Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey (1991)

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Bill and Ted are sent to Hell after they are killed by their automaton clones.


Comedy, Adventure


Ted - Keanu Reeves

Bill - Alex Winter

Grim Reaper - William Sadler

De Nomolos - Joss Ackland

Ms. Wardrobe - Pam Grier

Rufus - George Carlin

Missy - Amy Stock-Poynton

Sir James Martin - Jim Martin

Captain Logan - Hal Landon, Jr.

Elizabeth - Annette Azcuy

Joanna - Sarah Trigger

Colonel Oats - Chelcie Ross

Gatekeeper - Taj Mahal

Bach - Robert Noble

Thomas Edison - Hal Landon, Sr.

Ria Paschelle - Eleni Kelakos

Deputy James - Roy Brocksmith

Mr. Preston - J. Patrick McNamara

1st Seance Member - Dana Stevens

2nd Seance Member - Valerie Stevens

3rd Seance Member - Kathryn Miller

4th Seance Member - Carol Rosenthal

"Ugly" Seance Member - Chris Matheson

"Stupid" Seance Member - Ed Solomon

Dark Figure - Anthony Schmidt

Young Ted - Brendan Ryan

Young Bill - William Thorne

Granny Preston - Alex Winter

Stations - Ed Gale and Arturo Gil

Big Station - Tom Allard

Heavenly Greeter - Terry Finn

Albert Einstein - John Ehrin

Benjamin Franklin - Don Forney

Good Robot Bill - Michael "Shrimp" Chambers

Good Robot Ted - Bruno "Taco" Falcon

George Washington Carver - Ed Cambridge

Confucius - Tad Horino

Captain James Tiberius Kirk - William Shatner

The Smoker - Max Magenta

Ted Double - David Carrera

Bill Double - Jeff Miller

Primus - Les Claypool, Tim (Herb) Alexander and Larry Lalonde

Kate Axelrod - Tanya Newbould

The Devil

Hell Easter Bunny

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Detailed Synopsis

In Sam Dimas, California in 2691, De Nomolos tells his followers that Bill and Ted have reached the second crucial turning point in their destiny and they must stop their message from reaching millions. At Bill and Ted University, established in 2425 AD, students walk by the statue of Bill and Ted which has the sayings “Party on Dude” and Be Excellent to Each Other” engraved on its base. In The Physics of Acoustical Reverberation class, Rufus arrives in the time booth, which looks like a telephone booth, with Thomas Edison, Bach, Sir James Martin, and Ria Paschelle. Suddenly De Nomolos and his followers blow open the doors to the classroom and start setting up equipment. De Nomolos enters the classroom and tells Rufus his plan to destroy the system. De Nomolos then reveals his secret weapon, Evil Bill and Evil Ted who are automatons that look exactly like Bill and Ted. Evil Bill and Evil Ted then tell the crowd their mission objectives, to kill Bill and Ted and then give a speech during the Battle of the Bands which will make certain the future will be changed. Evil Bill and Evil Ted get into the time booth and right before they go into the past, Rufus uses a guitar to hitch a ride along with them by using it like a grappling hook.

Back on Earth during the current time, Bill, Ted, Joanna, and Elizabeth are practicing their music in front of Ms. Wardrobe. Ms. Wardrobe tells them that they are terrible, but she will give them the midnight slot during the 4th Annual Battle of the Bands. Bill, Ted, Joanna and Elizabeth go to Bill and Ted’s apartment for Joanna and Elizabeth’s birthday party and tell Captain Logan that they made it into the Battle of the Bands. Colonel Oats tells Ted that he always has a spot ready for Ted at his military school. Missy greets Oats and then kisses Captain Logan in front of Mr. Preston who she divorced to marry Captain Logan. During the party Bill and Ted propose to Joanna and Elizabeth and give them plastic engagement rings. Evil Bill and Evil Ted arrive in present times and try to crush a cat as they land at the Circle K. They contact De Nomolos and he asks them if Rufus is with the time booth and Bill checks it and tells De Nomolos that Rufus must be somewhere in the circuits of time. After ordering Evil Bill and Evil Ted to get on with their mission, De Nomolos tells the captives in the classroom to study his book for it will be the new history. Joanne and Elizabeth leave Bill and Ted's apartment and shortly after Bill gets a phone call from Joanna and she tells him that she and Elizabith are quitting the Wyld Stallyns, they never want to see him or Ted again and they are going to the desert to be alone.

After the call Bill and Ted sit on their couch watching an episode of Star Trek with Captain James Tiberius Kirk. They hear a knock at the door and when Bill opens it, Evil Bill and Evil Ted greet him. They tell Bill and Ted that they are there to help them. Evil Bill and Ted drive Bill and Ted in the band’s van and while they are traveling, Bill and Ted notice Evil Bill and Ted are rude. Evil Bill and Ted drive them out to the desert and then tell Bill and Ted that they are going to kill them. Evil Bill and Ted drag Bill and Ted up a cliff, throw them off of it and then spit a loogie on their dead bodies. Bill and Ted’s spirits rise from their bodies and the Grim Reaper tells them that they are coming with him. Bill and Ted ask if there is any way they can go back to being alive and the Grim Reaper tells them that they may offer him a challenge but if they lose, they will remain in the afterlife forever. Bill and Ted give the Grim Reaper a Melvin and walk back towards San Dimas. They get to their apartment and find Evil Bill and Ted aggressively trying to kiss Joanna and Elizabeth, but no one can see them. Evil Bill and Ted continue to be mean to Joanna and Elizabeth until they remove their engagement rings and leave.

Evil Bill and Ted decide to kill Joanna and Elizabeth after the Battle of the Bands concert and then trash Bill and Ted’s apartment. Bill and Ted go to the police station where Captain Logan is giving out the assignments to the other officers. Ted jumps into the head of Captain Logan and tells the assembled officers that Bill and Ted have been murdered and replaced by evil robots from the future. He then orders the officers to arrest Evil Bill and Ted. Bill then jumps into Deputy James’ head and says that he believes Captain Logan. Bill and Ted decide to find someone else to help them and leave the bodies of Captain Logan and Deputy James. They go to where Missy, 1st Seance Member, 2nd Seance Member, 3rd Seance Member, 4th Seance Member, "Ugly" Seance Member, and "Stupid" Seance Member are having a séance. Bill and Ted tell them about what is going on and Missy opens up a book on The Riddance of Evil and casts a spell which sends Bill and Ted slowly to Hell. They land on a large rock that is attached to a chain and see The Devil. They call out to The Devil and The Devil starts a mechanism that causes the chain attached to the rock to be pulled to a giant metallic dragon maw. They manage to jump off the rock and climb onto the dragon head and ask The Devil if they can leave and he causes the ground beneath them to open up and they fall into a circular area with numerous tunnels and doors.

They enter a door and encounter Colonel Oats who walks up to Bill and Ted and tells them that from now on they will do whatever he tells them. He orders them to do infinity pushups and while his back is turned, they run out the door. Ted figures out that they are in their own personal hell, and they decide to split up. Ted enters a large pink room and becomes Young Ted. Bill enters a large blue room and becomes Young Bill. Bill is grabbed by a man and is surrounded by people wishing Granny Preston a happy birthday. Ted sees an easter basket and grabs it and as he starts to eat it, a Hell Easter Bunny accuses him of making his brother cry. Granny Preston asks Bill for a kiss, and he stares at her rotten teeth. Bill and Ted run out of the rooms and return to their normal ages. Colonel Oats, Granny Preston and Hell Easter Bunny chase after them and they agree to play the Grim Reaper’s game. The Grim Reaper appears and reminds them that if they lose, they will remain in the afterlife. They play Battleship with the Grim Reaper and win, but the Grim Reaper insists they play him again. They then play Clue and Bill and Ted win again. They play an electric table football game and after Bill and Ted win again, they are forced to play Twister where the Grim Reaper loses again.

The Grim Reaper agrees to take them back and Bill and Ted decide in order to defeat Evil Bill and Ted they must make good robot Bill and Teds. They ask the Grim Reaper to help them, and the Grim Reaper takes them to Heaven. They are greeted by a Heavenly Greeter who hands them a pamphlet. Bill reads the pamphlet and realizes they probably won't be allowed in. They call to a group of three people that are walking up and then beat them up and take their clothes. They walk up to a Gatekeeper who asks them the meaning of life. Bill and Ted recite the lyrics from the song Every Rose Has Its Thorn and they are allowed into the Pearly Gates. They walk up to God and explain their situation. God responds by saying Station and then a purple orb flies to them and turns into a disc. Evil Bill and Ted continue to trash Bill and Ted’s apartment until De Nomolos tells them to get on with the plan. Bill, Ted and the Grim Reaper comes across a group of people surrounding two creatures playing charades. The creatures turn out to be Stations. Albert Einstein guesses the movie while Confucius, Benjamin Franklin and George Washington Carver watch and Albert Einstein wins. After the game Bill and Ted ask the Stations if they will help them and they agree to help them.

Bill and Ted appear back in their bodies on Earth alive again. They come up with a plan with the Grim Reaper and the Stations to clean up, warn Joanna and Elizabeth and then build the good robots. Evil Bill and Ted drive to Captain Logan’s house and crash their car and fly through the house window while Missy, Joanna and Elizabeth are sitting on the couch. Bill and Ted drive the Stations and Grim Reaper to the Builders Emporium, and they tell the Stations to get whatever they need. Evil Bill and Ted grab Joanna and Elizabeth and try to forcibly make them go with them but are stopped by Missy. Bill uses evil breath to knock Missy unconscious and then they show Joanna and Elizabeth that they are automatons. While the Grim Reaper and Stations gather supplies, Bill calls Ted’s house and Evil Bill answers the phone. As the Grim Reaper passes The Smoker, he tells him that he will see him soon. Bill argues with Evil Bill on the phone and after Evil Bill hangs up, he contacts De Nomolos who tells him to start the final phase. The Stations charge into each other and form Big Station. While Bill and Ted drive the van, Big Station starts making the good robots with the help of the Grim Reaper.

The séance members including Missy are watching tv while Kate Axelrod reports live from the San Dimas Civic Auditorium for the Battle of the Bands. The first band to play is Primus. Ms. Wardrobe asks Evil Bill and Ted where Joanna and Elizabeth are, and they tell her that they are hanging from the rafters, and they are going to kill them during the finale. Bill, Ted, the Grim Reaper and Big Station arrive at the auditorium with the completed Good Robot Bill and Good Robot Ted. Big Station hands Bill and Ted controllers for Good Robot Bill and Good Robot Ted and tell them that they must defeat the Evil Bill and Ted and save Joanna and Elizabeth. Ms. Wardrobe introduces the Wyld Stallyns and Evil Bill and Ted walk onstage. Bill and Ted walk onstage with the Grim Reaper and tell the crowd they are the Wyld Stallyns and Evil Ted shows them where Joanna and Elizabeth are hanging from the rafters. Good Robot Bill and Good Robot Ted walk on stage and punch the heads off of Evil Bill and Ted and then make them explode while the crowd cheers. Big Station, who has reverted to the Stations lowers Joanna and Elizabeth and they kiss Bill and Ted.

De Nomolos appears in the time booth and introduces himself to Bill and Ted. He pulls out a rifle and then shoots a projectile that takes over the broadcast satellites across the world. He tells the world that he wants them all to see the transfer of power. He continues that from now on society will be based on his ideas and not Bill and Ted’s. Bill and Ted decide to go set things up after things are resolved so a sandbag and cage fall on De Nomolos in the present. De Nomolos counters their idea and says that in the future he will set it up so a key appears, which it does. He opens up the cage and steps out and another rifle appears in his hand. When he pulls the trigger a piece of fabric comes out with the words Wyld Stallyns Rule. The Grim Reaper tells De Nomolos that his shoes are untied and when De Nomolos bends over to look, the Grim Reaper gives him a Melvin. Captain Logan arrests De Nomolos and takes him away. Ms. Wardrobe reveals herself to be Rufus in disguise and Rufus tells them about De Nomolos. The Wyld Stallyns travel in the time booth to practice and then appear seconds later, but also with a child each. They introduce the rest of the band which also now include the Stations Good Robot Bill and Good Robot Ted and the Grim Reaper. The Wyld Stallyns play and win the Battle of the Bands and eventually play on Mars.