Black Sails: Season 1 Episode 8 VIII.

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Charles Vane returns and the search for the Urca takes a turn for the worse.

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Black Sails (2014-2017)


Captain Flint - Toby Stephens

Eleanor Guthrie - Hannah New

John Silver - Luke Arnold

Max - Jessica Parker Kennedy

Captain Charles Vane - Zach McGowan

Rackham - Toby Schmitz

Anne Bonny - Clara Paget

Gates - Mark Ryan

Mr. Scott - Hakeem Kae-Kazim

Randall - Lawrence Joffe

De Groot - Andre Jacobs

Dufresne - Jannes Eiselen

Idelle - Lise Slabber

Frasier - David Butler

Logan - Dylan Skews

O'Malley - Karl Thaning

Joji - Winston Chong

Mrs. Mapleton - Fiona Ramsay

Captain Benjamin Hornigold - Patrick Lyster

Joshua - Richard Lukunku

Dr. Howell - Alistair Moulton Black

Muldoon - Richard Wright-Firth

Captain Lawrence - John Herbert

Captain Naft - Graham Weir

Spanish Officer - Alberto Nicolo'

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Detailed Synopsis

Rackham walks down the stairs to a table at the busy brothel. Mrs. Mapleton tells him that the bursar told her that she was no longer going to receive her part of the brothel's profits. He tells her that he is garnishing her wages for all the money she stole from the brothel. Mrs. Mapleton threatens to tell everyone what happened to Noonan. Rackham then fires her and Max brings up that none of the powerful merchants will care what Mrs. Mapleton tells them as they are all enjoying themselves at the brothel. Mrs. Mapleton angrily walks away and Rackham gives a cheers to Max. As The Walrus is going through a storm, Dr. Howell gives John Silver a fake leg for Randall to wear. Muldoon tells Logan that Gates is coming over from the Ranger. Gates, Silver and Captain Flint have a meeting in Flint's cabin and Flint has Silver write down the last of the Urca's schedule. Flint compares what Silver wrote down to notes of inlets he has and realizes the course leads to Division Bay. Flint then hands Silver coordinates to give to De Groot. Mr. Scott tells Eleanor Guthrie that Captain Benjamin Hornigold wanted him to sit in for Hornigold during Captain Lawrence's final preparations for departure.

Flint and Gates have a drink together and reminisce about old times. Anne Bonny gets upset with Rackham for firing Mrs. Mapleton. Captain Charles Vane arrives at Nassau with the men from Albinus' lumber camp. The Walrus and Ranger arrive at Division Bay and Flint briefs his crew. Once they get view of the bay. no ship is there. Eleanor gives Lawrence his real and fake manifests and she, Captain Naft and Frasier see Lawrence off. Hornigold congratulates Eleanor with what she has done and she tells him that Richard Guthrie must die. The cannons at the fort start firing at ships in the harbor. Dufresne tells Flint that the crew has agreed to dock the ships and send out search parties for the Urca. Dufresne tells Gates that De Groot has insisted that once they dock, that Flint is immediately put on trial. Gates disagrees with the plan and insists they put Flint on trial when they return then hands Dufresne a letter. Logan spots sails and yells it to the crew and yells out that the ship is a Man-o'-War. Flint comes up with a plan to make it appear like the Ranger is attacking The Walrus and then ambush the Man-o'-War as it gets closer. Gates tells Flint he needs to speak with him and they argue about the plan. Gates tells Flint that he is taking the Ranger and tells Flint about De Groot and the others plan on hanging Flint. Gates tells him that when they return to Nassau that he will have Flint and Miranda Barlow secretly taken to Boston and as Gates is leaving Flint grabs him and breaks his neck.

The consortium holds a meeting and Hornigold tells the others that he should soon have 250 men to assault the fort and retake it. O'Malley runs into the room and brings them outside. Vane walks up with his crew and tells Eleanor that they need to talk. Flint leaves his cabin and tells Dufresne that Gates has died of a heart attack. He tells Logan to tell Mr. Thompson on the Ranger that he is in charge and to sail north. Dufresne walks into Flint's cabin and Silver tries to convince him to keep Gates' murder quiet. Vane threatens to use the fort to attack any ships and offers to become Eleanor's partner. After their meeting, Eleanor tells Hornigold that she has agreed to let Vane have the fort and she told Vane about the secret tunnels. Vane confronts Rackham with Mrs. Mapleton and accuses him of betrayal and says that he will tell everyone that he betrayed men for a woman. Silver yells at the Man-o'-War that they are being followed by a pirate ship and points at the Ranger. He tells the Spanish Officer where they came from and the Man-o'-War continues on its way. As Flint is about to give the order to fire on the Man-o'-War, Dufresne pulls a pistol on him and accuses him of tyranny against the crew.

Dufresne holds up the letter Gates gave him which details Flint's crimes against the crew. De Groot pulls a pistol on Silver. As Flint goes to fire a cannon, Dufresne shoots him and Silver and De Groot struggle for De Groot's pistol. As De Groot is about to shoot Silver, Randall hits him with his fake leg. Silver fires one of the cannons at the Man-o'-War and Flint tells Dufresne not to waste the moment. Dufresne freezes and the Man-o'War fires at The Walrus and Dufresne orders The Walrus to open fire. The Man-o'-War opens fire again and The Walrus is obliterated. Flint falls off the ship and starts to sink in the water. Eleanor apologizes to Max and Max congratulates her on her endeavor. Flint wakes up on the beach next to Silver who tells him that he and Flint have been charged with what has happened. Flint asks Dufresne why he didn't kill him and Dufresne takes Flint and Silver to another part of the beach where they look at the shipwreck of the Urca and its chests of gold scattered along the beach.