Gurney to try and hunt him down. When Simon brings Sueanne, Delia and Lynn along with him to try and tranquilize Bigfoot, Bigfoot kills almost all of them except for Simon. Bigfoot then attacks Rapid City and kills Walt by shoving a police vehicle into Walt, smashing him between the vehicle and a tree. Bigfoot then heads towards Mount Rushmore where he squishes a Tour Guide. He is attacked by helicopters including one with Becky inside of it, but he just swats them out of the air. He climbs up Mount Rushmore and is about to help Simon and Harley who are sliding off of the mountain, when a missile fired from a jet destroys the portion of Mount Rushmore they are on and Bigfoot tumbles to his death.

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