Black Sails: Season 3 Episode 4 XXII.

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The British arrive which forces Vane and the pirate fleet to abandon Nassau.

Series Index

Black Sails (2014-2017)


Captain Flint - Toby Stephens

Eleanor Guthrie - Hannah New

John Silver - Luke Arnold

Billy Bones - Tom Hopper

Captain Charles Vane - Zach McGowan

Rackham - Toby Schmitz

Anne Bonny - Clara Paget

Mr. Scott - Hakeem Kae-Kazim

Miranda Barlow - Louise Barnes

Woodes Rogers - Luke Roberts

Blackbeard - Ray Stevenson

Captain Benjamin Hornigold - Patrick Lyster

Dufresne - Roland Reed

Featherstone - Craig Jackson

De Groot - Andre Jacobs

Mrs. Hudson - Anna-Louise Plowman

Dooley - Laudo Liebenberg

The Maroon Queen - Moshidi Motshegwa

Madi - Zethu Dlomo

Captain Chamberlain - Jason Cope

Ben Gunn - Chris Fisher

Reuben - Craig Hawks

Knocking Pirate - Tyrone Dadd

Udo - Siv Ngesi

Kofi - Andrian Mazive

Pardon Clerk - Michael Kirch

Ellers - Wilson Carpenter

Lieutenant Perkins - Francis Chouler

Redcoat 1 - Rory Appleton

Serious Slave - Jimi Ogunlaja

Warren - Gideon Lombard

Dr. Howell - Alistair Moulton Black

Dobbs - Richard Lothian

Joji - Winston Chong

Twitchy Pirate - Warren Germishuys

Wayne - Calvin Hayward

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Detailed Synopsis

The pirates from The Walrus are gathering water and food on the island while also making camp. Captain Flint walks over to John Silver and asks him how his leg is doing. Silver tells Flint that he and Billy Bones think that England may have come up with a plan for a universal pardon. Silver thinks they may return to a Nassau that is under assault by the British, but Flint thinks if there was a battle, it is already over. While Billy is drinking water, he is found by Udo and Kofi. A group of Maroons then capture the rest of The Walrus crew. Woodes Rogers tells Eleanor Guthrie that he would trade 10 of his advisers for her. He continues that he expects by tomorrow that half of the pirates will have accepted pardons. He then invites her to be his senior adviser. A group of pirates including Knocking Pirate gather at the fort and demand that Rackham give them Captain Charles Vane. Rackham has the gate opened to the fort and then shoots Knocking Pirate dead before closing it again. Anne Bonny wonders why out of everyone, Vane was the only one that wasn't offered a pardon. Featherstone tells Rackham that their crew have voted and they and they want Vane removed from the fort as they think the new governor might let them keep the fort and the gold.

As they are being brought to the Maroon camp, Dooley wonders if the Maroons will be less harsh on them due to them fleeing a few slaves, but Billy reminds him that they sold more than they freed. Silver's leg goes out from under him and Twitchy Pirate tries to escape. Kofi sends a maroon to go after Twitchy Pirate and Twitchy Pirate ends up killing himself by falling into a pit trap. Flint and his crew are brought to a village where they meet The Maroon Queen who demands to know who their captain is. She asks Flint what his name is and then asks who their quartermaster is. Silver steps forward and The Maroon Queen asks him how they found the island and who else knew where they were. She asks him if he was in her position if he would take the word of a pirate and then has one of the crew taken away while the rest of them are placed inside a cage. Dooley asks Flint what is going to happen to them and Ben Gunn tells him that those who survive the initial purge will then be forced to do hard labor. Warren sees Rackham and asks where he has been. Rackham tells Vane, Anne and Featherstone that he has set the explosives and they are about to go off. He tells Vane that he will cover Vane's escape, but he and the others plan on staying.

Rogers tells Eleanor that Blackbeard and his men will eventually surrender and Eleanor assures him that she wants him to succeed. Rackham's explosives go off and Captain Benjamin Hornigold tells Dufresne to tell the men that Vane has likely escaped the fort. A dead pirate is dragged from The Maroon Queen's hut and Ben tells Billy that there is supposedly a king that lives elsewhere and provides them with hard to get items. Silver sees Madi walking around the village and asks about her and Ben says that Madi is The Maroon Queen's daughter. Silver then tells Flint that Madi may be sympathetic to their cause. As Vane is walking to the dock, he is ambushed by a group of pirates, but is helped by Blackbeard. Hornigold sees Mr. Scott waiting in line to receive his pardon from the Pardon Clerk and shakes his hand. Mr. Scott asks Hornigold how he may help with the new regime and Hornigold tells him the slaves used to repair the fort have escape and Mr. Scott offers to find them. Vane and Blackbeard make it onto Blackbeard's ship and Blackbeard has Reuben give Vane his spy glass so he can see that Eleanor is on Rogers' ship, The Delicia. Flint has a dream where he tells Miranda Barlow that he sees no way out of the predicament he and his crew are in and if he should just accept death.

Rackham laments to Anne that they were so close to cementing their names in history. During the night, Silver is brought before Madi by Udo. She asks him why his crew refused their pardons and Silver tells her that Flint wants England to fear him, while The Maroon Queen wants her followers to fear England. Before Silver is brought back to the cage, he asks Madi to save Flint's crew from death from The Maroon Queen. While Blackbeard is having a ship filled with a wood fire, he makes sure Vane won't cause their trick to fail out of a need to get revenge on Eleanor. Captain Chamberlain tells Rogers that Blackbeard will soon realize they have no choice, but to surrender Vane. After Chamberlain leaves, Mrs. Hudson sneaks up to Rogers' door and listens as he asks Eleanor how her enemies on the island would describe her. Eleanor tells him that they would call her untrustworthy and he tells her that he trusts her.

Lieutenant Perkins knocks on Rogers' door and Rogers goes to the upper deck and Chamberlain tells him a ship is approaching. Rogers tells Chamberlain to lift their anchors. Vane gives a signal and the pirates on the ship jump off and he directs the ship directly at Rogers' ship. Vane's ship erupts in flames and Chamberlain has the crew fire at the ship and Vane jumps from his ship. Ellers tells Blackbeard that the pirate fleet is on its way and Vane's fire ship rams into one of Rogers' other ships and the pirate fleet escapes. Silver tells Flint that Madi can be used to help them. Flint tells Silver that Rogers' plan is something he came up with and resisting it is something against what he used to be. Madi tells The Maroon Queen that her plan to kill Flint's crew is a mistake, but The Maroon Queen refuses to change her mind in order to keep their people free. Mr. Scott goes to the beach and meets up with the escaped slaves from the fortress including Serious Slave. He gives instructions to Serious Slave for when they arrive at their destination. Redcoat 1 and another British soldier sees them and tells them to halt. Mr. Scott tries to de-escalate the situation, but a fight breaks out and Redcoat 1 is injured while the other British Soldier is killed. Mr. Scott looks at his stomach and sees that he is shot and he is pulled onto the boat by Serious Slave.