Black Sails: Season 2 Episode 5 XIII.

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Flint continues his bombardment of the fort and Nassau.

Series Index

Black Sails (2014-2017)


Captain Flint - Toby Stephens

Eleanor Guthrie - Hannah New

John Silver - Luke Arnold

Max - Jessica Parker Kennedy

Billy Bones - Tom Hopper

Captain Charles Vane - Zach McGowan

Rackham - Toby Schmitz

Anne Bonny - Clara Paget

Mr. Scott - Hakeem Kae-Kazim

Richard Guthrie - Sean Cameron Michael

Miranda Barlow - Louise Barnes

Thomas Hamilton - Rupert Penry-Jones

Pastor Lambrick - Mark Elderkin

Peter Ashe - Nick Boraine

Captain Benjamin Hornigold - Patrick Lyster

Jenks - Robert Hobbs

Abigail Ashe - Meganne Young

Featherstone - Craig Jackson

Idelle - Lise Slabber

Randall - Lawrence Joffe

Charlotte - Angelique Pretorius

De Groot - Andre Jacobs

Runner - Christopher McArthur

Admiral Hennessey - Greg Melvill-Smith

Alfred Hamilton - Danny Keogh

Babatunde - Patrick Lavisa

Boy 1 - Jake Maisel

Larson - Martin Van Geems

Dufresne - Roland Reed

Joshua - Richard Lukunku

Logan - Dylan Skews

Joji - Winston Chong

Muldoon - Richard Wright-Firth

Dooley - Laudo Liebenberg

Character thumbnails with links to profiles

Detailed Synopsis

As Anne Bonny, Rackham and Max are having a threesome, Anne notices Max paying attention to Rackham. They are interrupted by cannon ball explosions. Miranda Barlow walks outside her house and Pastor Lambrick stops her and asks her not to go to Captain Flint. She tells him that she knows why Flint is doing it and leaves. In the past, Miranda holds a book signed by Thomas Hamilton with the note "My truest love, Know no shame." Peter Ashe tells Thomas that he believes that Alfred Hamilton will never let Thomas' proposal come to a vote. Peter tells him that he thinks he could get everything in the proposal passed, except the portion on pardoning the pirates. Miranda tells Thomas that she plans on leaving and that Flint has arrived from the Bahamas. John Silver tries to explain Flint's actions to Billy Bones. Billy realizes that Silver is keeping him so he doesn't challenge Flint. Billy tries to leave, but finds out that he is chained to a post. In the past, Flint arrives at Thomas's home and is greeted by Peter, Miranda and Thomas. Thomas asks him if he was able to convince the governor of Nassau to support their proposal and Flint tells them that a group of pirates murdered the governor's wife and nine year old son. Peter thinks the proposal is dead, but Flint thinks if he could convince the Sea Lords to back the proposal then it could still happen. Miranda pulls Flint aside and asks him to stop following through on Thomas' proposal.

Boy 1 gives a report on the destruction to the people in the brothel. Charlotte shows Rackham her design for his banner along with Idelle and Featherstone. Rackham rejects her design and Charlotte gets upset. Rackham tells Featherstone that he wants to set sail as soon as the bombardment stops. Featherstone starts to tell Rackham that the other pirates want some changes made to the ship agreements, but stops when Anne walks up. Anne wonders if Vane will survive the bombardment. Miranda passes a woman holding her dead child. She remembers the past again and her argument with Flint and how she told him that Thomas needs him to protect him from the world. She tells him that Alfred will use what scandal has been going on in their house against Thomas. Flint tells his crew to cease fire and De Groot repeats the order. Flint then orders his crew to prepare to move ashore. Jenks reports to Captain Charles Vane the damage to the fort and the casualties. Vane tells Larson to take Abigail Ashe back to her cell. Vane tells Jenks that he is leaving to kill Flint. Richard Guthrie tells Eleanor Guthrie that he was present when Mr. Underhill was told of Eleanor's proposal to sell Underhill's goods and Underhill said no. Runner walks in to Eleanor's office and tells her that a cannonball has set one of the stores on fire. She tells him to tell Captain Lawrence to move his powder to another warehouse.

Richard tells Eleanor that the merchants are willing to join her if she turns against the pirates. Flint and his crew make it ashore and Flint tells Dufresne to find Silver. Captain Benjamin Hornigold tells Flint that he told his men to keep it a secret that Flint intends on going after the Spanish gold. Miranda finds Flint on the beach and tells him not to take the fort and to speak with her. In the past, Flint tells Admiral Hennessey the proposal as they walk to Hennessey's office. They walk into Hennessey's office, where Alfred is already waiting and Hennessey tells Flint that Alfred told him what Flint did in Alfred's house. Hennessey tells Flint that he is discharged from the navy and is to leave London. Flint returns to Thomas' home and asks Miranda where Thomas is. Peter tells him that Alfred's men took Thomas and Miranda tells him that Thomas was taken to Bethlem Royal Hospital to be committed. Peter offers to take them to live with friends, but Flint tells him that that he and Miranda aren't going to Europe. Rackham asks Max if any of Flint's crew have gone to the brothel and Anne thinks that Flint's crew were told not to go to the brothel so they couldn't divulge a secret. They approach Charlotte and ask her if Logan has visited her and asks her to find out about the Urca gold.

Idelle asks Rackham to come with her and brings him to her room and Featherstone tells Rackham that the crew has two problems with the articles, one is Max getting a cut of the spoils and Anne. Rackham walks up to Anne and tells her what Featherstone told him and that he plans on going without her for now, until he gains the crews' trust. After he tells her, Anne gets up and walks away. Billy asks Silver how he managed to secure being Flint's right hand man, and Silver reminds him that he told him that he was easily liked. Randall tells Billy that the crew like him and Silver asks Billy what he will tell the crew what happened when Billy fell overboard. Billy demands Silver release him and Randall tells Silver that the crew like Billy also. Silver then releases Billy. Richard tells Eleanor that all his actions were to protect her. He tells her what a great job she has done. Flint and Miranda walk into the bar and Eleanor gives them a room. Miranda then tells Flint that Vane has captured Abigail and he needs to capture Abigail and return her to Peter. As she is talking, Flint remembers to when he and Thomas kissed in front of Miranda. Before she leaves, she gives Flint the Marcus Aurelius book with the message from Thomas to Flint. Flint turns around and Vane attacks him with a knife.