Black Sails: Season 1 Episode 4 IV.

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Flint and Eleanor bring their plan to action while Vane starts seeing visions of a large man.

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Black Sails (2014-2017)


Captain Flint - Toby Stephens

Eleanor Guthrie - Hannah New

John Silver - Luke Arnold

Max - Jessica Parker Kennedy

Billy Bones - Tom Hopper

Captain Charles Vane - Zach McGowan

Rackham - Toby Schmitz

Anne Bonny - Clara Paget

Gates - Mark Ryan

Mr. Scott - Hakeem Kae-Kazim

Richard Guthrie - Sean Cameron Michael

Miranda Barlow - Louise Barnes

Morley - Jeremy Crutchley

Randall - Lawrence Joffe

Captain Bryson - Langley Kirkwood

Logan - Dylan Skews

Hamund - Neels Clasen

Captain Benjamin Hornigold - Patrick Lyster

De Groot - Andre Jacobs

Pastor Lambrick - Mark Elderkin

Noonan - Toni Caprari

Hayes - Dean McCoubrey

Albinus - Garth Collins

O'Malley - Karl Thaning

Muldoon - Richard Wright-Firth

Joji - Winston Chong

Slade - Frans Hamman

Froom - Geoff Kukard

Crisp - Jarrid Geduld

Gruenwald - Greg Parvess

Gladwyn Boy - Joel Lurie


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Detailed Synopsis

Billy Bones walks into Gates' office and tells him that it is time. They walk out onto the deck of The Walrus and Gates tells the crew that Billy will be their new quartermaster. Billy tells the crew that they will need to careen the ship. He asks the crew where they should do it and Muldoon suggests somewhere where there is plenty of rum. Froom asks if they will have a tent for fornication and Billy mentions that it is something they can discuss later. Billy asks De Groot his opinion and De Groot says The Walrus is unsuitable for the task of careening the ship and asks to find a more suitable beach. Captain Flint says they cannot delay the careening or they will lose their chance at catching the Urca. Billy calls for a vote and all but Morley agree to it. Froom brings up the fornication tent again and after Billy talks about forgoing it, the crew becomes silent. A fornication tent is set up and Randall drops a pig at John Silver's feet. As the ship is being brought onto the beach, Billy remembers the conversation he had with Morley in which Morley told him of the time they were hunting a ship called the Maria Aleyne. He continues that Flint promised them the ship held immense wealth, but once they captured it, it had very little and while he was searching the ship he overheard a man and woman begging for their lives and afterwards saw Flint leaving after murdering them. Morley tells him that Flint murdered them for Miranda Barlow and good men will die for Flint's hidden agenda.

Miranda tells Flint that she misses her life with her former husband Thomas. Rackham finds Captain Charles Vane passed out in his tent from opium. Rackham leaves his tent and Vane looks out and sees Albinus staring at him and then seemingly disappear. Captain Benjamin Hornigold confronts Mr. Scott about Eleanor Guthrie humiliating Vane and mentions that other captains are worried about losing their livelihoods, because they may have upset Eleanor. He tells him that every morning he sees Captain Lilywhite raving to others about the problems of having only one person to sell their goods. He then warns Mr. Scott to control Eleanor. O'Malley tells Mr. Scott that the Andromache has arrived. Mr. Scott tells Eleanor that Captain Bryson has arrived and she figures out that Hornigold was complaining about her. She tells him that she doesn't care what the captains think and he warns her not to try and detain Bryson if he disagrees with her plan. Flint rides to the beach and De Groot tells him that they are ahead of schedule of cleaning the ship. Flint overhears Muldoon accuse Silver of feeding him bad pork. Flint puts a piece of pork in his mouth and tells Muldoon it must be something else. After Muldoon leaves, Flint spits out the piece of pork and tells Silver to get another pig. Max has sex with Slade and afterwards tells him the better he treats her, the more he will enjoy their sex. He tells the rest of Vane's crew what she told him and after Hamund hears what Slade says, he goes into Max's tent and beats her. Anne Bonny overhears Hamund beating Max and gets upset.

Bryson goes on shore and meets Eleanor. She tells him that a captain plans on attacking the Urca and Bryson is surprised Richard Guthrie hasn't struck down the idea. Mr. Scott goes to Miranda's house to get Richard for the meeting with Bryson. While they are securing The Walrus, Froom tells Crisp that when he gets his share of the Urca, he plans on having sex with rich women. Billy walks over and tells them that they tied the rope to the wrong tree and walks away. Crisp doesn't think it makes a difference and they leave and go to the fornication tent. Randall gets upset that Morley didn't bring a barnacle for Betsy and Morley walks away to get one, running into Billy on purpose. Silver overhears him complaining to Billy and tells Flint that he thinks Billy might be feeling uncomfortable about lying to the crew. The wind starts to pick up and De Groot notices the palm Froom and Crisp tied to the rope to start to strain, but doesn't tell Flint. Rackham tries to have Gruenwald sell Vane's hauls as if it were his own, but Gruenwald is worried that if Eleanor find out then he would also be blacklisted. As Rackham and Anne are walking, Noonan calls out to Rackham. Noonan demands that Max be returned and threatens to come and get her by force.

During the meeting between Richard, Eleanor, Mr. Scott and Bryson, Richard tells Bryson that he wants him to give his cannons to Flint. Bryson thinks something is amiss and asks to speak to Richard alone. When Eleanor and Mr. Scott leave the room, she indicates to Mr. Scott that O'Malley and a few other men are ready to take Bryson hostage if she gives the order. Bryson walks out of the room and tells Eleanor she will have her cannons and then calls Hayes to leave. As Mr. Scott is taking Richard back to Miranda's, Richard tells Mr. Scott that Eleanor is going to get herself killed and asks for his help. As Miranda is gardening, the Gladwyn Boy throws a dirt clod at her and calls her a witch. Logan brings Eleanor to Flint and she tells him about the successful meeting with Bryson. The wind starts to make the palms pull away from the sand. As everyone is running away from the ship, Randall sees Betsy hiding under the ship. Randall goes after her and the ship leans slightly and starts to crush Randall. Morley and Flint run to help Randall and Betsy runs away. They start to dig the sand under Randall while De Groot tells Billy that they have to cut the remaining rope to save the ship's mast.

Silver runs over and throws his butcher knife to Flint who starts to hack at Randall's stuck leg. The ropes are cut and the ship lurches, Flint manages to pull Randall away, but Morley is crushed under the ship. Billy tells Gates that he regrets agreeing with Flint's idea about the ship and admits that he is afraid of Flint. Flint asks Silver what Billy and Morley were talking about and Silver tells him that they mentioned the name Barlow. Mr. Scott and Richard return to Miranda's house and Richard tells Miranda that he knows that she is Lady Hamilton. He offers to help return her to civilization and have her taken to Boston. Vane has a dream with Eleanor in it and wakes up and sees Albinus staring at him again. He gets up and follows him and is then ambushed by Noonan and his men. Vane kills Noonan's men and then crushes Noonan's throat. Miranda brings Pastor Lambrick to her house and Richard tells him that he is willing to make penance for his past sins. While O'Malley is on watch to make sure Bryson is bringing the cannons, Mr. Scott takes his rifle away and knocks him unconscious. Eleanor and Flint see the Andromache fleeing and Flint decides to go after the ship.