Birdemic: Shock and Terror (2010)

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A couple must work together to escape from an attack of eagles and vultures.


Horror, Animal


Rod - Alan Bagh

Nathalie - Whitney Moore

Footage from Julie and Jack - Ms. Tippie Hedren

Susan - Janae Caster

Tony - Colton Osborne

Ramsey - Adam Sessa

Becky - Catherine Batcha

Nat's Mom - Patsy van Ettinger

Nightclub Singer - Damien Carter

Dr. Jones - Rick Camp

Tree Hugger - Stephen Gustavson

Rick - Danny Webber

Mai - Mona Lisa Moon

Cowboy - Joe Teixeira

Christine - Natalie Yonkers

TV Anchor - Laura Cassidy

Tourist - Bonnie Steiger

CEO - Eric Swartz

Waitress - Zoya Shybkouskaya

Mr. Half Moon Bay - Cameron Palmer

Solar Panel Salesman - Milan Lee

Dead Tourists - Jessica Osborne, Justin Osborne, Payton Osborne, Hailey Osborne, Chase Osborne, Kim Sisemore, and Martha Sisemore

NCT Software Salespeople - Ken Agostino, Thomas Cokenias, Lindsey Moore, Kirsten Moore, Carlos Seletaria, Vanessa Quan, Abe Shawesh, Deborah Pacheo, Diane Urbano, and Patrick Donahue

Venture Capitalists - James Feng, Jaime Soria and Jerry Madison

Robert Perkins - Steve McMoy

Store Clerk/Gas Station - George Canahuati

Dead Store Clerk - Daniel Mai

Eagles and Vultures

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Detailed Synopsis

Rod stops at The Mainstreet Grill and is seated by Waitress, who gives him a menu. He looks over and sees Nathalie sitting at another table and when she walks out, he follows her and tells her they went to the same high school. As Nathalie is walking away, Rod asks for Nathalie's phone number and she gives him her business card and he gives her his. A TV Anchor reports that flocks of seagulls and crows were found dead and the population of polar bears is dropping due to melting sea ice and lack of food. Rod goes to work and makes a 1 million dollar sale with a 50% discount. He celebrates and tells Rick about his sale and Rick congratulates him. After leaving a photo shoot at My Studio 1 Hour Photo, Nathalie gets a call from Christine who tells her Victoria's Secret wants her to be their cover model. Rod calls Nathalie and tells her he made a big sale and she tells him about her offer from Victoria's Secret. He then invites her to dinner and she agrees. Rod and Rick play basketball after work and Rod tells Rick about his upcoming date with Nathalie and Rick wishes Rod luck in having sex. Rod changes the subject and mentions he heard their company might be acquired by Oracle. TV Anchor mentions a wild fire in the Santa Cruz mountains dubbed the St. Martin Wildfire and also mentions the first green Grand Prix event to be hosted in San Francisco. The doorbell rings and Rod answers the door and Solar Panel Salesman gives Rod a sales sheet on solar panels and Rod is able to get Solar Panel Salesman to knock off $1000 off the price to put solar panels on his roof.

Rod meets Nathalie at Nha Trang Restaurant for lunch. They talk about their motivations and their plans for the future. Rod drops Nathalie off at her apartment and they agree to go on another date. The next day, Nathalie goes to visit Nat's Mom and tells her about Rod and her job with Victoria's Secret. Mai and Rick are in a bedroom together when she gets a call from Nathalie who invites her on a double date. An NCT Software Salesperson introduces their CEO who tells them all that the Board of Directors have agreed to an acquisition of their company by Oracle for a billion dollars. The CEO tells Rod he did a good job and later, Rick tells Rod he is going to buy a spyder while Rod tells Rick, he is going to take an early retirement and maybe open up a Green Tech company. Rod and Nathalie and Rick and Mai go out on their double date to watch An Inconvenient Truth. Rod starts a company called Mass Solar and gives a presentation to a group of Venture Capitalists. Robert Perkins asks Rod if he owns the patent to the technology and then tells the other Venture Capitalists they should fund Rod. Rod and Nathalie go to the Art and Pumpkin festival, the beach, where they talk about their ideal partner and find a dead eagle. They go to visit Nat's Mom and then go to the bar and order two beers from Mr. Half Moon Bay. Nathalie tells Rod she likes him for not wanting her only for her looks and sex and he tells her about getting funding from the Venture Capitalists. They dance as Nightclub Singer sings about hanging out with the family. They get a hotel room and have sex while Footage from Julie and Jack is playing on the television.

The next morning,a group of Eagles and Vultures attack and dive bomb the town. Nathalie and Rod wake up and discover the Eagles attacking. They barricade the window with their bed until the Eagles leave and then look for other survivors. They meet Ramsey and Becky and grab hangars to protect themselves as they run to Ramsey's van. After fighting back the Eagles and Vultures, they get into Ramsey's van and Ramsey gives Rod a pistol while he uses an M4 to shoot at the Eagles. They stop when they see a group of cars stranded on the side of the road and rescue Susan and Tony. Susan and Tony say they are hungry and Rod pulls over at a convenience store. They get food and water and Ramsey finds a Dead Store Clerk with his eyes pecked out. They stop at San Gregorio State Beach and eat. Rod and Nathalie see Dr. Jones standing on a bridge and go talk to him. He tells them the bird flu virus is killing off the birds and global warming is making it worse. He tells them humans and not the Eagles are the danger. Becky goes to relieve herself and is killed by the Eagles.

They continue on and see Tourists being attacked by Eagles. Ramsey runs and grabs Tourist and as they and the Tourists are running to safety, they are vomited on by the Eagles and Vultures with acid spit and killed. Rod and the others continue on and stop at a gas station where Rod buys gas for $100/gallon from Store Clerk/Gas Station. They continue driving and stop when they see Cowboy flagging them down for help. He pulls out a gun and steals their gas, but is then killed by an Eagle and they drive off again. They pull over to get some water and meet Tree Hugger. He tells them the Eagles are only going after things that cause pollution and leaving nature alone. He tells them about spruce beetles, which are ravaging the forest now that the weather is warmer. He hears a mountain lion and tells them he has to go back to his tree house. As they are running back to their van, a forest fire breaks out. As they are driving, Rod and Nathalie find Rick and Mai dead in Mai's car from an Eagle attack. They pull over when they run out of gas and Susan and Tony say they are hungry again. Rod catches a fish, while Nathalie gathers some seaweed. They offer it to Susan and Tony, but they only want to eat McDonald's. The Eagles and Vultures attack them and they run to the van. A group of Doves appear and the Eagles and Vultures leave. Nathalie, Rod, Susan and Tony get out of the van and walk to the ocean and stare out as the Eagles and Vultures return to where they came from.