Bigfoot (2012)

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A large Bigfoot terrorizes a town while two former rival musicians fight over past grievances.


Horror, Comedy

Horror, Monster


Harley - Danny Bonaduce

Simon - Barry Williams

Walt - Bruce Davison

Becky - Sherilyn Fenn

Mayor Gillis - Howard Hesseman

Al - Andre Royo

Alice Cooper - Alice Cooper

Priya - Stephanie Sarreal Park

Sueanne - Cynthia Geary

Delia - Noelia Rodriguez

Alex - Toan Le

Max - Demetrius Sager

Tifton - Ulric Dihle

Lynn - Jennifer Ropella

Laurich - John Paulsen

Tina Gould - Rosslyn Luke

News Anchor - April Rogalski

Ashley - Sherril L. Johnson

Barnes - Michael Patten

Cooper - Mark Carr

Bigfoot - Gary Kasper

Kara - Cordelia Storm Bickford

Logan - Jason Nash

Steve - Robert Alan Barnett

Tour Guide - Joy Curtis

Guard Patrol Lead Officer - Colleen Carey

Infantry Man - Michael E. Bell

Park Ranger - Heidi Korndorffer

Reporter 1 - Lorraine Montez

Reporter 2 - Jennifer Lin

Helicopter Cop - Brandon Murray

Pilot - David S. Hogan

Guardsman - Ryan Schmidt


Background - Jontom Abbett, Charissa Adams, Bryce Alldridge, Ryan Bak, Bradley Ball, Angelo Baluca, Ally Becker, Derek Becker, Tony Bennett, Joe Bergquist, Don Bergquist, Bisrat Berhe, Elise Bigley, JohnJames Bloom, Kristina Bock, Zenobia Bragdon, Scott Brownell, David Brown-King, Eva Jane Burgeson, Cecily Burke, Edward Burke, Raymond Burke, Gil Butler, Sean Callahan, Eric Callau, Jack Cole, Breighana Campion, Rodger Clow, Steve Corda, Emery Curistinnson, Arnel Custic, Jason Daniel, Stephen Deleeuw, Lydia Deloach, Eric Derovanessian, Gutama Dinka, Bryan Dittmar, Patrice Donohue, Dan Farrell, Michael Fields, Brittany Foster, Courtney Foxworthy, Julianne Gabert, Alex Gibbs, Hayli Hallock, Nick Hammer, Barbara Hansen, Matthew Harpel, Ian Harper, Micah Hegland, Dallas Hellard, Henn Henhouse, Akiyo Hernandez, Matt Heuberger, Levi Isaacs, Jay Johnson, Matthew Jorgenson, James Jovich, Edgar Juarez, Bridgette Kennelly, Destiny King, Bertold Kradenpoth, KC Kippenbrock, Tyler Lake, Chris Lally, Paulina Laurant, Kari Lefevre, David Vander Linden, Pamela Logan, Patrick Lubak, Jeremy Maggard, Bob Mahnke, Bryson Marcey, Bob Marcey Jr., Nathan Marques, Devin Matthews, Braden Maurer, Alonzo Milbourne, Daniel Millan, Brandon Miller, Nadine Nagamatsu, Justin Padilla, Adam Pajonk, Kimberly Pajonk, Theresa Patacsil, Stephen Paul, AJ Perez, Michelle Pfister, Nate Pierce, Donald Plant, Jess Plant, Krystle Plant, Christina Prange, Michelle L. Ramos, Joe Raquer, Younes Regragui, Nick Revelli, Brittni Roberts, Noella Rodriguez, Aaron Roggasch, Diann Sager, Kalaan Sager, Chris Sepetaio, Carol Shafer, Nick Salvino, Shelly Sanders, Diane Scirica, Chadwick Smith, Prince Stinson, Angelique Sullivan, Jeffrey Susie, Kristin Tamburo, Benjamin Tanjo, Doug Tingvall, Dennis Tudos, Anna Veeraagsorn, Gregory Von, Ellen Wanless, Joshua S. Warren, Christi Wells, Shannon Whaley, Eli White, Aaron Willden, Rachel Willden, Jamila Williams, Jeremy Williams, Meredith Wilson, Joyce Wright, Rick Zonnefeld, Wenda Zonnefeld, Jeff Zornes

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Detailed Synopsis

Near Deadwood, South Dakota, a hunter shoots a bear and is then killed by Bigfoot who steps on him. Harley Henderson, tells his listeners the weather and about his upcoming 1st Annual 80's Flashback Fest. He finishes his show and rides his motorcycle to the site of where the music festival will be held. The site foreman Eddie, tells Harley the weather is keeping his men from working, but Harley tells him he needs the area cleared in two days. A group of three women led by Simon Quinn and Priya, chain themselves to the heavy machinery in order to stop the clearing of the forest. The Fairbern Police arrive including Walt and Becky. Mayor Gillis also arrives and asks Walt and Becky to arrest Simon and his group of protesters. Simon is arrested and brought to the local prison. A construction crewman drops his lit cigarette in the woods and is attacked by Bigfoot who then proceeds to attack and kill some of the other construction workers. Eddie takes a picture of Bigfoot with his phone and is then killed when Bigfoot lifts him up and bites off his head. A fire breaks out and burns a large portion of the forest. On the next Harley radio show he has Andrew Laurich of the Deadwood Fire Department who tells the audience the forest fire was contained and the festival will go on. Laurich takes Harley to the scene of the fire and shows him a large footprint left in the snow. Harley tells Logan the footprint is a prank and tells him not to tell anyone or they will think he is crazy. Two people in an RV including Todd are trying to find their way when they run into Bigfoot who picks up and throws their RV over a ledge. Walt brings Becky a box full of news clippings about Bigfoot and tells her there have been Bigfoot sightings in the area throughout the years. A News Anchor gives a report on tensions between residents and festival goers due to a sudden amount of violent acts. Mayor Gillis tells Harley that he is shutting down the festival. Harley argues with him and Mayor Gillis tells him to get rid of Simon. Harley meets up with Simon and Harley offers to give Simon a slot during the festival so he can make his point about saving the environment and he also promises to plants thousands of trees after the festival. Simon agrees and shows up with his entourage at the festival.

Simon is the first act and sings a new song called What Will You Do, and after a few seconds the crowd starts to boo him. Alice Cooper argues with Harley over the lack of crowd excitement and the lack of other acts and threatens to leave when Harley goes to the concert audio technician and messes with the controls, causing a loud piercing noise to go off and waking up Bigfoot. Harley kicks Simon off stage and introduces Alice Cooper. A festival goer goes into the woods to pee and is attacked by Bigfoot, who throws her onto the main fair grounds. Bigfoot walks towards the stage and scares off the festival goers including a person in a Bigfoot Costume. Alice Cooper yells at Bigfoot and is then kicked off of the stage. Walt calls for backup as festival goers are killed one by one including fellow officer Logan. A news bulletin is put out notifying residents that the National Guard has been called in to protect residents. As Mayor Gillis is leaving his office, Reporter 1 asks him if it is true that he knew about Bigfoot being present near the area before the festival attack and he blames everything on Harley Henderson. Reporter 2 tries to ask him a follow up question, but he walks away. After the attack, Simon is interviewed by News Anchor who asks him questions including if it is true that he cares more about Bigfoot than the victims. Simon Quinn has a save Bigfoot protest and tells Reporter 1 that everyone should be upset with Harley Henderson and Mayor Gillis and not Bigfoot. Simon eventually forms a non-profit called the Bigfoot Alliance.

Harley calls Al Gurney and hires him to kill Bigfoot. A film crew led by Steve and including Alex, go down the river to try and film Bigfoot. Alex decides to walk instead of using a boat, while Steve and Tour Guide continue on a raft. Bigfoot appears behind them and kicks their inflatable boat, overturning it. He then stomps and kills Steve after he kills the river guide. Alex eventually makes his way down the river and finds Steve and Tour Guide dead, and is then stomped by Bigfoot. Priya is arrested and bailed out by Simon who returns to his office. Lynn drops off some boxes and Simon talks to Sueanne one of his many female helpers. Al Gurney shows up in his Bigfoot Death Mobile and then he, Harley Barnes and Cooper get onto four wheelers and head towards the area Bigfoot was found. Simon shows Sueanne tranquilizer darts he purchased from a research friend. Al and his group stop at the river and Barnes tells the others he heard Bigfoot smells like garbage. Al leaves with Harley after telling Cooper to get the thermal imaging up. Bigfoot sneaks up on Cooper and Barnes and smashes Cooper, while Barnes tries to get away on his four wheeler, but is eventually caught and killed by Bigfoot. Harley shows Mayor Gillis his drawings and plans for a Bigfoot Park and the mayor agrees to divert the firefighters' pension fund to him as an advance. Ashley breaks into Simon's office and steals the tranquilizer darts. Priya returns with a map showing where the Bigfoot attacks happened and Simon, Sueanne, Lynn and Delia decide to try and find Bigfoot. They go to the forest and are spotted by Becky who tells them to go home. Sueanne sees a large footprint and Simon and Delia follow Becky into the trees. Sueanne tells Lynn to go back to the truck to get her plaster and some water so she can make a cast of the footprint. As she is leaning over the footprint, Bigfoot appears and stomps on Sueanne. Becky, Simon and Delia are searching a cave when they hear Lynn scream. They run outside and see Lynn get grabbed by Bigfoot. Simon tries to shoot it with a dart, but the weapon is empty and the case with the other darts is empty and Bigfoot snaps Lynn's back and then chews her head off. As they are running away, Delia is grabbed by Bigfoot and he bites her head off.

Harley and Al in a helicopter show up along with another helicopter and they start shooting at Bigfoot. One of the helicopters is destroyed when Bigfoot climbs up a tree and swats at it. A National Guardsman gives Becky a walkie talkie so she can communicate with Colonel Tifton who offers her help with Bigfoot. At Deadwood Dick's Saloon, Priya comforts Simon about Lynn, Delia and Sueanne's deaths. Harley and Al enter the bar and Simon confronts him. Harley tells the entire bar about the time he slept with Simon's mother and Simon takes a guitar and smashes it on Harley. A fight breaks out and Harley and Simon are thrown out of the bar. Walt shows Becky a map of the Wind Cave System and she thinks she knows where Bigfoot may be heading. Bigfoot next attacks Rapid City. Al, Harley and their men follow Bigfoot in their trucks while also shooting at him. Simon flies his ultralight plane close to Bigfoot, but is shot down by Harley. Becky stops her patrol car in front of Bigfoot and then covers it in gasoline. Walt starts shooting at Bigfoot and Bigfoot kicks the burning car at Walt, crushing him between the car and a tree. The National Guard seals off the park and a Guardsman tells Harley and Al that no one can enter the park. Simon tells Priya that they are going back to the cave to catch Bigfoot. As Harley and Al are walking towards the cave they are stopped by Infantry Man and Guard Patrol Lead Officer tells them they can't go to the cave. Harley convinces Guard Patrol Lead Officer that he is part of an auxiliary squad and he and Al are allowed in. As Harley and Al are sneaking inside the cave, Simon slips and Al turns around and shoots Priya. Bigfoot roars and Al runs outside the cave and is shot and killed by the National Guard troops stationed outside. Bigfoot grabs Priya and breaks her back and throws her against a log, killing her. Becky tells a soldier to contact Colonel Tifton and tell him to send his troops to Mount Rushmore. Tour Guide is taking a group around Mount Rushmore when she is crushed by Bigfoot. Becky gets into a military helicopter and she joins troops on their way to Mount Rushmore. Pilot tells his gunner to get ready and they start firing at Bigfoot. Pilot's helicopter is swatted out of the sky and crashes. A News Helicopter with Tina Gould circles Bigfoot until it too is thrown out of the air. The helicopter with Becky and Helicopter Cop crashes, but Becky survives. Simon crashes his ultralight plane onto the top of Mount Rushmore and starts firing at Bigfoot until he is shot at by Harley. The two of them fight and during the fight Harley slips and falls. Simon catches him and starts to pull him up when Bigfoot comes towards them. Simon reaches out his hand to Bigfoot and Bigfoot lowers its hand to try and help both Simon and Harley. Unfortunately, Simon, Harley and Bigfoot are killed when a missile fired from a jet blows up part of Mount Rushmore.

One year later Mayor Gillis unveils a new monument celebrating Harley and Simon and their sacrifice fighting Bigfoot.