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Edward "Blackbeard" Teach aka Drummond is a former pirate in Bath, Carolina. His wife is Mary and his brothers-in-law are Tom, Edgar and Caleb. Blackbeard's fourth wife was Constance.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 3 Episode 1 XIX. played by Ray Stevenson

Merchant Captain takes Tom, Edgar and Caleb to the captain's quarters and Tom pushes Merchant Captain aside and enters the room. Blackbeard asks them why they came and Tom tells him that they are Mary's brothers and they are there to make sure Blackbeard honors his vows to Mary. He tells Blackbeard that he will either by Mary's current husband or late husband. Blackbeard tells them that he can't return and when they pull out their swords tells them that Mary told them three lies. That he retired from a prosperous trade as opposed to being a pirate, that his name is Drummond, and that anyone who lifted a sword against him would survive the encounter. Blackbeard shoots, Tom, Edgar and Caleb and then tells Merchant Captain to make haste to Nassau. Later, a boat arrives on Nassau and Blackbeard asks a local if he knows where Captain Charles Vane is.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 3 Episode 2 XX. played by Ray Stevenson

As Vane is sitting in his camp, Blackbeard ambushes him and tells Vane that he resented him for many years for his betrayal, but then hugs Vane. They take a walk and Blackbeard tells Vane how he would continuously remember the smells of Nassau until he met Mary. Eventually however he heard about Richard Guthrie and Eleanor Guthrie being either dead or in prison and decided to return. Blackbeard then tells Vane he would like to meet his partners. Vane and Blackbeard go to speak with Rackham and Blackbeard insults Rackham. Rackham explains their goal of defending Nassau, but Blackbeard asks him why they are determined to defend it.

Pirate Recruit 1 and Pirate Recruit 2 recognize Blackbeard and ask to join his crew. Blackbeard says that when he was young, if someone wanted to join a crew of repute they had to fight someone else to get on the crew. He then complains that now people think they can just ask please to join a crew. Pirate Recruit 1 and Pirate Recruit 2 walk away and Blackbeard says that by giving Nassau prosperity, Vane and Rackham have changed Nassau for the worse. Pirate Recruit 1 then walks back to Blackbeard after beating Pirate Recruit 2 in a fist fight.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 3 Episode 3 XXI. played by Ray Stevenson

Blackbeard walks into the room and says that Flint was killed while being chased by Captain Benjamin Hornigold. He then offers himself to lead the pirate fleet to Vane if after the English are repelled, Vane leaves with him. Blackbeard tells Vane that Nassau is a burden to Vane and that no one in the other room would help Vane, and yet Vane is willing to die for them. Blackbeard tells Vane that he has no sons and so wants Vane to be his surrogate son. Breathless Scout tells Blackbeard that the English ships have arrived. Hornigold and Dufresne take a boat to Nassau. Ellers asks Blackbeard why they are letting Hornigold inside Nassau and Blackbeard tells him if they shot upon Hornigold, half of Nassau would be at war with the other half.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 3 Episode 4 XXII. played by Ray Stevenson

As Vane is walking to the dock, he is ambushed by a group of pirates, but is helped by Blackbeard. Vane and Blackbeard make it onto Blackbeard's ship and Blackbeard has Reuben give Vane his spy glass so he can see that Eleanor is on Woodes Rogers' ship, The Delicia. While Blackbeard is having a ship filled with a wood fire, he makes sure Vane won't cause their trick to fail out of a need to get revenge on Eleanor. Vane gives a signal and the pirates on the ship jump off and he directs the ship directly at Rogers' ship. Vane's ship erupts in flames and Vane jumps from his ship. Ellers tells Blackbeard that the pirate fleet is on its way and Vane's fire ship rams into one of Rogers' other ships and the pirate fleet escapes.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 3 Episode 5 XXIII. played by Ray Stevenson

Blackbeard tells Vane that they should arrive in Ocracoke in three days. He tells Vane about his wife Constance who had extreme superstitions and although he didn't believe in her superstitions, the conditioning she had on him causes him to exhibit the same behavior he had when he and Constance were married. He continues that he worries that Vane is having second thoughts of leaving Nassau and tells him that a lion keeps no den, because everywhere he roams belongs to him. A ship is spotted and Reuben tells him that it is a Spanish vessel.

Blackbeard's crew overtakes the Spanish ship and during the fight, Vane mortally wounds a Spaniard. Blackbeard goes below deck with Reuben and Ellers and find a Spanish Officer locked in a room who shoots himself in the head when they enter the room. While Blackbeard, Vane, Reuben and Ellers are searching the Spanish documents, they find a rough draft of a plan to invade Nassau.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 3 Episode 6 XXIV. played by Ray Stevenson

Netta tells Blackbeard that when Blackbeard was still pirating she used her relationship with Blackbeard to get paid more money as a prostitute, but when he stopped being a pirate, her business faded. She asks him what Vane is doing back with him. Blackbeard tells Netta that a piece of shrapnel from a Spanish cannon ball is slowly making his towards his heart. Flint and his crew land on the beach and are greeted by Blackbeard.

Flint tells Blackbeard what has happened to his crew lately and then tells Blackbeard that he plans to reclaim Nassau. Blackbeard reminds Flint of how he came to Nassau and told them that their ways were wrong. He then tells Flint that as long as he controls the pirate fleet, Nassau will remain in the past. Flint says that the captains of the fleet made oaths to him not Blackbeard and Flint asks Vane to stick to their agreement. Vane tells Flint that Nassau doesn't deserve any more from him and Blackbeard challenges Flint to fight with pistols and then swords over who shall claim the fleet. Dooley and Ellers prepare Flint and Blackbeard's pistols. The Referee Pirate gives the rules of the engagement which includes no quarter given. In the first round, Flint manages to shoot Blackbeard in the temple, but Blackbeard manages to get up and attacks Flint with his sword. Blackbeard beats Flint in sword-fighting and as he is about to kill Flint, Vane steps in and forces Blackbeard back. Blackbeard then walks up to Flint and tells him take Vane with him and leave.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 3 Episode 9 XXVII. played by Ray Stevenson

Ellers tells Blackbeard that Vane was hanged by the Nassau authorities and asks him how he wants to respond.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 3 Episode 10 XXVIII. played by Ray Stevenson

When the pirate armada arrives, Rackham and Anne Bonny go onto Blackbeard's ship and tell him of the British attack. Blackbeard tells them that Vane is dead and Rogers had him hung. Rackham then asks Blackbeard to join the fight with them. Blackbeard tells Rackham that he doesn't understand why Vane ever had faith in Rackham's ability. Blackbeard tells Ellers, who is disguised as a British Navy sailor along with Blackbeard's other men, to get his logbook. Rackham suggests to Blackbeard that they try to appear to be horribly incompetent, so Captain Chamberlain underestimates them. Blackbeard then follows his advice and raises his pirate flag.

Chamberlain orders his ships to fire upon Blackbeard's ships and Anne and a small group of pirates jump into the water under cover of smoke. Hornigold's Boatswain has his men continue to fire upon Blackbeard's ship, but is then boarded by Anne and the pirates who kill him and his crew. Anne has the pirates on Hornigold's ship fire upon the British Navy ships. Chamberlain then retreats.