Bill (Friday the 13th)

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Bill Brown is a camp counselor at Camp Crystal Lake in New Jersey. He has an uncle with a cabin in Maine. Bill can play the guitar.

During the events of Friday the 13th (1980) played by Harry Crosby

Alice runs over to Bill and asks him if he needs more paint. Before leaving, Steve Christy tells everyone what he wants them to work on while he is gone. Alice finds a snake in her cabin and calls for Bill, who runs into the cabin with a machete. The rest of the camp counselors go into the cabin and Jack flushes the snake out from under the bed and Bill kills it. Officer Dorf drives into camp and accuses them of smoking weed. He tells them he is looking for Crazy Ralph and then is called back to the station. The power goes out and Jack, Brenda and Bill go to turn on the generator. Brenda suggests to Bill and Alice that they play strip Monopoly. A storm starts and Brenda realizes that she left the windows to her cabin open and suggests they continue strip Monopoly the next day and leaves. As he walks back into the cabin, Alice tells Bill she thought she heard Brenda scream and they go to her cabin. They find a bloody ax in her bed and go into Jack and Marcie's cabin and find it empty. After not finding anyone in the restroom either, they decide to call someone. They break into the main office, but find the phone lines dead and Jack's vehicle dead. The lights go out in camp and Bill goes to check the generator and is killed.

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