Black Sails: Season 3 Episode 8 XXVI.

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Flint, Vane and Anne enact their plan to rescue Rackham.

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Black Sails (2014-2017)


Captain Flint - Toby Stephens

Eleanor Guthrie - Hannah New

John Silver - Luke Arnold

Max - Jessica Parker Kennedy

Billy Bones - Tom Hopper

Captain Charles Vane - Zach McGowan

Rackham - Toby Schmitz

Anne Bonny - Clara Paget

Woodes Rogers - Luke Roberts

Captain Benjamin Hornigold - Patrick Lyster

De Groot - Andre Jacobs

Dooley - Laudo Liebenberg

Dobbs - Richard Lothian

Captain Chamberlain - Jason Cope

Madi - Zethu Dlomo

Georgia - Nevena Jablanovic

Joji - Winston Chong

Kofi - Andrian Mazive

Ben Gunn - Chris Fisher

Wayne - Calvin Hayward

Lookout - Terry Hoffman

Major Rollins - Garth Breytenbach

Chidi - Lemogang Tsipa

Hornigold's Boatswain - Roger Thomas

Dr. Marcus - Wayne Harrison

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Detailed Synopsis

Captain Flint kneels by the fireplace in Miranda Barlow's abandoned home. He tells Captain Charles Vane to stop strumming Miranda's clavichord. Vane comments on how much energy it must require maintaining all of Miranda's fragile items. They debate about what is better, a life more comfortable or freedom. Anne Bonny walks in and suggests they search for where Rackham is being brought. Billy Bones opens the door and tells them that a rider approaches and it is the man Featherstone sent to find out what route Rackham was being taken. Rackham is in his cell and feeds food scraps to a mouse and recommends it leave to see the rest of the world outside the prison. The cell door opens, and Rackham is brought in chains to a carriage where Woodes Rogers is sitting along with a chest with Anne's share of the cache. Rogers tells Rackham that he is being sent as a prisoner to the Spanish. Major Rollins tells Rogers that they are ready, and Rackham is surprised to hear that Anne is still alive. Madi asks John Silver how they are able to see Nassau, but the people on Nassau cannot see them. He explains that De Groot explained to him that in their current position, their hull sits below the horizon. She tells him that she heard that he killed Dufresne and says she is concerned of his mind not being clear.

Dooley tells Silver that he needs to speak with him and takes Silver to the cargo hold where Dobbs, Joji, and Wayne are standing over Chidi, who has been beaten up and has his hands tied. Dobbs says that in the Maroon camp they killed Parker, Louis, Graves, and Simon and Chidi was the one who chose them to be killed. Max and Georgia are having sex and afterwards, Georgia asks what Max is trying to avoid. Eleanor Guthrie goes to see Max, and Max is surprised to hear that Anne let Rollins leave with the cache without a fight. Max then explains to Eleanor that Anne would never have let Rollins leave unless she already knew something was wrong. Rogers assures Rackham that his execution will probably be quick. Rackham tells Rogers that as long as Anne is alive, there is a chance she will attempt to free Rackham. Eleanor tells Captain Chamberlain that Rogers is riding into a trap, but he doesn't believe her. Max tries to convince him, but he tells Eleanor that he doesn't trust her. Eleanor then goes to speak with Captain Benjamin Hornigold.

Dooley suggests they either kill Chidi or let him kill Dobbs, but Silver decides to tell Madi what has happened. Madi is brought to see Chidi and Silver tells her that Dobbs is the one responsible and he will be punished. Madi cuts Chidi loose and tells Silver that Chidi will tell the others that he offended Madi and was punished by Kofi. Hornigold tells Eleanor that his lookout noticed a reflection of light from where Flint supposedly sailed off and believes that Eleanor may be right about a rescue attempt. Rackham tells Rogers about his father and how his father became an alcoholic after his business failed. He tells Rogers that while Rogers had an easy life, he had to struggle, and yet still caught up to Rogers. Riders are seen approaching and Rackham tells an officer to engage the riders. Rackham tries to choke Rogers, but Rogers punches him unconscious. The riders kill Rogers' escort and shoot the wagon tire, causing the wagon to crash. Two of the riders reveal themselves to be Vane and Anne and Anne kisses Rackham. Flint and Billy grab the chest while Vane and Anne stay behind to try and free Rackham. Vane has Anne ride away with Rackham and as he is about to ride away, Vane is shot by Rogers. Hornigold's men approach and beat Vane, who is about to kill Rogers.

Madi tells Silver, she grew up with Chidi and it was hard not to let him have his revenge, but she thought what was best for their future. Silver assures her that it will not happen again and while Dobbs is sleeping, he is beaten by Dooley and a few other pirates. Lookout spots ship sails and Silver tells De Groot to head back to shore. Hornigold tells Hornigold's Boatswain to follow The Walrus. Eleanor tells Max that more of Rogers' troops are getting sick and if Hornigold's men didn't successfully secure the cache and Rackham, then they will be at war with Spain. A wounded Rogers rides into town and is carried to see Dr. Marcus. Rackham tells Flint that Vane was captured. Flint tells Billy to bring the cache to the ship while he goes back to save Vane. Rackham and Billy tell Flint that he must return with the cache and Billy says he will agitate the locals to try and prevent Vane from being hanged. While he is being attended to by Marcus, Rogers tells Eleanor that they captured Vane. Rogers asks Eleanor if he can trust her to keep her emotions concerning Vane from clouding her judgement and she tells him that when Rogers freed her, all she thought about was revenge and she doesn't know how she will react when she sees Vane.