Blind Fury (1989)

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A veteran blinded during the Vietnam War returns to the United States and stops the kidnapping of his friend's son.




Nick Parker - Rutger Hauer

Frank Devereaux - Terrance O'Quinn

Billy Devereaux - Brandon Call

MacCready - Noble Willingham

Annie Winchester - Lisa Blount

Lyle Pike - Nick Cassavetes

Tector Pike - Rick Overton

Slag - Randall "Tex" Cobb

Cobb - Charles Cooper

Lynn Devereaux - Meg Foster

The Assassin - Sho Kosugi

Gang Leader - Paul James Vasquez

Latin Girl - Julia Gonzalez

Crooked Miami Cops - Woody Watson and Alex Morris

Bus Station Cop - Mark Fickert

Popcorn - Weasel Forshaw

Six Pack - Roy Morgan

Snow - Tim Mateer

Female Biker - C.K. McFarland

Cornfield Killers - T.J. McFarland, Blue Deckert, Glenn Lampert, and Red Mitchell

Rockwell Mom - Bonnie Suggs

Rockwell Dad - Harold Suggs

Freeway Ladies - Barbara Gulling-Goff and Dorothy Young

Colleen - Sharon Shackelford

Casino Bodyguards - Jay Pennison and Tiger Chung Lee

Crooked Croupier - R. Nelson Brown

Croupiers - Lincoln Casey, Jr. and Gene Skillen

Big Mamma - Deborah Williams

Casino Cowboy - Kyle Thatcher

Casino Patron - Patricia Mathews

Waiter in Elevator - Mitch Hrushowy

Penthouse Guards - Ernest Mack and Linwood Walker

The Drug Dealer - Robert Manning

Ski Lodge Killers - Jeff Dashnaw, Glen Wilder, David Ellis, Mike Adams, David Bartholomew, Fred Lerner, Mike Shanks and Ray Colbert

Vietnamese Vo Sur

Latin Gang

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Detailed Synopsis

At Firebase Alpha in Vietnam, a helicopter flies overhead and radios to base that the firebase has been overrun. Nick Parker stumbles through the water repeatedly saying out loud that he can't see anything. He is caught in a net trap and wakes up in a village. He is taken care of by the people of the village and the local Vietnamese Vo Sur starts to train him to live without vision. He then trains Nick in the use of a sword and how to dodge incoming objects.

20 years later in Miami, Florida, Nick is walking down State Road 84. He stops at the Coconut Grove restaurant and as he is sitting down to eat, Gang Leader walks up to him and figures out that Nick is blind. He starts harassing Nick and tricks him into eating spicy hot sauce. Latin Girl walks into the restaurant and Gang Leader takes her purse and starts throwing it to his Latin Gang. It lands near Nick and when the Gang Leader orders him to give him the purse, Nick insults him and a fight breaks out between Nick the Gang Leader and the Latin Gang and Nick wins.

In Reno, Nevada, Frank Devereaux is held by his feet over the edge of a casino roof by Lyle Pike and Tector Pike while MacCready, Slag and Cobb watch. MacCready tells Frank that he owes him a lot of money from gambling and threatens to hurt Billy Devereaux and Lynn Devereaux if he doesn't make drugs for him. Nick goes to Lynn's house and as he is walking to the door, catches a clay triceratops that Billy was making and then dropped. He knocks on the door and Lynn answers it and lets him inside after he introduces himself. She tells Billy to go outside and play and they talk and she tells Nick that Frank is in Reno. Nick senses someone at the door and when Lynn answers the door, two Crooked Miami Cops and Slag walk into the house. They say they are looking for Billy and when Nick asks if they have a warrant, Slag grabs Lynn. Billy happens to come inside from the back door and Slag shoots Lynn. A fight breaks out and both of the Crooked Miami Cops are stabbed to death by Nick with his sword cane. Slag jumps out the window and a dying Lynn tells Nick to bring Billy to Frank. Billy, who was knocked unconscious during the fight is carried out of the house by Nick. They go to the bus station and Bus Station Cop hears them arguing and asks them if everything is okay. Frank sees an article about Lynn's murder and Billy missing. Cobb lets Annie Winchester into the room Frank is being held in and she asks Frank to agree to make the drugs.

During their bus trip, Billy tries to steal money from Nick. He finds a photo of Nick and Frank in Nick's wallet and Nick tells him the time when his and Frank's firebase was attacked. During the battle, Nick was blinded while Frank left him behind. The bus stops at Gale's General Store in Kansas, and Billy tries to call Lynn. Nick tells Billy that Lynn is dead and Billy runs into the nearby cornfield and Nick follows him. A group of Cornfield Killers including Popcorn, Six Pack, Snow, Female Biker and Slag drive up in a truck and start to chase after Nick and Billy. Slag grabs Billy and throws him in a shed. Nick starts killing members of the Cornfield Killers. He tricks Popcorn into shooting Snow and then stabs Popcorn in the chest. Nick runs towards the shack and stabs Slag in the chest and rescues Billy. Slag wakes up and opens his shirt to reveal he was wearing a protective vest. MacCready tells Cobb that if he doesn't come up with the money he owes to the bank in two days, then he is going to lose the casino. He then tells Cobb to hire an assassin. Nick and Billy camp and Nick tells Billy that he can't cry anymore due to his injury and Billy tells him that Frank doesn't want him as a son. In the morning, Rockwell Mom sees Nick cut a wasp in half that was flying near Billy and tells Rockwell Dad they should get a sword.

Nick and Billy arrive in Reno and go to Frank's apartment. Annie answers the door and lets them inside and they are ambushed by Lyle and Tector. They put them in a van and start driving them to MacCready. Billy manages to get himself and Nick free and Nick hears Lyle throw his cane from the van window. Tector stops the truck when he sees smoke coming from the back of the van and Nick and Billy knock them unconscious and Annie takes the steering wheel and starts driving away with Nick and Billy. Nick has Annie drive back to where his cane was thrown out the window while Lyle and Tector steal a car from Freeway Ladies. After they find Nick's cane, they get back into the van, but Nick drives. Tector and Lyle drive after them, but they manage to escape. They drive to Colleen's converted bus and Billy and Annie stay with Colleen while Nick drives to MacCready's casino. At the casino, Nick hears MacCready talking with Cobb and listens as Cobb puts in the keycode in the pass key pad. Nick plays roulette and the crowd including Casino Patron chant for him to win. A Crooked Croupier is brought in to replace the other Croupiers by the Casino Bodyguards and Nick hears him replace the roulette ball. After he loses, Nick uses his sword to cut open the Crooked Croupier's shirt, revealing to everyone else that he was cheated. Big Mamma lifts up the roulette board and starts screaming to the crowd. Casino Cowboy rips up another roulette board and a fight breaks out.

Nick sneaks onto the security elevator where Waiter in Elevator is already inside. The elevator opens and Nick gets out and is stopped by the Penthouse Guards who he then knocks unconscious. Nick cuts the keypad to the elevator Lyle, Tector and the Casino Bodyguards got inside and walks into Cobb's office. He cuts off Cobb's eyebrows and takes the keys to Frank's room. Frank is surprised to see him and before leaving, Frank burns down the drug lab after taking a vial of drugs. They take a taxi to Colleen's converted bus and find her dead and Billy and Annie gone. The phone rings and MacCready tells Frank to come to Winterhaven ski resort. MacCready tells The Drug Dealer that his drugs are on their way. Nick and Frank drive to Winterhaven and take the cable car up to the ski lodge and while they are on the cable car, Frank makes some homemade napalm. Frank apologizes to Nick for leaving him in Vietnam. When the cable car arrives, Slag, Tector and Lyle, the Casino Bodyguards, Penthouse Guards and Ski Lodge Killers start shooting at it.

Slag goes inside the cable car and finds Nick and Frank not in it. Lyle and Tector track them down, but Nick ambushes them and Tector shoots Lyle accidentally who then shoots Tector and they both die. Cobb and the Casino Bodyguards start shooting at Frank and Nick and Frank abandons Nick. Nick is surrounded, but Frank cuts the power to the room. Nick then proceeds to kill all of the Ski Lodge Killers, the Casino Bodyguards, Penthouse Guards and guts Cobb. The Drug Dealer decides to leave and MacCready tells Slag to kill him. Nick and Frank make it to where Billy and Annie are being held and MacCready threatens to kill Billy and Frank brings him the drugs. MacCready introduces The Assassin to Nick and they get into a fight. As The Assassin is swinging over a hot tub, Nick cuts the rope he is swinging from and he falls into the hot tub and electrocutes himself from the electrical wire that had fallen in it. Slag shoots Nick and Nick throws his sword at him, impaling him into the wall. He then takes The Assassin's sword and cuts Slag in half, whose parts then fall through the window. Frank, Billy and Annie take a bus to San Francisco, but Nick walks away and doesn't get on. Billy runs after Nick, but Nick tells him to go back to Frank. Billy starts to cry and throws his triceratops model over an overpass and Nick catches it. Billy tells Nick that he is going to miss him and Billy gets on the bus. Nick then continues on his journey down the road.