Black Sails: Season 2 Episode 6 XIV.

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Rackham enjoys his newfound captaincy while Anne falls into despair and anger.

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Black Sails (2014-2017)


Captain Flint - Toby Stephens

Eleanor Guthrie - Hannah New

John Silver - Luke Arnold

Max - Jessica Parker Kennedy

Billy Bones - Tom Hopper

Captain Charles Vane - Zach McGowan

Rackham - Toby Schmitz

Anne Bonny - Clara Paget

Mr. Scott - Hakeem Kae-Kazim

Richard Guthrie - Sean Cameron Michael

Miranda Barlow - Louise Barnes

Featherstone - Craig Jackson

Logan - Dylan Skews

Muldoon - Richard Wright-Firth

Dufresne - Roland Reed

Captain Benjamin Hornigold - Patrick Lyster

Idelle - Lise Slabber

Charlotte - Angelique Pretorius

Linus Harcourt - Andre Weideman

Abigail Ashe - Meganne Young

Lookout - Dylan Esbach

Dr. Howell - Alistair Moulton Black

De Groot - Andre Jacobs

Joji - Winston Chong

Joshua - Richard Lukunku

Captain Hume - David Dukas

Goliath's Quartermaster - Yves Garnier

True North Captain - Ian Strauss

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Detailed Synopsis

Captain Flint and Captain Charles Vane continue to fight until they are stopped by Eleanor Guthrie who fires a rifle in their direction. She tells them that they will stop their fighting at that instant and Flint asks Vane to sit down. Flint tells Vane that if Vane gives him Abigail Ashe then he will let Vane keep the fort. Flint tells Eleanor to bring Richard Guthrie so he can hear what Flint is about to say. Rackham smiles as he sails on his new ship and Featherstone tells him that they should be about to come upon the True North. Featherstone offers to help Rackham if he needs it during the True North's capture and tells him that he heard his post on the Ranger was a political one. The Lookout spots ship sails and Rackham gives the order to take the True North. The Lookout then yells that a ship is following from behind them. Logan tells Muldoon that he is going to the brothel. Captain Benjamin Hornigold warns Dufresne that they can't keep their men waiting for much longer if they are to fight. Billy Bones walks into camp and is greeted by the rest of Flint's crew and Dufresne hugs him. Richard arrives with Miranda Barlow and Flint describes what will happen if England decides to take back Nassau.

He tells them that Peter Ashe is a powerful man and if they return Abigail to him then Peter will help them. Eleanor tells Flint that Peter hates pirates, but Flint tells them that he and Peter were once friends. Vane demands that he get something tangible and demands he get Flint's man-o-war. Vane walks away and Eleanor tells him to stop and Vane tells her that she has to choose between him or Flint. Idelle tells Max that the crew of the Eagle were recruiting along the beach when Anne Bonny asked to join and then plunged a marlinspike into the quartermaster's jaw when he rejected her. Idelle worries that Anne is going to get revenge on Max, but Max doesn't think so. Charlotte knocks on Max's office door and tells her that Logan told her that Flint forbade his men from going to the brothel. Richard tells Flint that his plan won't work if Flint steals the Spanish gold. Flint tells Richard that his men already saw the gold and will not stop from trying to get it. Eleanor tells Flint that Vane agreed to give him Abigail as long as Vane is allowed to stay in the fort. The True North Captain is tied to the mast and Linus Harcourt and his crew board the True North. Rackham introduces himself and Linus tells him that he has three options, their crews fight it out, Rackham and Linus fight, or they come to an agreement on splitting the spoils.

Billy tells the pirates of The Walrus about his ordeal and that the British Navy is encamped 40 miles away. Dufresne then asks Billy how he fell overboard. Miranda tells Flint that she wants to be part of the plan to get Abigail to safety. John Silver tells Flint that Billy has returned. Anne confronts Charlotte and demands to know what Logan told her. Anne runs up to Charlotte's room and puts a sword to Logan's neck and demands to know where the Urca gold is. Logan starts to insult Anne and she slits his throat and then kills Charlotte. Linus tells Rackham that he knows that it must be Rackham's first day as a captain and Rackham becomes sensitive when Linus mentions his banner. Linus gives Rackham his idea of how things should be split, which is unequal. Flint returns to camp and shakes Billy's hand and they hug. Hornigold tells Flint that it is time to recapture the fort. Max and Idelle go into Charlotte's room and find the bodies of Charlotte and Logan and Anne sitting by herself and Max promises to cover for Anne. Flint tells the plan to allow Vane to stay in the fort to Dufresne and Hornigold. Hornigold refuses to accept the deal and says that he will hold a council to take over as captain instead of Flint. Eleanor goes to Vane and tells him that they will offer Abigail in exchange for legitimacy. He tells her that he doesn't believe that England is willing to fight for Nassau and they kiss.

Rackham shows Featherstone the list of what Linus is willing to share and Featherstone thinks they should accept it. Rackham attacks Linus and manages to slice him in the neck. They fight and Linus starts to beat Rackham, but then dies from his wound. Rackham tells Linus' crew that Linus refused to make an equitable deal and has Mr. Haines release the crew from the True North. He then invites the Goliath's Quartermaster to come and make a more equitable deal. Billy tells Dufresne that he is supporting Flint in the captain vote and that Flint is right in that England is coming. He tells Dufresne that if Flint doesn't succeed in his plan then he will give Flint over to Captain Hume who made him an offer for nine pardons. Silver tells Flint that he should have more votes than Hornigold, but Flint worries that if Hornigold loses, he still may attack the fort. Flint reassures Silver that the gold is still a priority. Muldoon tells Silver that Logan went to the brothel. Silver goes to the brothel and tells Max to send Logan back to camp. Max shows Silver the bodies of Logan and Charlotte and Silver comes up with a story that Logan and Charlotte fled to Providence. During the night, Eleanor sneaks away from Vane with the cell keys and rescues Abigail.