Black Sails: Season 1 Episode 7 VII.

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Gates confronts Flint on his lies to the crew while Vane tries to start a rebellion against Albinus.

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Black Sails (2014-2017)


Captain Flint - Toby Stephens

Eleanor Guthrie - Hannah New

John Silver - Luke Arnold

Max - Jessica Parker Kennedy

Captain Charles Vane - Zach McGowan

Rackham - Toby Schmitz

Anne Bonny - Clara Paget

Gates - Mark Ryan

Mr. Scott - Hakeem Kae-Kazim

Miranda Barlow - Louise Barnes

Albinus - Garth Collins

Randall - Lawrence Joffe

De Groot - Andre Jacobs

Dufresne - Jannes Eiselen

Idelle - Lise Slabber

Pastor Lambrick - Mark Elderkin

Captain Benjamin Hornigold - Patrick Lyster

Frasier - David Butler

Eme - Sibongile Mlambo

Logan - Dylan Skews

Joji - Winston Chong

O'Malley - Karl Thaning

Dr. Howell - Alistair Moulton Black

Boy Slave - Wonder Kalambay

Captain Naft - Graham Weir

Captain Lawrence - John Herbert

Mrs. Mapleton - Fiona Ramsay

Distressed Whore - Melissa Haiden

Alice - Kelly Wragg

Horse Riding Slave - Sazi Silingo

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Detailed Synopsis

Pastor Lambrick gives an Easter sermon in a corn field while no one is around about sin. A Horse Riding Slave rides past him and stops in front of Miranda Barlow. He tells her that Captain Flint has returned. Eleanor Guthrie asks Flint how the Scarborough knew where to find his ship. Flint tells her that Richard Guthrie betrayed them and Eleanor says that Miranda must also assume some blame. She tells him about the new trading system she has set up and tells him that John Silver helped her and she agreed to defend him against Flint. Anne Bonny is having sex with Rackham when she complains about his erectile dysfunction. Rackham tells her that he has a lot of things on his mind and that the brothel they own isn't making a profit. Anne then leaves Rackham naked, tied to the bed. Idelle tells Max that Alice made her porridge. Idelle tells her that the other prostitutes are wondering how she made Hamund and the others disappear. Idelle tells Max that she and the other prostitutes are stealing from Rackham. Gates sees Dufresne getting a tattoo and with a newly shorn head and Dufresne says it is part of an initiation to become The Walrus' new quartermaster. Gates asks Flint when he is going to confront Miranda about Richard escaping. Gates confronts Flint about the letter Miranda wrote in which she thought Flint would betray them.

De Groot and Dr. Howell hold back Randall from attacking Silver. De Groot tells Silver that the ship's council voted Randall off the crew. Randall Tells De Groot and Howell that Silver stole the page and not Singleton. Eleanor has a meeting with Captain Benjamin Hornigold, Frasier, Captain Naft, and Captain Lawrence concerning the Guthrie Frasier Naft Lawrence Consortium for the Purpose of Shipping and Trade in the West Indies, Excelsior. Naft tells Reginald to add to the agenda to come up with a shorter name. Lawrence tells the others that some of his sailors quit his ship. O'Malley calls to Eleanor and tells her that Mr. Scott refuses to leave. Mr. Scott tells Eleanor that he betrayed her out of love. Captain Charles Vane wakes up and Boy Slave tells him that Albinus is waiting for him. Vane follow Boy Slave into Albinus' lumber camp. Vane tells Albinus that Nassau is weak and tries to convince him to attack it. He offers a share to each man and one for Albinus for every sixth man. Albinus agrees to it if he gets a share for every three men. Flint tells Gates that he thinks Miranda wants to leave and is desperate enough to say anything in order for him to leave too. Gates accuses Flint of getting rid of Billy Bones. Gates says that he is bringing his concerns to the crew and Flint tells Gates that he plans to take a portion of every crew members loot and that everyone is lied to. Gates then tells him that he will help attack the Urca, but will then part ways with Flint.

De Groot tells Dufresne what Randall told him. Howell suggests they keep the information from the crew so that they can continue with their hunt of the Urca. Silver tells Randall that more than likely he will be killed to be kept silent. Albinus picks twelve of his men and says that they shall follow Vane. Albinus notices the scar on Vane and realizes that Vane used to be one of his. Vane tries to get Albinus' men to rebel against him. Vane and Albinus start to fight and Albinus wins. Vane is then buried. Dufresne tells Silver that De Groot plans on handing Silver over to the crew unless Silver can pass a memory test. Mr. Scott goes to bring food to the slaves and Eme asks him if Eleanor agreed to let them go. Flint goes to Miranda's house and yells at her for the letter she sent. Silver goes to Randall and offers to be his caretaker so that they both can stay alive. Dufresne, De Groot and Howell go to get Silver after he fails his test and Silver pulls a knife on De Groot, who pulls his own knife out. Randall starts calling everyone a thief. Eleanor tells Mr. Scott that the able bodied slaves will be given to Lawrence to replace his crew members who quit, while she was able to get enough money to purchase the women who she will then employ. He tells her that he has joined Hornigold's crew and Eleanor tells him to leave.

Rackham tells Distressed Whore that she isn't making enough money and will have to leave. Distressed Whore starts to cry and Alice gives Rackham five pieces of coin. Max walks up to Alice and tells her that she knows Alice just serviced Captain Hallendale and he gave her more money. Alice argues with Max, who slaps her and then admits to Rackham that she was lying and will never do it again. Eleanor finds Flint drunk and tells him it unwise to get drunk so close to their mission. Eleanor tells Flint she believes in him and he kisses her forehead. Silver starts to walk away and Logan reminds him that the deal was he never takes eyes off of Randall. Silver tells Randall that he thinks Randall may be faking his condition. Gates remembers back to when he spoke with Dufresne the night before when Dufresne told him that the crew plans on killing Flint after they take the Urca over the death of Billy. The Walrus and the Ranger then leave port. Vane digs himself out his grave and beats Albinus to death after shoving a stake into his back and then stares at Albinus' people.