Black Dynamite (2009)

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A former CIA agent returns to the streets to investigate the murder of his brother, 70's style.



Comedy, Action

Martial Arts


Black Dynamite - Michael Jai White

Osiris - Obba Babatunde

O'Leary - Kevin Chapman

Cream Corn - Tommy Davidson

Dino - Richard Edson

Tasty Freeze - Arsenio Hall

Militant 2 - Darrel Heath

Gunsmoke - Buddy Lewis

Sweet Meat - Brian McKnight

Bullhorn - Byron Minns

Saheed - Phil Morris

Mo Bitches - Miguel Nunez

Mahogany Black - Nicole Ari Parker

Gloria - Salli Richardson-Whitfield

Kotex - John Salley

Congressman Monroe James - Tucker Smallwood

Militant 1 - Chris Spencer

Rafelli - Mike Starr

Patricia Nixon - Nicole Sullivan

Honeybee - Kym Whitley

Chicago Wind - Mykelti Williamson

Black Hand Jack - Bokeem Woodbine

Chocolate Giddy-Up - Cedric Yarbough

Fiendish Dr. Wu - Roger Yuan

Richard M. Nixon - James McManus

Aunt Billy - Phyllis Applegate

Captain Yancy - William Bassett

Kid 1 - Troy Lindsey Brown

Waitress - Fredella Calloway

Black Dynamite's Mother - Cheryl Carter

Valet Girl - Juka Cesay

Paperboy - Lucky Davis

Neighborhood Kid - Nicholas Earley

Soul Brother - Jason Jack Edwards

12 Year Old Black Dynamite - Jon Kent Ethridge

Woman at Table - Mary Evans

16 Year Old Jimmy - Cory Gluck

Afroditey - Dionne Gipson

Doctor - Paul Hayes

Black Chick - Ashli R. Jackson

White Woman Swimming - Justine Joli

Granny - Izetta Karp

Henchman - Irwin Keyes

Chief - John Kerry

Asian Chick - Sheryn Lascano

Teasing Boy 1 - Daniel Leavitt

18 Year Old Black Dynamite - Neil Lewis

Drug Dealing Pimp - Buddy Love

Dumb Broad 1 - Jessica Moreno

Nurse - Joy Mulligan

Brikwilla - Tumani Nicole

Club M.C. - Victor Orlando

Thug 2 - Damian Poitier

Shawanda - Candace Rice

Freddie - Akhir Shabazz Regains

Black Chick 2 - Edwina Snowden

White Chick - Brittney Sorensen

Thug 1 - Larnell Stovall

Euphoria - Nakia Syvonne

Kid 2 - Ben Tan

Pretty Terry - Paul Taylor

Capo - Al Vicente

Jimmy - Baron Vaughn

Roscoe - Jimmy Walker Jr.

Donut Man - Lee Whittaker

Willy Sly - Billy Sly Williams

Reggie - Andre Younge



Crenshaw Pete

Captain Kangaroo Pimp


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Detailed Synopsis

A meeting is taking place between a crime kingpin and three of the men looking to join his organization including Jimmy, the younger brother of Black Dynamite. Jimmy is shot and killed when the kingpin suggests one of the three is not who they say they are, and Jimmy goes for his pistol. Jimmy is then confirmed dead by a Henchman. Captain Yancy arrives at the scene of Jimmy's murder and tells the other cops when Black Dynamite finds out his brother was killed the streets will run red with blood. Black Dynamite is driving in his car when Honeybee calls and tells him Nipsy hasn't paid up. Black Dynamite goes to Nipsy's apartment and beats up both Nipsy and his grandmother and gets Honeybee's money. Honeybee tells Black Dynamite she has to go to the hospital because her nephew Bucky overdosed. Black Dynamite is interrupted while doing his kung fu by his Aunt Billy. She tells him Jimmy is dead. At Jimmy's funeral Aunt Billy reminds Black Dynamite he promised his mother on her death bed that he would look after Jimmy.

O'Leary and two other men break into Black Dynamite's house, but Black Dynamite gets the drop on them. O'Leary asks Black Dynamite to come back to the CIA to help fight corruption and the drug epidemic. Black Dynamite refuses and O'Leary tells him he heard about the death of his brother Jimmy and if Black Dynamite starts going for revenge he will take him down. Black Dynamite goes to Jerry's Fine Food/Flying Fox. Afroditey and her band the Moonchild are playing and Black Dynamite flirts with Afroditey. He goes to talk to Bullhorn in his office in the club. Bullhorn tells Black Dynamite he saw Jimmy come into the club with two mean guys and Cream Corn. Cream Corn is getting his nails done at the Ivory Coast Hair Salon when Black Dynamite shows up. Cream Corn starts running when he sees Black Dynamite. Black Dynamite catches Cream Corn and forces him to tell him the names of the guys Jimmy was with. Cream Corn tells him the leader of the thugs is Chicago Wind and he owns the pool hall called the Hip Pocket in Crenshaw. Black Dynamite goes to the Hip Pocket and tries to ask Chicago Wind some questions, but Chicago Wind and his thugs insult Black Dynamite and his brother Jimmy. Black Dynamite locks the door of the pool hall and starts beating up Chicago Wind's men. A goon pulls a gun on Black Dynamite while Chicago Wind runs away. Bullhorn knocks the goon out and tells Black Dynamite to go after Chicago Wind. Black Dynamite and Chicago Wind get in a car chase. Eventually Chicago Wind drives over a cliff and his car explodes. At a community meeting Gloria and some militants are trying to convince the crowd to vote for someone other than Congressman Monroe James, however James manages to wow the crowd with fancy slogans.

At the militants office, Black Dynamite shows Saheed the bullet casing found at Jimmy's murder scene. Saheed finds the round in a book and tells him it is strictly govt. issue. Black Dynamite goes to O'Leary's office and O'Leary admits Jimmy was working for the CIA undercover. Jimmy thought Congressman James was working with crime king pin Vincent Rafelli on something and went to investigate. Black Dynamite tells O'Leary he wants back into the CIA and O'Leary gives him his CIA badge back. Black Dynamite goes to Jimmy's apartment where he is ambushed by Dino and Joey sent by Rafelli. Black Dynamite shoots and kills Joey but is shot and goes to the hospital. He flirts with Nurse Jenny and the Doctor tells him the bullet went in and out. While at the hospital he sees Gloria who is there because one of the kids in her orphanage overdosed on smack. They go to the orphanage where a kid asks Black Dynamite if he is a dealer. They then go to Roscoe's Chili and Donuts where a guy in a donut suit attempts to assassinate Gloria. Black Dynamite shoots him and three more thugs show up and he kills them too. He drops Gloria off at Honeybee's so she will be safe. He then goes to a pimp meeting and tells them if he catches them selling drugs he will take them out. Cream Corn tells Black Dynamite he wants to help him because Jimmy saved his life by telling him to stay home the night Jimmy was killed. Black Dynamite, Bullhorn and Cream Corn start cleaning up the area leading ultimately to Black Dynamite killing Rafelli by dropping his car over a cliff using a giant magnet suspended from a helicopter.

Cream Corn breaks into Congressman James' house and steals his ledger with names and dates of everything including when all the drug shipments are coming in. Black Dynamite and Gloria walk around the newly cleaned up neighborhood and then make love at Black Dynamite's house. A group consisting of Black Dynamite, Bullhorn, Cream Corn, Saheed and two militants join Gunsmoke in raiding what they believe to be a drug warehouse. Gunsmoke uses a truth serum to make Chief talk and tell them about Operation Kansas. The group doesn't find any drugs only crate after crate of Anaconda Malt Liquor. While sitting in a restaurant they figure out the malt liquor is the Operation Kansas by using complicated logic. They hurry to Gunsmoke's home and find him sitting on his couch surrounded by Anaconda malt liquor and with a tiny shrunken penis. Bullhorn mercy kills Gunsmoke. They go back to the warehouse and Black Dynamite finds O'Leary is in charge of the operation. It turns out O'Leary gave the order to kill Jimmy that went from Congressman James and then Rafelli. Black Dynamite fakes being shot and then shoots O'Leary dead. A voice comes across a nearby walkie talkie. Black Dynamite answers it and finds out Fiendish Dr. Wu is behind the plan.

Black Dynamite's crew then travel to Kung Fu island where Dr. Wu is. Black Dynamite and his crew attack the base of Dr. Wu. Militant 2 tells Black Dynamite after this mission he will retire from the revolution and settle down and have a family growing his own vegetables, and then is killed by a thrown spear. Militant 1 and Saheed are then killed by thrown Chinese stars. Dr. Wu approaches Black Dynamite and Bullhorn. Bullhorn starts to walk towards Dr, Wu when Dr, Wu sends his sword spinning in the air which cuts Bullhorn's head off. Dr. Wu and Black Dynamite fight after Black Dynamite kills all of Dr. Wu's henchmen. Black Dynamite enters Dr. Wu's lab. A blade flies into a window and cuts off Dr.Wu's arm and Black Dynamite brags he threw the blade before he went into the room. He then sets Dr. Wu on fire.

Black Dynamite and Cream Corn go to the white house via a helicopter. Black Dynamite jumps out with a parachute while Cream Corn is killed when a secret service agent fires a rocket that explodes the helicopter. Black Dynamite walks into the oval office and confronts Richard M. Nixon. Black Dynamite and Nixon start fighting and he is about to throw a plate at Nixon when a bullet fired by Patricia Nixon shatters the plate. Black Dynamite slaps Patricia and Nixon jump kicks Black Dynamite. Nixon is about to shoot Black Dynamite with the pistol used to assassinate Abraham Lincoln when the ghost of Abraham Lincoln knocks the gun out of Nixon's hand. Black Dynamite beats up Nixon and Nixon asks him to kill him. Black Dynamite refuses and warns Nixon unless he wants everything he has done to come out he will have to take care of the black people. Black Dynamite walks back into the Oval Office and apologizes to Patricia for slapping her. Gloria arrives and Black Dynamite says he will be there to lay down ass whoopings to those who do wrong.